The need for proper education plays a vital role in the global economy for every individual. The need for establish proper means for better understanding is the main and basic requirement for learning in other to channel a path to be developed while learning.

The lack of provision of such amenities in several part of the globe has been a problem because of some factors which is mostly money to gain access to the education platform to achieve excellence by learning or problem in the foundation of the platform build up. Without a solid platform for education the individuals who are learning gain nothing in the process which means all is termed as waste, because no knowledge is impacted in the process.

I believe every induvial should have the right to good education whether rich or poor in every global economy. And there should be a platform that gives good education in every economy to people willing to learn.



The BitSchool Platform is an eLearning project based on adaptive technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and currently has a beta version of the Adaptive Assessment App and runs an Automated Test Solution System (“Smart Test Solution”). It is a block chain platform that enables both educational programmers and individuals willing to learn come together on a global platform of interconnected users via the internet via a user-friendly interface. The bit school personal learning works by firstly accessing the capability of every learning to determine their strength an weakness in order to determine the educational or career path to guide them too via mock test. It is a platform that evaluates tendencies of learning individuals at low cost there by giving every individual shot at learning.

The expansive database of educational programs or content creators form all part of the globe via blockchain technology enables the interaction and update of the platform which keep learning individuals updated. The content creators get rewarded with token.

This blockchain mechanism will provide the contents creators with a fair financial treatment of their creation, and encourage them to contribute their contents which would allow us to build an expansive education-contents database over a short period time

The blockchain platform gives solutions to learning problems by

Making learning easy and readily available on a global interconnected platform

Accessing an and channelling every learning individual to their right path via mock test given on the the platform to determine strength and weaknesses

Access to global database

Eliminates learning opportunities available only to average individuals

Other problems and solutions include

The BitSchool Token Ecosystem

The essence of BitSchool is to personalized learning

To achieve this, the following Token purchasing options are considered;

  1. The individual purchase: Sales of the AI product license. One App is used for one student or customer only. Retail license fee varies from 50–200 Dollars. License an always be renewed if purchase period passes.
  2. Package Purchase: The AI products will be offered in various product mixes and sold at discounts accordingly.
  3. Wholesale Purchase: here, one license purchased can cover the total number of students defined by the wholesale plan. License can either be renewed or terminated after the purchased license period passes. Fee for wholesale plan varies between 2000–7000 Dollars

Reward Programs (“Tokening”)

Apart from purchasing or accepting payment in BSCH Tokens, tutors and customers may earn Tokens through a process called Tokening. Tokening involves being rewarded by BitSchool for certain activities that are considered beneficial to the platform.

BitSchool Contribution

A tutor or customer engaging in any of the following activities will be rewarded with Token.

  • Verification: Crucial help in verifying the tutors’ academic and professional backgrounds or stated achievements and expertise areas will be rewarded.
  • Conflict Resolution: Contributing crucial information to resolving conflicts between users of the BitSchool Platform will lead to Token reward.
  • Reporting Unethical/Illegal Activities: Reporting unethical or illegal activities that are damaging to both users and BitSchool will be rewarded by Token reward.
  • Valuable Opinions: Offering valuable opinions with respect to developing and improving BitSchool will be rewarded with Token.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Promoting BitSchool and sharing service experiences via social media venues such as Blogs, Facebook or Forums will be rewarded with Tokens.
  • Platform Improvement: Reporting security issues or weaknesses of the BitSchool and providing improvement opinions will be rewarded with Tokens.

BitSchool’s GoGreenFund

BitSchool’s GoGreenFund will provide Token scholarships to low-income students globally which will be used to purchase products and services on the BitSchool Platform.

Token Deployment

Token Sale Plan

  • Total Token supply: 400,000,000 Tokens
  • Max Cap (Max Public Funding Target): 300,000,000 Tokens
  • Min Cap (Min Public Funding Target): 4,000,000 Tokens
  • Token Name: BitSchool Token (BSCH)
  • Token exchange rate: 1ETH=6000 Token
  • Funding coins: ETH
  • Minimum purchase: 0.01ETH

Readers I believe in investing in the future, I belive bitschool is the best platform the gives the best requiremts in learning. I will love us to all be a part of the moving train not just for us but our future generations to come.

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