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BitSchool is the world’s first integrated eLearning platform that provides seamless connection and synergy between AI eLearning, Teaching and Tutoring with the goal and mission to realize a perfect personalized learning eco system.

However, in BitSchool, we have a tendency to believe that true and ideal individual learning is difficult to realize by taking a separate approach and can only be achieved through the action of AI e-learning group learning with teaching and learning. This integration is supported by the BitSchool philosophy that is often larger than its elements,


BITSCHOOL has created an AI-based platform for learning which allows each student to select their choice of courses and provides instant quality feedback. With adaptive assessment and instant feedback, it allows each student to demand personalised learning environment that tracks the progress of the learning.

Utilising the AI technology to monitor and design the learning path for each student on the platform, they intelligently identify the gap in the learning behaviour and improve the module.

An on-demand assessment test and tutors for the learners is available on the platform, which can be utilised for the analysis of strength and weakness of a student. There are many features available on the platform and a few of the top features are mentioned below.

  • Adaptive AI assessment
  • Adaptive lesson plans
  • Adaptive video technology
  • Tracking and insights
  • Dynamic marking system
  • Gamified learning
  • On-demand tutor service
  • BITSCHOOL Bidding system
  • GoGreen Funds


400,000,000 BSCH Tokens are created for the project in which 75% is distributed to the public. 50% of the funds collected will be utilised for the development of AI products while 23% of the funds will be utilised in the marketing of the platform. The team consists of experienced AI engineers and management professionals who are ready to bring a new change in the education system.


Token price: 4,000,000 tokens (1% of total offer)

Premium bonus: thirty five from Token received

Preseason schedules: Gregorian calendar month twenty six, 2018 09:00 (GMT) ~ March 19, 2018 09:00 (GMT)

• Crowdsale

Token Price: 296 million tokens (74% of total offer)

Crowdsale bonus plan:

I, (4/16 09:00 universal time ~ 4/23 09:00 GMT) August 15, 1945 the number of tokens received

II, (4 / twenty three 09:00 universal time ~ 4/30 09:00 GMT) 100% of Token amount

III, (4/30 09:00 universal time ~ 5/7 09:00 GMT) five hitters of the token amount

Week Four (5/7 09:00 universal time ~ 5/14 09:00 GMT) no bonuses

Schedule Crowdsale: Gregorian calendar sixteen, 2018 09:00 (GMT) ~ can be fourteen years old. 2018 09:00 (GMT)

The token will be distributed among investors’ wallets fifteen days after the completion of Token sales.



The BitSchool team comprises teachers, tutors, students, software developers, global business

experts, blockchain experts, neuroscientists, Artificial Intelligence experts and parents such as:


CEO / Co-Founder

Tom has extensive years of experience in the financial sector as a risk-management expert before he received his MBA from Columbia University in 2007. After his MBA, Tom worked for Ernst & Young, New York as a risk-management and –system consultant and from 2010, founded his Top MBA Admission Consulting Firm and also developed the Online Admission Consulting Platform ( in 2016. Tom is an expert in Global Business, Education, and IT Design and Development.


CTO / Co-Founder

Phil is a Computer Science teacher in the UK with over 6 years of teaching experience.He also has over 12 years of programming and development experience including full stack web development. As a computer science major, Phil is a very talented IT system designer and developer, and has worked for various IT projects. Most recently,based on his teaching experience and IT expertise, Phil has designed and developed the Adaptive Learning App built upon an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (AI) and is also heading the design and implementation of the blockchain technology at BitSchool.



Bad has worked in marketing, brand management, database marketing and market research for telecoms, IT, satellite TV and fast consumer goods industries in UK

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