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Crypocurrency is extraordinary compared to other improvement to happen in computerized innovation over approximately couple of past years, and also Blockchain has impacted greatly the way we operate in our daily transactions. The crypto world has constantly been providing innovative and inventive answers for such a large number of issues of this world that humanity never thought of. An upsurge in this part of the advanced world got numerous brilliant individuals inspired by investigating this new pursuit. That prompted the expanding number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) we see every day.

But it is also important to note that these innovations although full of revolutionary positive impacts, there are downside to some unlucky investors in the world of ICOs in cases of frauds and unrealistic ICOs. This is why it is important to scrutinize the ICO deeply before investing in any project. The truth of the matter is that there are such a large number of research to check before joining any venture of your decision, yet there is no certain method for distinguishing a yet-to-be-fruitful task.

Is Bitscreener a worthy Investment?

With an expert rating of 4.4/5 according to , Bitscreener is truly a worthy investment. BitScreener is one of the best real-time crypto-tracking platforms, and has served more than 1,2 million traders and investors worldwide to track their investments since launch in 2017. It is now integrating crowdsourcing financial data and content ecosystem on blockchain through token BITX. BITX works as the payment method for financial traders and investors to buy advanced data services and the incentive method for the value contributors of the ecosystem. BitScreener will be a financial data marketplace for financial professionals and engineers to monetize their investment knowledge. The full ecosystem aims to track and analyze 100,000+ stocks worldwide together with existing 2000+ cryptos in a single platform.

The Success of a project depends largely on the team, the previous accomplishments which proves they are deeply rooted in the blockchain technology to deliver an optimal and fully functional platform for trading serving millions of users worldwide. Led by David Nguyen, Ph.D. CEO and Co-Founder of Bitscreener, these set of dedicated people have been able to achieve the following so far.

04/2017: Launched BitScreener iOS App – A real-time crypto tracker
07/2017: Launched BitScreener Web
12/2017: App BitScreener achieved 20,000 DAU
01/2018: App is in top 100 financial apps in more than 30 countries
04/2018: Launched the Token Sale (BITX)
05/2018: Released BitScreener Android App
05/2018: All 3 platforms reached 50,000 Daily Active Users

Clearly, if you haven’t join the Bitscreener platform, you are the only one and you are missing out big time.
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Based on successful BitScreener App, the team is building a unified platform of cryptocurrency and stock tracker powered by blockchain. BitScreener will integrate data of separated spaces of stock and cryptocurrency into a single platform, allowing traders and investors to track their investments across the domains seamlessly. At the same time, writers and researchers can contribute new content to the system for rewards. BitScreener leverages the blockchain incentivization mechanism for user engagement and content quality. The visualization tools (charts, table, news, etc.) of the data subsystem support writers to create new content easily within the platform. The two subsystems data and decentralized content of the system are weaved together, making BitScreener a unique ecosystem evolving over time. BitScreener aims at tracking 2000+ cryptos, 100,000+ stocks and thousands of other equities around the globe in real-time for its community.

The team have successfully developed Bitscreener apps for iOS, Android and Web. These apps are capable of tracking more than 5500 trading pairs of cryptos and harvesting live data from 100+ exchanges. Using unique screening tool with hundreds of filtering criteria users can get real-time price and volume alert on mobile devices as well as advanced charting with technical analysis all making Bitscreener the number one Financial Marketplace on Blockchain.


Follow the link to get the iOS App –


Find, track, price alerts, real-time portfolio, charts, news & discussion for all 2000+ cryptocurrencies ALL-IN-ONE app!

BitScreener streams real-time prices & coinmarketcap from 80+ crypto markets & trading platforms, including Binance, GDAX, Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, Gemini Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Kucoin, YoBit, Binance exchange, Gatehub etc.



Real-time 2000+ crypto prices & coin stats: Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Electroneum, Ripple, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc
Up-to-second coin market cap, Bitcoin & Altcoins ticker
Support 80+ crypto market exchanges
Support all trading pairs on any market, such as Ethereum (ETH)/BTC on Binance, Litecoin (LTC)/EUR on Coinbase, Ripple (XRP)/ETH on Bittrex, Electroneum (ETN)/USDT on Cryptopia, etc.

BitScreener is the only app available on App Store that gives you up-to-second profit/loss on your hodl (coin holdings)

Support unlimited portfolios & Chart views
Coming soon: import from any cryptocurrency wallet & exchange like Jaxx, Breadwallet, MyEtherWallet, Mycelium, Toast wallet, Bitpay, Loafwallet, CoinSpace, Xapo, Copay, Abra, Airbitz, Wirex XRP wallet, etc.

One click to find potential coins to invest by many criteria.

Crypto Price Up and Down
Coin Market Cap Up and Down
Performance, ages, type, exchange, etc


Follow the link to get the Android App:

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BitScreener Token Sale started in May 2018, while there isnt much time left, you can make move quickly and join the token sale via

Image: BITX

Value: 1 BITX = 0.00018 ETH

Delicate top 1,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 15,000 ETH

Date ICO: June 27, 2018 – July 4, 2018

Volume: 450,000,000 BITX

No inflation, volume fixed in smart contract

Maximum token amount for sale: 139,500,000 BITX

Token Price: 1 ETH = 7154 BITX

Future “miners” (content contributors): 20%

Team: 15%

Future Operations: 30%

Advisors and Marketing: 4%

Accepting: ETH

Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH

Softcap: 1,000 ETH

Hardcap: 15,000 ETH

Restricted countries:Singapore, United States, and others

KYC Required





WhitePaper: .pdf




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