Hello everyone , today i want to tell you about BITSCREENER.

BitScreener is a finance-focused unified platform of cryptocurrency and stock tracker powered by blockchain,It integrates data of separated spaces of stock and cryptocurrency into a single platform, allowing traders and investors to track their investments , aims at tracking 2000+ cryptos, 100,000+ stocks and thousands of other equities around the globe in real-time for its community.

BitScreener is the blockchain-based incentivization via token BITX. BITX
is a vehicle for transferring value between content contributors and content consumers. The financial writers or researchers who deliver the value will be awarded BITX and the readers or traders who consume value, to some degree, may need to spend the token.

In q1 2017, the launched the beta version of BitScreener iOS App called Crypto Tracker by BitScreener, now they have over  1.2 million traders and investors.

BitScreener Android App Hits 5000+ Downloads after 3 Weeks of Launch,have 1000 users daily,and the app are  in the top 100 financial app in over 30 countries.

BITSCREENER ECOSYSTEM can make a lot of operations:

  • Tracking more than 5500 trading pairs of cryptos
  • Harvesting live data from 100+ exchanges
  • Unique screening tool with hundreds of filtering criteria
  • Real-time price and volume alert on mobile devices
  • Advanced charting with technical analysis

BitScreener, as a pioneer in crypto data processing, envisages to consolidate
the global financial data delivery and crowdsourced content and fuse the cryptocurrency market tracker and the equity market tracker.


 The team all to different continents with various backgrounds, the members are committed to the innovations and ultimate goals of BitScreene.

Its an increbile team with advisors who was in the another project who right now ar in the top 5o coinmarketcap.


  • Q1-2017

    • Team formation
    • Conceptualization
  • Q2-2017

  • Q3-2017

    • Released the first version of Web BitScreener.Com
    • App BitScreener had 5000 DAU
  • Q4-2017

    • App BitScreener achieved 20,000 DAU
    • Web achieved 200,000 Monthly Active Users
  • Q1-2018

    • Implemented real-time price and chart on App
    • App is in top 100 financial apps in more than 30 countries
  • Q2-2018

    • Release the Android Version
    • Synchronize Watchlist and Portfolio on App and Web
    • Launch the Token Sale (BITX)
  • Q3-2018

    • Implement the first version of Community-Generated Content Subsystem
    • BITX can be used to purchase advanced services
  • Q4-2018

    • Implement the BitScreener Point and Blockchain modules
    • Develop the BITX reward module
  • Q1-2019

    • Launch the full version of crypto market tracker on both on App and Web
    • Deploy the full version of content subsystem, allowing contributors to get BITX
  • Q2-2019

    • Implement the first version of Singapore stock market tracker
  • Q3-2019

    • Launch the full version of Singapore and Vietnam stock market tracker
  • Q4-2019

    • Launch the global stock market trackers: 30-50 countries
    • Launch the full version of data and content system for both stocks and cryptos

    Token sale:

450,000,000 BITX
No inflation, volume fixed in smart contract
Maximum token amount for sale:
139,500,000 BITX
Token Price:
1 ETH = 7154 BITX
Future “miners” (content contributors):
Future Operations:
Advisors and Marketing:
Minimum contribution:
0.2 ETH
1,000 ETH
15,000 ETH
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