The essential goal of BitStash is to create a substantiating eco-system and marketplace.The seller fees are at the bare least it would take to keep up operation at just a 3% transaction fee and 1% withdrawal fee. We believe that the buyers, affiliates, and vendors will shape BitStash into one of the most used and advanced marketplaces available for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.


The BitStash marketplace is where members can purchase or sell new items for Cryptocurrency. It is 100% FREE to join the BitStash marketplace. As a member on BitStash, you will have a secure Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet to use at your leisure. BitStash aims to be the essential solution for sourcing trusted vendors that accept cryptocurrency and STASH Tokens as payment. All vendors will offer quality productions on the website to ensure consumers have a quality experience on the platform. We have a 100% working platform that is currently live and accepting vendor applications the whole way across the globe.

The BitStash system involves three tiers of wallets — mobile for spending in a hurry, device for everyday trading or online shopping, and frosty storage for long haul, off-site holdings — and all are accessible through Bluetooth. Using entropy generated by atmospheric noise, BitStash designed the three tiers of BIP32 wallets to meet the government’s strictest data security standards. That may seem complicated enough, yet it’s in reality easy to use. Whatever you do is simply connect to the device, download the application, and you’ll be guided through the set-up process.

The prototype (counting schematics, the device, and software), has already been created, yet BitStash will dispatch a Kickstarter crusade on October 22 to support producing. Pre-orders for BitStash can obviously be paid in Bitcoin.

BitStash has been designed to meet each one of these items.

To provide a secure operating environment, exposing a limited set of secured operations, with no limit with regards to malware to be loaded on device.

To have a secure, genuinely random source of entropy for key/seed generation.

Must be capable of creating secure backups for recovery purposes. This process must not be capable of being comprised by malware infected client computer.

Recovery procedure must be entirely secure, and not have weaknesses exposed by malware driven clients.

Must be capable of signing transactions of self-assertive size, without restrictions on the number of UTXOs or inputs.

Must support P2SH, multi-sig transactions.

Provide two factor authentication or entirely air gapped PIN/Password entry to prevent key logged malware access.

All data on the device needs to be secure from physical tampering and electronic side channel attacks. Preferably physically destroying chips to prevent sophisticated recovery attacks. See FIPS 140– 2 level 4.

Device should remain secure in the event of theft. So PIN entry back-off algorithms, sleep modes and self destruct features required.

Device should enforce an authentication affirmation that it is YOUR device and not some other malware device that has been substituted endeavoring to acquire your credentials. This affirmation should be a cryptographic signature and not just a name tag displayed on the device.

In the event that the device’s firmware is upgradeable, the device needs to protect against malware driven, non authentic firmware updates.

Provide for a seamless, easy to use end user experience, capable of being executed by non technical users. Basic for mass allotment of solution.

Not require the use of a Third Party service to operate, for both protection and business progression reasons.

Provide robust client device and user authentication features, such as cryptographic signatures.

BitStash Wallet

BitStash Wallet is the core of our entire Marketplace. It goes hand in hand with escrow services and provides account security with 2-factor authentication. Using BitStash purse, you can receive and send cryptocurrency from any device on the planet in minutes using internet connection. In the midst of the alpha testing phase we have enabled the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, as we get closer to our official market dispatch, we will enable BitStash members to vote on the next coin we have to include/include.

Internal Exchange of Internal Exchange

Internal Exchange will bridge the hole for shared user balances when endeavoring to complete Purchases. At first, we will be able to create trading volume based on our user’s use of internal exchange. This will enable our team to seek external exchange partnerships more easily. I will also enable us to be listed in places like Coin Market Cap and reach a larger audience once our market is authoritatively alive. The internal exchange will include all the necessary features as you would expect from the candlestick, live volume, current trade, trade history, and more. All available cryptocurrencies in the wallet will be available in Redeemed Internal as well.


Token Details

Allocation of Tokens STASH

Crowdsale: 66%

Team: 15%

Adviser and Bounty: 5%

Reserve Fund: 14% Detail Token STASH Token Name: BitStash Symbol: STASH

Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH

Protocol: ERC20

Seed Funding: May 2018

Pre-ICO: June 2018

Crowdsale: July 2018

Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH

Bonus Level: No Facts Token STASH – STASH Holders Token receives air deposit every three month of market cost (10%). – STASH can immediately be used to purchase goods in the market. – STASH will have its own internal cryptocurrency exchange. – STASH Token will be listed on the top exchange after ICO.


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