BITSTASH Marketplace

BitStash is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptography market that allows buyers and sellers to buy or list products, goods, or services. The BitStash platform provides a simple and secure market for users to perform smooth transactions with each other and with reliable protection provided by our escrow system.
$ 16.8 trillion is spent each year on products, goods, or services around the world. The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly and becoming easier to transpose across borders. It opens the door to BitStash worldwide and gives millions of people around the world the opportunity to open online stores and obtain cryptocurrencies; economically developing countries can benefit greatly. BitStash will implement multilingual translations to facilitate the use of all users of our platform.
The Cryptocurrency problem is not accepted. Cryptocurrency and digital assets remain unused by major markets and stores. This significantly reduces the knowledge, adoption and usability of Cryptocurrency as a whole.
Monthly fee and high transaction.
Not only is it very difficult to find a place that accepts cryptocurrency, but if you are a seller, a manufacturer,
wholesaler, or retailer, it can be expensive to sell your product online. Many popular
markets require monthly subscriptions to be paid for sale on their platforms. For
example, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Alibaba, etc. In addition to their monthly sales costs, users of
various platforms are also subject to a processing and transaction fee charged on the seller’s or seller’s profits. In the end, this causes the general product to be too expensive to pay for this market owner. Over time, these costs increase from platform to platform; resulting in an increase in the price of the product. It’s a very bad long-term model. High advertising costs Large and small markets often tend to charge high prices for advertising on their platforms.
They are not transparent at all when it comes to their “organic and paid” displays. there are several sponsored options; However, in many cases, when you, as a seller, pay advertisers to advertise certain products, products that are not advertised will look nicer naturally. Large companies like Amazon and Ebay are doing this to choose the big budget advertisers. The use of these “recommended advertisements” is detrimental to smaller suppliers, or those trying to get started, and away from a truly fair global market. Manipulating the user experience or search results reduces the ability of users to find what they are looking for. One-sided resolution process.
It is very typical that the market is one-sided in trying to give a resolution to
contestation. They tend to trust big suppliers even if you have been with them longer. Something sometimes lost or forgotten; However, it is not because suppliers or large customers say they are right that this is ethical. Cryptographic markets need complex downloads and settings.
If you are smart enough to find other cryptocurrency currency markets, then you have found that almost everything will require you to download and install their programs to run clients. This can be very confusing for some providers or customers, and reduce the overall experience that is already natural for most consumers. Most consumers will lose interest and move to things that are easier and easier to access, which will significantly reduce the ability of sellers and sellers to earn enough revenue in their markets.
BitStash solution
The lowest possible market cost
Our current cost level will never increase. In fact, they will only decrease with time. These seller fees on the market will not be monthly subscriptions, but will pay a maximum of 3% of the total order. Payment received (Bitcoin, Ethereum, STASH and others) Currently, BitStash can process payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. After crowdsale, we are working to develop the internal exchange and integration of STASH Token. Before the end of crowdsale, we will register three additional chips, which can be used for transactions in the BitStash market. Resolution Center / Refund and Refund
Your cryptocurrency security is something we prioritize and take very seriously. There is a lack of trust in the Internet, especially in cryptocurrency spaces; That’s why we designed and implemented our state-of-the-art escrow system. This guarantees the delivery of orders and product payments. If an undeliverable or unverified order is sent, we will not issue funds to the vendor. Once the support ticket has been opened, the client’s funds will be refunded. We have worked hard to ensure that suppliers
as well as regular customers are 100% satisfied with our resolution process. Ads and product locations
Advertisements can sometimes be a little annoying, but we’ve created a seamless pattern in which ads are seamlessly rolled out in our market. Advertisers will be able to buy what will be called “advertising spaces”. The advertiser will need to use STASH Token to start advertising. The ads will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will be a fixed price in the token. All ads must comply with BitStash standards and must not violate BitStash’s terms and conditions. BitStash Web & App customers have a 100% functional web application accessible from all computers, mobile phones
mobile phones and smart devices with Internet connectivity. This allows BitStash to reach the mainstream consumer base. Any provider who does not want to download or install a program can completely avoid it. In addition, you can easily go anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
STASH Token STASH Token presentation The STASH token is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network. STASH can be used for market transactions, exchanges, payment of fees, payments for advertising, and many other things to come. The name STASH was chosen because we consider BitStash as the number one market and the exchange of cryptocurrency and commodities. Allow traders and consumers
STASH their token or use it to trade on the platform. STASH destination tokens There are many reasons for STASH tokens to exist in the Cryptocurrency room. They will be used as the only form of payment for ads in the BitStash market. In addition, all fees and withdrawals from suppliers are calculated in the STASH token, while the exchange process takes place
simultaneously in the backend. Thereafter, at the end of each quarter, BitStash will represent 10% of all market fees for STASH token holders based on their balances. A higher balance will result in a larger amount of drop. STASH token can be used as a payment form with the real-time market rate. You can send to a different portfolio to complete the transaction. The BitStash team continues to develop and make new uses for the STASH token.
STASH Token Allocation
Crowdsale: 66%
Team: 15%
Advisor and Bounty: 5%
Reserve Fund: 14% Token Detail STASH Token Name: BitStash Symbol: STASH
Total amount: 36,000,000,000 STASH
Protocol: ERC20
Seed Funding: May 2018
Pre-ICO: June 2018
Crowdsale: July 2018
Token price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH
Bonus Level: No Facts Token STASH – STASH Holders Token receives an air deposit every three months of market price (10%). – STASH can immediately be used to buy products on the market. – STASH will have its own internal cryptocurrency exchange. – STASH Token will be listed on the top stock exchange after ICO. 4. STASH Advanced Token Investors may send Ethereum to the following Contract Address:
The BountStash Rewards Program is open to all influencers and those who can help market the BitStash and Crowdsale platforms. All prize winners will be rewarded at the end of the crowdsale in August. The details of our gift program can be found on our BitcoinTalk thread and website. BitStash will focus our marketing efforts during the awards program on the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VK, Reddit, Instagram, BitcoinTalk, Translation, Guides, Consultants, Managers, Design Materials, Blogs and Articles. STASH Token Crowdsale
The BitStash Seed Fund is expected to take place on May 1, 2018. At this time, BitStash Executives will provide private investment and strategic partnerships to ensure the realization of Hard Cap. BitStash Pre-ICO will be launched on June 1, 2018 for a total of 30 days. The Crowdsale STASH Token will begin July 1, 2018 and run until the end of the month. Any remaining unsold token will be burned. Use of generated funds All funds raised will be used according to the official BitStash roadmap. Part of the funds will be used for strategic advertising campaigns and inscribed on such major exchanges
Binance, BitFinex, OKEx, Huobi, etc. BitStash plans to undergo new developments and continue to add new features to make the platform go beyond all our competitors in the crypto space. An upgrade server will be needed to enable growth and improve the user experience on the platform.
BitStash Market
BitStash Market is where members can buy or sell new items for Cryptocurrency. It’s 100% FREE to join the BitStash Marketplace. As a member of BitStash, you will have Bitcoin and Ethereum portfolios to use during your free time. BitStash aims to be the ultimate solution for reliable source providers that accept cryptocurrency and STASH Token as a means of payment. All suppliers will offer quality production on the website to ensure consumers a quality experience on the platform. We have a 100% working platform that currently lives and accepts the global application of the globe supplier. How it works
Using BitStash Marketplace is very easy to use for vendors and members. Simply create an account, choose whether you are a supplier or a consumer. Once registration is complete, you will have an active account in BitStash. This means that you now have Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet security (more coins will be added soon).
To complete your purchase, you must finance your Bitcoin or Ethereum portfolio. Once funded, simply search the online market and view the vendor’s products. Simply choose the product you like and add it to your cart, or continue with the payment. During the payment process, you will be offered a shipping option, and the cryptocurrency you wish to complete the transaction.
Here it is! Suppliers will receive notification about your order and begin their shipping process and delivery of purchased items. To avoid potential problems, we have implemented an internal escrow system to ensure the security of buyers and sellers throughout the process. The Seller Become a BitStash Seller Program is 100% FREE. Just “Create an account” and select “I am a provider” when registering. BitStash has a dedicated team that reviews all vendor applications and asks you to submit your first product for a faster approval process. One of the members of the BitStash team will contact you about the process of publishing and integrating the process.
At BitStash, we want all our suppliers to benefit from BitStash and their capabilities, and the BitStash support team to support the entire process. Each seller has a fixed seller fee on their account at a rate of 3%. This is the highest cost we have ever received. All fees are paid in the STASH Token before being withdrawn from the seller’s account. BitStash plans to reduce this transaction cost by 0.25% during operation.
BitStash Market
Advanced Verified Supplier
BitStash plans to integrate the “verified provider” into our existing platform. This will allow customers to establish a relationship of trust between buyers and sellers when buying in the BitStash market. BitStash plans to include it in the next platform update in August, when we will enable the ability to purchase items with the STASH token.
To become a verified provider, you must perform a physical verification by a representative of the BitStash team. We will analyze your installation and make a final decision regarding your store
verified in BitStash Marketplace. Affiliate Program BitStash Affiliate Program allows us to reach a wider audience and to respectfully pay our members
their contribution to the market. We have compiled our affiliate program into 3 levels with
the following payment levels for transactions completed in BitStash. Each sponsorship account is
allocated to members and reference commissions earned during the life of the account.
Level 1: 1% (10% of transaction fees)
Level 2: 0.1% (1% of transaction fees)
Level 3: 0.03% (0.3% of transaction fees)
Account level 1: 1% (10% of transaction fees)
Account level 2: 1.1% (11% of transaction fees)
Account level 3: 1.2% (12% of transaction fees)
Account level 4: 1.3% (13% of transaction fees)
Account level 5: 1.4% (14% of transaction costs)
Current rates may change based on current market costs. (Affiliates will receive a 10% base on transaction costs in the market as you progress, you can earn up to 14% of transaction costs or 1.4% of all transactions).
BitStash Market
Advanced BitStash escrow system
By entering the escrow system in the BitStash market, we can ensure the safety and security of the market so that everyone can make transactions without problems. If the seller does not send the tracking details and verification of shipments of products ordered from the supplier, the buyer will receive a refund of 100%. We encourage all members to learn how our market works and the potential we have for expanding and entering the wholesale arena.
All escrow funds are kept in bags of cold storage equipment. The only way to access this fund is to verify that the order has been sent to the correct address. See the escrow address portfolio for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and STASH on our website with an immediate balance.
If you do not receive the product as described or if the buyer does not receive the product
We have included the steps that BitStash and the customers must follow. First, we recommend that you contact the supplier where you received the product. Sometimes there may be an error or an error with the command. However, if you can not solve the problem directly with the provider, you must contact BitStash by e-mail or via our telegram channel and speak with technical support.
In the meantime, we will review your order, your vendor account, and your account. We will
work to resolve issues between buyers and suppliers. If no resolution can be made to customers, will be returned their crypto currency. Note: If suppliers do not take refunds or refunds based on their policies, it is the customer’s responsibility to review the terms and conditions set by the vendor. If no conditions are specified, they are defined by default on the BitStash Marketplace Terms of Service. Each order has a period of 7 days from the date of completion to request a refund or exchange, if this is not stipulated in the conditions of the seller. Users who try to abuse the platform will lose the privilege of having the ability to trade on the market. Market security
BitStash Marketplace, Wallet, and Exchange are secured by a 256-bit cryptographic hash. we
made the market harden against the attack. All funds are kept in a portfolio storage fee and require two-factor authentication by the user to withdraw or settle a transaction on the platform.
This prevents hackers from accessing your account and withdrawing all your funds without your
authorization. In addition, we backup from our platform every 6 hours and do
virus scans every hour. We also have the gift of bugs and the gift of hackers that we watch too.
BitStash Market
Advanced Wholesale
In early 2019, we plan to launch our wholesale platform, where producers and suppliers will be able to offer their products at wholesale prices to consumers and retailers. This allows the members of the option to buy large quantities of goods. The wholesale platform will have the same requirements as the commercial part of BitStash Marketplace. Advertising and promotion of the product The promotion of your product or service in BitStash is via STASH Token. There will be several advertising spaces for vendors to choose from. Each will have a different value STASH Token to buy the preferred package. The price of advertising will remain unchanged in the Token STASH until the official launch on the market when the price of advertising could change to remain compatible with the BitStash market.
Use of funds from collected costs
the fees collected will be incorporated into the reserve fund of our company. These funds will remain firm reserves until they are needed for extensions, enhancements, enhancements or additional services that will be introduced during the operation. In addition, 10% of all fees collected will be distributed to all token holders quarterly. Airdrops is considered a gift to support the development of BitStash Market.
BitStash Portfolio
BitStash Wallet is the heart of our entire market. It goes hand in hand with commitment
services and provides account security with 2-factor authentication. Using the BitStash wallet, you can receive and send cryptocurrency from any device in the world in minutes using an internet connection. During the alpha test phase, we activated the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, as we approach our official market launch, we will allow BitStash members to vote on the next piece we need to add / include.
Internal exchange of internal exchange
The internal exchange will fill the gap for shared balances of users when attempting to make purchases. At the beginning, we will be able to create a trading volume based on the use of the internal exchange of our user. This will allow our team to more easily search for external exchange partnerships. I will also allow ourselves to be listed in places like Coin Market Cap and reach a wider audience once our market is officially alive.
The internal exchange will include all the necessary features, as you would expect from the candlestick, live volume, trade in progress, trade history, and more.
All cryptocurrencies available in the portfolio will also be available in Redeemed Internal. For example, this will solve a major problem, if the member has $ 20 in Bitcoin
and $ 15 in the STASH token and the product is $ 30, BitStash users will not be able to buy this product because their balance is not enough in a single cryptocurrency; However, with an internal exchange, it will allow BitStash users to exchange STASH or Bitcoin and complete the purchase with the desired cryptocurrency.
July 2017
BitStash Founded – December 2017 Creation and Development of the Platform – January 2018 Vendor Program Integration – February 2018 Integration of the Affiliate Program – May 2018
ICO Preparation – May 2018 ALPHA Launch – June 2018 Partners and Suppliers Search – June 2018 ICO Pre-Sales Launch – July 2018 BitStash Crowdsale – August 2018 Android and iOS Applications – September 2018 STASH Exchange Lists Token – September 2018 Launch of Internal Exchange – September 2018 Buy Products with STASH – October 2018 Airdrop Call Participant – October 2018 STASH Quarterly Airdrops Start – November 2018 Added More Parts – December 2018 Showcase and Statistics Platform – December 2018 Release 2019 Roadmap
Closing Statement Closing Statement Investing in something like BitStash not only creates another market among others; Investing in BitStash means that you create opportunities for them to make a living in cryptocurrency by selling their products, goods or services. For the first time, affiliates, suppliers, check senders and members can be separated from something extraordinary. With your help, we can influence millions of people around the world with STASH Token. Create a friendly, secure, reliable and secure market built around blockchain technology and run in cryptocurrency. E-commerce is fast becoming the main choice for most buyers
Take a moment to review the following chart we provide. These shocking figures go beyond a standard brick and mortar business. Electronic commerce paves the way for a smarter, brighter future. BitStash Combines the power of e-commerce and cryptocurrency to create self-sustaining ecosystems. BitStash hopes to see you become part of our emerging community.
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