BitStash :Peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace

What is BitStash

BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or services.The BitStash platform provides a simple and secure marketplace for users to freely transact between each other seamlessly and with the trust and protection our escrow system provides.

The primary goal of BitStash is to create a substantiating eco-system and marketplace.The seller fees are at the bare minimum it would take to maintain operation at only a 3% transaction fee and 1% withdrawal fee. We believe that the buyers, affiliates, and vendors will shape BitStash into one of the most used and advanced marketplaces available for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Each quarter STASH Token holders will acquire 10% of all commercial center expenses in extent to your STASH Token adjust. There are numerous advantages to put resources into BitStash and the STASH Token. Toward the start of August we intend to empower all holders of STASH to buy items, products, and administrations by means of our commercial center. As of now we just permit Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The BitStash commercial center is the place individuals can purchase or offer new things for Cryptocurrency. It is 100% FREE to join the BitStash commercial center. As a part on BitStash, you will have a safe Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet to use at your recreation. BitStash means to be the essential answer for sourcing trusted sellers that acknowledge cryptocurrency and STASH Tokens as installment. All sellers will offer quality preparations on the site to guarantee customers have a quality affair on the stage. We have a 100% working stage that is presently live and tolerating seller applications the whole way across the globe.

BitStash Marketplace is very easy to use for the two vendors and members. Simply create a record, choose whether you are a vendor or a consumer. After the registration is complete, you will have an active record in BitStash. This means you presently have Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet security (more coins will be added soon).

To complete your purchase, you must store your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. Once funded, simply search the online marketplace and view the vendor’s products. Just pick the item you like and add it to your truck, or continue with the payment. Amid the payment process, you will be offered a shipping alternative, and cryptocurrency you need to complete the transaction inside.

BitStash Solutions

Most minimal conceivable commercial center expenses

BitStash current expense rate will never increment. Truth be told, they will just diminishing through the span of time. The commercial center merchant expenses won’t be a month to month membership, yet will pay a most extreme of 3% of the

add up to arrange.

Installments Accepted (Bitcoin, Ethereum, STASH, and more)

Presently, BitStash can process installment in Bitcoin and Ethereum. After the crowdsale, Tim will attempting to build up the inside trade and coordination of STASH Tokens.

Determination Center/Returns and Refunds

The security of your cryptocurrency is something we organize and consider important. There is an absence of trust on the web, particularly inside the cryptocurrency space; which is the reason we have planned and executed our front line escrow framework. This guarantees conveyance of item requests and installments.

Item Advertising and Placement

Promotions can be somewhat irritating now and again, be that as it may, we have made a feasible model where commercial happens flawlessly inside this commercial center. Promoters will have the capacity to buy what will be called “advertisement spaces”. Sponsors should use STASH Tokens to begin publicizing.

BitStash Wallet

BitStash Wallet is the core of our entire Marketplace. It goes hand in hand with escrow services and provides account security with 2-factor authentication. Using BitStash purse, you can receive and send cryptocurrency from any device on the planet in minutes using internet connection. Amid the alpha testing phase we have enabled the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, as we get closer to our official market dispatch, we will enable BitStash members to vote on the next coin we have to include/include.

Internal Exchange of Internal Exchange

Internal Exchange will bridge the hole for shared user balances when endeavoring to complete Purchases. At first, we will be able to create trading volume based on our user’s use of internal exchange. This will enable our team to seek external exchange partnerships more easily. I will also enable us to be listed in places like Coin Market Cap and reach a larger audience once our market is authoritatively alive. The internal exchange will include all the necessary features as you would expect from the candlestick, live volume, current trade, trade history, and more. All available cryptocurrencies in the wallet will be available in Redeemed Internal as well.

BitStash Marketplace Features

Broadened Search

Utilize our natural web crawler on BitStash. Peruse by Brand, Color, Size, and different alternatives.

Acquire and Spend Crypto

With BitStash you can undoubtedly win and spend cryptocurrency from your wallet inside the My Account segment.

Secure Escrow and Disputes

Each exchange is put inside our Secure Escrow System until the point that a request can be confirmed as finished.

Shipment Options

As a dealer you set your delivery areas, estimating, and alternatives. Counting your arrival arrangement (which is prescribed).

Request Management

Effortlessly deal with every one of your requests on BitStash, in addition to get inside and out investigation and reports on your accessible items.

Stock Management

Set your accessible item quality to guarantee you don’t oversell items or come up short on your accessible stock.

BitStash Wallet and Internal Exchanger

The BitStash Wallet is the center of our whole Marketplace. It falls as one with the escrow benefit and gives account security 2-factor verification. Utilizing the BitStash wallet, you can get and send cryptocurrency from any gadget anyplace on the planet in a matter of minutes utilizing a web association.

Amid the alpha testing stage, we have empowered the utilization of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nonetheless, as we draw nearer to the official dispatch of our commercial center, we will enable BitStash individuals to vote on the following coin we should include/incorporate.

The Internal Exchange will conquer any hindrance for client adjusts that are part when endeavoring to finish a buy. In the first place, we will have the capacity to make an exchanging volume in view of our clients using the interior trade. This will enable our group to look for outer trade organizations less demanding. It will likewise enable us to wind up recorded on places like Coin Market Cap and contacting a bigger gathering of people once our commercial center is authoritatively live. The inner trade will incorporate all the essential highlights as you would anticipate from candles, live volume, current exchanges, exchange history, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The BitStash Marketplace, Wallet, and Exchange are secured by 256-piece cryptographic hash. BitStash have guaranteed that the commercial center is solidified against assaults. All assets are put away in a frosty stockpiling wallet and require a 2-factor verification by the client to make a withdrawal or finish an exchange on the stage.

BitStash Marketplace Program

Seller Program

Turning into a Vendor on BitStash is 100% FREE. Basically “Make an Account” and select “I’m a Vendor” amid enrollment. BitStash has a devoted group that audits all merchant applications and solicitations that you present your first item for a quicker endorsement process. One of the BitStash colleagues will be in contact with you in regards to the posting procedure and the onboarding procedure.

BitStash Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program enables us to contact a bigger gathering of people and deferentially pay our individuals for their commitment to the commercial center. BitStash have organized our offshoot program into 3 levels with the accompanying payout rates for a finished exchange on BitStash. Every referral account is doled out to the alluding part and commissions are earned for the lifetime of the record.


The STASH Token is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum Network. STASH can be used for marketplace transactions, exchanges, paying for fees, paying for advertising, and there’s more to come. The name STASH was chosen because we envision BitStash as being the number one marketplace and exchange for cryptocurrency and merchandise.

STASH Token Details

Token Name: BitStash

Symbol: STASH

Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH

Protocol: ERC20

Seed Funding: May 2018

Pre-ICO: June 2018

Crowdsale: July 2018

Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH

STASH Token Allocation

Crowdsale: 66%

Team: 15%

Advisors & Bounty: 5%

Reserve Fund: 14%


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