About Bitstash

BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or services.The BitStash platform provides a simple and secure marketplace for users to freely transact between each other seamlessly and with the trust and protection our escrow system provides.

The Bitstash platform gives a basic and secure commercial center for clients to execute flawlessly between each other and with the trusted insurance gave by our escrow framework. 16.8 Trillion USD is spent every year for items, products or administrations all around the globe. The web based business industry is developing quickly and it is getting to be simpler to execute crosswise over fringes. This opens the entryway for BitStash to scale comprehensively and give a huge number of individuals around the globe the chance to open an online store and gain cryptographic money; monetarily creating nations can enormously profit by this. BitStash will execute a few dialect interpretations for convenience for all clients over our stage.

How it Works

Make a record, select whether you are a merchant or buyer. After the enlistment has been finished, you will have a dynamic record on BitStash.


This implies you now have a safe Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet (more coins are to be included soon). To finish a buy, you should support your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. Once subsidized, basically peruse the online commercial center and view merchant items. Basically pick an item you like and add it to your truck, or keep on checkout. Amid the checkout procedure, you will be offered conveyance alternatives, and the digital money you wish to finish the exchange in. That is it! The merchant will get a warning with respect to your request and will start their shipment procedure and conveyance of the obtained things. To stay away from any issues that may emerge, we have set up an interior escrow framework to guarantee both the purchaser and dealer stores are securely secured amid the whole procedure.

Merchant Program:
Turning into a Vendor on BitStash is 100% FREE. Just “Make an Account” and select “I’m a Vendor” amid enlistment. BitStash has a committed group that surveys all seller applications and solicitations that you present your first item for a quicker endorsement process. One of the BitStash colleagues will be in contact with you in regards to the posting procedure and the onboarding procedure. At BitStash, we need the greater part of our merchants to use BitStash to the best of their capacity and the BitStash Support Team will help all through the whole procedure. Every merchant has a vendor expense settled to their record at the rate of 3%. This is the most elevated our charges will ever be. All charges are paid in STASH Tokens before withdrawals from merchants account. BitStash anticipates decreasing these exchange expenses down to 0.25% over the span of activity.

Proposed Solutions

The lowest possible market cost
Our current cost level will never increase. In fact, they will only decrease over time. That market seller fee will not be a monthly subscription, but will pay a maximum of 3% of the total order.
Payment Received (Bitcoin, Ethereum, STASH, & others) Currently, BitStash can process payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. After crowdsale, we are working to develop internal exchange and integration of STASH Token. Before the end of crowdsale, we will register three additional tokens, which can be used for transactions in the BitStash Marketplace.

Resolution Center / Refund & Refund

Your cryptocurrency security is something that we prioritize and take very seriously. There is a lack of trust in the internet, especially in cryptocurrency spaces; which is why we designed and implemented our cutting edge escrow system. This ensures delivery of product orders and payments. If an undeliverable or unverified order is sent, we will not issue funds to the vendor. Once the support ticket has been opened completed, the customer’s funds will be refunded. We have worked hard to ensure that vendors
as well as regular customers are 100% satisfied with our resolution process.

Ads and Product Placements

Ads can be a bit annoying at times, however, we’ve created an ongoing model where ads happen seamlessly within our marketplace. Advertisers will be able to buy what will be called “ad slots”. Advertiser will need to use STASH Token to start advertising. The ads will be based on first come first serve and will be a fixed price in the token. All ads must meet BitStash standards and must not violate BitStash Terms & Conditions.

BitStash Web & App

Clients have a 100% functional web app that can be accessed from all computers, mobile phones, and smart devices that have internet connectivity. This allows BitStash to reach the mainstream consumer base. Any vendor that does not want to download or install any program in it can avoid this completely. In addition, you can easily get anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

About Token & Ico

Allocation of Tokens STASH
Crowdsale: 66%
Team: 15%
Adviser & Bounty: 5%
Reserve Fund: 14% Detail Token STASH Token Name: BitStash Symbol: STASH

Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH

Protocol: ERC20

Seed Funding: May 2018

Pre-ICO: June 2018

Crowdsale: July 2018

Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH

Bonus Level: No Facts Token STASH – STASH Holders Token receives air deposit every three month of market cost (10%). – STASH can immediately be used to buy goods in the market. – STASH will have its own internal cryptocurrency exchange. – STASH Token will be listed on the top exchange after ICO.

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