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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new activities. We have the greatest device on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a tremendous base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is BitStash, a distributed (P2P) crypto business commercial center which empowers purchasers and venders to buy or rundown items, merchandise or administrations.


BitStash is a shared (P2P) crypto trade commercial center which empowers purchasers and venders to buy or rundown items, products or services.The BitStash stage gives a straightforward and secure commercial center for clients to uninhibitedly execute between each other consistently and with the trust and assurance our escrow framework gives. The BitStash commercial center is the place individuals can purchase or offer new things for Cryptocurrency. It is 100% FREE to join the BitStash commercial center. As a part on BitStash, you will have a safe Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet to use at your recreation. BitStash means to be the essential answer for sourcing trusted sellers that acknowledge digital money and STASH Tokens as installment. All sellers will offer quality creations on the site to guarantee shoppers have a quality ordeal on the stage. We have a 100% working stage that is as of now live and tolerating merchant applications the whole way across the globe.

Numerous ICO financial specialists disregard to see an ICO as an IPO. An ICO “Starting Coin Offering” and an IPO, “First sale of stock”, is comparative from various perspectives. At the point when an organization opens up to the world about an IPO, before you contribute, you would look into the organization. You would take a gander at the partners (Founders), the organization’s advantages, its piece of the overall industry, development potential and significantly more. It appears like a great many people overlook that when taking a gander at ICO’s, they are blinded by the entire “Get Rich Quick” pattern, and along these lines they insensibly put resources into ICO-Traps.

Before I proceed with, ICO Investors ought to think about the accompanying:

How competent is the group, who are they?

What is the ICO about?

How does the Ecosystem function?

In what capacity will the coin be used?

How might stores be disseminated?

How are the tokens being distributed?

How inside and out is the Roadmap?

How does the Referral or Bounty Program work?

How solid is the Community?

How secure is the framework? (Web Security)

Obviously, there are more to search for in an ICO before thinking about contributing, yet investigating these 10 focuses will most certainly shield you from most piece ICO’s out there.In which Bistash venture had all there qualities,Lets become more acquainted with them.



Each exchange is put inside our Secure Escrow System until the point that a request can be checked as finished.


Effortlessly deal with every one of your requests on BitStash, in addition to get inside and out investigation and reports on your accessible items.


As a vender you set your transportation areas, valuing, and choices. Counting your arrival strategy (which is suggested).


With BitStash you can without much of a stretch procure and spend cryptographic money from your wallet inside the My Account segment.


The BitStash Wallet is the center of our whole Marketplace. It falls as an inseparable unit with the escrow benefit and furnishes account security with 2-factor validation. Utilizing the BitStash wallet, you can get and send cryptographic money from any gadget anyplace on the planet in a matter of minutes utilizing a web association. You can Join our ICO here

The motivation behind why BITSTASH emerge is a direct result of a portion of these extraordinary favorable circumstances which different synonymous venture does not have. These focal points are;

Most minimal conceivable commercial center expenses;

BitStash current charge rate will never increment. Truth be told, they will just decline throughout time. The commercial center merchant expenses won’t be a month to month membership, however will pay a most extreme of 3% of the aggregate request.

Item Advertising and Placement;

Promotions can be marginally irritating now and again, be that as it may, we have made a manageable model where commercial happens consistently inside this commercial center. Publicists will have the capacity to buy what will be called “advertisement spaces”. Sponsors should use STASH Tokens to begin publicizing.

Determination Center/Returns and Refunds;

The security of your cryptographic money is something we organize and consider important. There is an absence of trust on the web, particularly inside the cryptographic money space; which is the reason we have outlined and executed our forefront escrow framework. This guarantees conveyance of item requests and installments.


Token Name: BitStash

Symbol: STASH

Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH

Protocol: ERC20

Sponsor Sale: May 2018

Pre-ICO: June 2018

Crowdsale: July 2018

Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH

Bonus Levels: Level 1 30% Bonus (First 100 ETH); Level 2 20% (First 500 ETH); Level 3 10% (First 1,000 ETH); Level 4 5% (First 10,000 ETH); Level 5 3% (First 20,000 ETH) You can Join our ICO here

The STASH Token is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum Network. STASH can be used for marketplace transactions, exchanges, paying for fees, paying for advertising, and there’s more to come. The Benefits of the STASH Token are numerous, and are listed below;

  • Receive discounts at checkout when purchasing with STASH Tokens.
  • STASH Token holders receive quarterly airdrops from marketplace fees (10%).
  • STASH soon can be used to buy items on the marketplace.
  • STASH will have it’s own internal cryptocurrency exchange.
  • STASH Tokens will be listed on top exchanges after ICO.

The Payments accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, STASH, & more.

Token Distribution

You can Join our ICO here



Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field. We are not just a company founded solely for ICO.

The primary goal of BitStash is to create a substantiating eco-system and marketplace.The seller fees are at the bare minimum it would take to maintain operation at only a 3% transaction fee and 1% withdrawal fee. We believe that the buyers, affiliates, and vendors will shape BitStash into one of the most used and advanced marketplaces available for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

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You can Join our ICO here

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