What is BITTECH?

The BITTECH venture is a completely decentralized open cycle framework for the improvement, presentation, creation and administration of inventive mining hardware designed on Bt0 ** chips with particular vitality productivity and execution. Along these lines, the BITTECH venture makes mining available to the total populace, supporting the center qualities ​​of blockchain: decentralization, straightforwardness and security.

Undoubtedly, we didn’t understand that Investors in cryptocommunity have increased much information about the different ICOs. Some must have in a few events kept running into ICOs useless activities and trick. This is the reason BITTECH Project ICO is unique. Our venture has been organized such that it must be acknowledged in the mining business. This is on the grounds that, notwithstanding making present day excavators, administration goes up against existing patterns and issues from cryptocommunity and diggers specifically into account. This is the means by which the idea rises, which at that point forms into a different action to construct numerous cryptographic money server farms whose generation limit will be utilized to have marked diggers and even employed to clients for the establishment of Bittech excavators acquired. This administration is named Service Contract. By utilizing the Service Contract, the client wins.

To make this undertaking a fantasy goal, the group has charged themselves in the accompanying request of needs;

Improvement and execution of BITTECH excavator substitute in light of BT ASIC chip for essential hashing calculation.

Digger cost decrease for purchasers.

Presentation of administrations for the offer of diggers, permitting the beginning of mining in a brief timeframe.

For what reason DO YOU HAVE TO USE BITTECH. ???

BITTECH (BTECH) token is an electronic asset that gives you as a holder, the benefit to buy another time of BITTECH excavators in light of present day 10-14nm chips.

The BITTECH wander is a totally decentralized open cycle system for creative mining change, introduction, age and control adapt in light of Bt0 ** chips with fascinating imperativeness profitability and execution.

The advantages of this wander is BITTECH is the best in its class. Customers will have the ability to put in the server cultivate for advantage contracts, and furthermore interface with leased channels by methods for dedicated IP.

Our task was organized such that it must be received in the mining business. This is because of the way that notwithstanding the production of present day diggers, the initiative goes up against the current inclinations and issues identified with cryptocommunication and mineworkers. This is the manner by which the thought emerges, which at that point forms into a different action to make an arrangement of places for digital money information handling, whose generation limit will be utilized to house marked diggers and even contracted for clients to introduce purchased Bittech dealers. This administration is called Service Contract. Utilizing the Service Contract, clients don’t have to stress over checking foundation, administrations, transportation and even the easiest legitimate issues with respect to facilitating a crypto-excavator.

To make this undertaking a fantasy, the group requested itself in the accompanying request of needs;

· Development and execution of the substitution of the BITTECH digger in light of the BT ASIC chip for the fundamental hashing calculation;

· Reducing the cost of digging for purchasers;

· Implementation of administrations for the offer of excavators, which permit beginning creation inside a brief timeframe;

Making appropriated shrewd systems by making server farms

In completing these assignments, Bittech, as the name suggests, will utilize super advances and instruments inside the task. Likewise, Bittech will fabricate 4 information handling focuses in Canada, Iceland, Estonia and Russia. The organization started making server farms in the Irkutsk area of Russia with an aggregate throughput of 21 MW for 9,000 ASIC in the second from last quarter of 2018.

Token BTECH and ICO points of interest
The token proprietor will have the chance to:
Reclaim a token on the excavator line Bittech at a cost of
reclaiming an administration contract with a 30% markdown
traded at Bittech
Token Big One: BTECH
PreICO begins on June 20, 2018.
Token expense: 1 BTECH = 1 USD
Reward is just given amid the pre-deal period and will rely upon the measure of speculation:
from 10,000 $ – 10% of reward
from 30,000 $ – 20% of reward
from 50,000 $ – 30% of reward
from 100000 $ – 40% of reward
Least speculation is 100 USD.
Money got: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum
Delicate top – $ 1500,000
Hard-top – $ 5000000
ICO Period: August 20, 2018 – October 20, 2018.
Token charge: 1 BTECH = 1 USD
Least venture: 1 token.
Money got: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
Hard Cap: $ 100,000,000
Token circulation and utilization of assets.

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