There are many ways to make money in today’s world, and using advanced technology can be easier. One of these methods is the mining of encrypted currencies. This is an encryption currency currency. Because the currency is encrypted, every coin has its own code. Therefore, mining is the process of decrypting by the computer. Unfortunately, this unit has a lot of thefts. Much of this is due to the high demand for equipment and high energy consumption.
Mining is an activity aimed at maintaining a distributed platform and creating new blocks with the possibility of getting rewards from new units and commission fees in various cryptocurrencies; above all, bitcoin calculations are required to guard against identical unit disbursements, and also the rewards of encouraging people to pay for computing power them and support network operations.
What is BITTECH?
The BITTECH project is a fully decentralized open cycle system for the development, introduction, production and management of innovative mining equipment engineered on Bt0 ** chips with distinctive energy efficiency and performance. Thus, the BITTECH project makes mining accessible to the world population, supporting the core values ​​of blockchain: decentralization, transparency and security.
To be sure, we did not realize that Investors in cryptocommunity have gained much knowledge about the various ICOs. Some must have in some occasions ran into ICOs worthless projects and scam. All this is why BITTECH Project ICO is different. Our project has been structured in such a way that it must be accepted in the mining industry. This is because, in addition to creating modern miners, management takes on existing trends and issues from cryptocommunity and miners in particular into account. This is how the thought emerges, which then develops into a separate activity to build many cryptocurrency data centers whose production capacity will be used to host branded miners and even hired to customers for the installation of Bittech miners purchased. This service is named Service Contract. By using the Service Contract, the customer wins.
To make this project a dream destination, the team has commissioned themselves in the following order of priorities;
Development and implementation of BITTECH miner substitute based on BT ASIC chip for basic hashing algorithm.
Miner cost reduction for buyers.
Introduction of services for the sale of miners, allowing the commencement of mining in a very short period of time.
Creation of distributed mining networks by building data centers
In completing these tasks, for Bittech as the name implies, it will use super-technologies and tools within the project. In addition, Bittech will build 4 data centers in Canada, Iceland, Estonia and Russia. The company began creating data centers in the Irkutsk region of Russia, with a complete 21MW capacity for 9,000 ASICs in the third quarter of 2018.
Individuals and companies face a number of challenges:
Legislative bans in countries
The lack of available infrastructure
Climatic features in the region of presence
High cost of equipment and maintenance problems
Lack of professional staff
The solution offers BITTECH:
High quality equipment with extended warranty
Affordable price
Quick start, only 24 hours
Full legality and legitimacy of the legislation
High-class specialists, support 24 hours
BITTECH was founded in 2017 and is developing miners and affordable global service. The headquarters is in Hong Kong. At the moment, BITTECH plans to open four large cryptocurrency data centers: in Iceland, Estonia, Canada and Russia with a capacity of at least 7000 miners. Each data center is a professionally prepared platform for placing a miner.
The advantages of this project is that BITTECH is the best in its class. The users of the same peg in the data center of the service contract, and connect to Minera on a dedicated IP.
BTECH token and details of ICO
Token BITTECH (BTECH) – digital asset, giving the holder the right to purchase the line of miners of a new generation “BITTECH” on the basis of modern computer chips. process 10 and 14nm.
Token holders will be able to :
exchange tokens for the Bittech line of miners at cost
exchange for a service contract with a 30% discount%
exchanges for bittech Big One
Token symbol: BTECH
PreICO will start on June 20, 2018.
The cost of a token: 1 BTECH = 1 USD
Bonuses are provided only during the pre-sale period and will depend on the amount of investment:
from $ 10,000-10% bonus
from 30000$ — 20% bonuses
from$ 50,000 — 30% bonus
starting at$ 100,000 — 40% bonus
Minimum investment — 100 USD.
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum
ICO period: August 20, 2018-October 20, 2018.
The cost of a token: 1 BTECH = 1 USD
Minimum investment: 1 token.
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
Hard Cap: 100 000 000$
Token distribution and use of funds.
Contact information
BITCOINTALK :;u=1977323
ETH : 0x1ad209D66CDF9f49DB7B87Bd582DA32B2149968D

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