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The BITWAY platform is the best and also the most profitable mining project I’ve seen in this era. Going forward, this is the best and only platform that provides monthly payments to users and customers from its mining program. The majority of other mining projects provide quarterly and annual payments where users and members are not always happy with this. BITWAY has come up with a better solution through its monthly payments, you can be sure that you will receive payment right after a month.

The BITWAY platform has been tested and trusted by a series of miners and crypto currency mining program lovers and to confirm its legality and seriousness, BITWAY also announced to allow trading in several major crypto-currencies where users will be able to trade their tokens after registering on the exchange This is why I believe the best time to invest in the BITWAY project is now.

The BITWAY platform which is the BITCOIN mining program allows people to mine on the platform and get BITWAY tokens as prizes on the platform. Decentralization is one of the priorities of the BITWAY platform and this is why this platform makes it the platform as a decentralized platform where users have full access to their accounts whenever they want. There is always a higher percentage of trust in the decentralized platform simply because transactions are shown and recorded on the blockchain network. In order to ensure transparency, they have launched their own explorer where members can easily monitor network developments.



Their mining companies are supplied with low-cost renewable energy from hydropower, which helps them maintain production that is environmentally friendly, efficient, and also makes a good profit for mining bitcoin.
Bitway is a bitcoin mining network that gives you the opportunity to participate in profitable bitcoin mining. Users can invest in networks and collect Bitway tokens to receive monthly payments from project revenues. We represent the Bitway distribution that is fair and has long-term goals – to create a decentralized mining network.
Bitway has been compromised by a small group of experts in the field of electronic money and blockchain technology with experience in development, marketing and design. In addition, some team members are faced with the task of identifying market trends early, so that Bitway is always on top of the game.


How does your place of residence affect your bitcoin mining activities? In analyzing worldwide electricity prices carried out by Elite Fixtures lighting companies, Bitcoinists are considering the possibility of studying data and electricity costs to use 1 BTC worldwide.
The price of electricity in the world varies depending on many factors, including government subsidies and access to natural resources. In addition, the increase in electricity prices is partly due to the fact that operators must use large resources to operate computers and solve complex mathematical problems to get Bitcoin. One of the most effective Bitcoin diggers is Bitmain Antminer S9, which costs only 1350 W, which is equivalent to the power of a hair dryer when we set it to the maximum.
Because of the average extraction costs of $ 12,203 / bitcoin, bitcoin detection shows that the island region spread in Oceania is the world’s most expensive excavation area, followed by South America with $ 7,150 in Europe. $ 6,695, Asia – $ 6,378, Middle East – $ 6,449, and North America – only $ 5,456. Africa is the cheapest coin mining area with an average cost of $ 4,626 for BTC.
The average price for electricity to use one Bitcoin in various countries is $ 7,295. Electricity prices in Canada and the United States have fallen by more than $ 2,000 compared to this average. And because 1 BTC is traded at a price of more than US $ 4,000, as in the current market, high electricity bills will cause losses. But with Bitway, they have the most common and varied energy sources today. This is an ideal investment for Bitcoin mining. So what’s the difference with Bitway?

The BITWAY operating mode is based on renewable water-powered energy to solve energy consumption problems by the mining program. It has been designed with 1596W per hour, Temperature 5-40c, renewable energy, 70% ROI per month, Cold Climate, good user interface and High Security. All of these features make BITWAY the best and unique among the others.

Token Symbol => BTWN 
Supply Token => 21,000,000 BTWN 
93% Allocated to Communities 
4.3% Allocated to Teams 
2.7% Allocated to Prizes



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