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We will provide products for the “BITWINGS” project, potential Platform participants and those present, who are interested in contributing to their development. The information below may be incomplete and not a contractual relationship. The main goal is to provide information to everyone so they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of receiving or investing in tokens.

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WINGS MOBILE is a mobile operator, software developer and, since 2017, an electronics product manufacturer. These three business directions, combined with sophisticated leadership, are well suited to the needs of today’s electronic device users with technological innovation and providing high-tech solutions and unique products throughout the world.

Our vision and mission

WINGS MOBILE assumes that the cellular market is developing irreversibly and has an unstoppable rise. and that as long as traffic via voice (calls) or data (with all applications available for smartphones) goes out, immediately after the main channel for financial and sensitive information exchange. The key is the harmonious evolution of protocols and security tools that can facilitate digital currency exchange.

The mission of WINGS MOBILE is to develop tools that can improve CRYPTO SECURITY standards. In addition, with WINGS PAY, which is based on the existing real-world economic system, the company applies the USABILITY concept to all crypto consumers who want to buy goods in digital currency, but currently cannot find an online platform or physical store if possible.

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The architecture

Here we explain our device architecture, which shows how to better manage the use of standard applications with applications that require more security.
Application aircraft wing

  • Neural Secure Launcher
  • Application framework
  • Safe neural library
  • Kernel Wings.
  • Bootloader is safe
  • Kryptospeicher-Hardware (CSH)

The benefits

The Wings Safe operating system is based on an encrypted and secure partition (32 GB) of memory and is completely independent of the main Android system. No Android application, control, or API has access to Wings Safe Core.

AI (artificial intelligence) allows the prediction, identification, and elimination of cyber threats with speed and efficiency which is not always possible through human analysis. Thanks to the application of neural technology, Wings Mobile offers its devices for better control, analysis and security management.

Wings has developed exclusive software that provides lasting protection for your privacy thanks to the integration of Neuronal technology. Phone calls, photos, videos, private applications and confidential data can no longer be violated.

Complete payment solution for physical and online stores that use blockchain technology with a new vision. Both are innovative and complete thanks to the integration of WingsPos, the Android operating system that is available for all stores.

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BITWINGS (BWN) is a token of MOBILE WINGS and is implemented in an intelligent ERC-20 contract for Ethereum Blockchain.

BWN is a cryptocurrency which, unlike many other coins, has a value based on “real currency”.
Its strength is based on the economics of a successful operating company, which focuses on innovation and is no different from other cryptocurrency in the development of Bitcoin.

This is an exchange medium that can be used in the Wings Mobile ecosystem to buy products and services both online and in physical stores. This usage provides a 10% discount on prices across the entire WINGS MOBILE product and service range (see section 4 of this document for further details).

This is a cash deposit supported by a $ 0.20 issuance guarantee, which provides protection against market fluctuations as soon as coins are available on the exchange and other types of trading platforms.

         Token Distribution And Token Allocation

Token Detail

  • Tokenname: BWN
  • Token-Typ: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 30,000.00 BWN
  • Hard Cap: 189,000,000 BWN
  • Started on: January 2, 2019
  • It ends: November 30, 2019
  • Max Token made: 300,000,000 BWN


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  Bitwings Team

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