Bitwise provides technology solutions that utilize data to enable business insight. By implementing our breakthrough technological innovations, we help our global clients 


their competitive advantage. We are the most experienced and dedicated team of industry professionals optimizing value for our clients through our global shipping model and with our exclusive technology tools that reduce the time, complexity and cost of data initiatives. Together, our employees and technology provide insights that clients need to
continue to lead in their fields.

Bitwise is very serious in preparing for the ICO deployment. In response to investor requests, ICO Bitwise focuses on creating Telegram communities so people can quickly update information and learn about projects. You can also quickly answer any question by joining this Telegram community.

The Blockchain technology, with unique functions and specially distributed data management, solves trust problems, changing the face of many regions of the world. In a digital economy, sellers and buyers can be directly connected without the need for intermediaries. Thus, transactions are executed quickly, and transaction costs are significantly reduced. This is precisely blockchain technology that helps change the world.

Together with the blockchain, electronic money is also an asset that is preferred by investors around the world. Although officials around the world are very careful about this type of asset, and many countries have not developed a clear legal framework for electronic money, electronic money still reaches billions of dollars in one day. This volume will not stop when there are more than 170 trading platforms for electronic exchanges with more than 100,000 registered users every day in the world.

The future of the blockchain, as well as electronic currencies is very difficult to predict. But now, the e-money industry is still in the stage of growth and has enormous growth potential. Today, more and more development platforms are used to solve traditional financial sector problems and even to eliminate the negative effects of the newly created modern technology. Therefore, the number of financial solutions using blockchain technology is growing, including BITWISE


“Designed with a data-centric approach to testing, QualiDI overcame the challenge of achieving the wrong end-to-end integration between processes distributed throughout the company. Our cutting-edge solutions provide all companies, end-to-test test automation platforms that focus on ETL testing. Learn how QualiDI automates every aspect of the testing life cycle to improve the effectiveness of ETL tests with higher ROI and accelerated time-to-market “

Uniquely imagined for large data and cloud platforms, Hydrograph accelerates data integration in the Hadoop ecosystem. With a drag-and-drop interface and future architecture, Hydrograph provides a state-of-the-art ETL development environment that utilizes the power of Hadoop and Spark (and the next wave of computing machines) without the need to write and rewrite code. Find a Hydrograph for your big data workload.

ETL converter
With 20 years of experience on all major data integration platforms, we know ETLtools are prominent inside and out. By utilizing this expertise, we developed the ETLconversion approach that uses the innovative ‘Hub and Spoke’ architecture to convert one data integration platform to another with automation of up to 70%. Read more about how Bitwise ETL Converter can help you consolidate different ETLtools into one modern tool to drive millions from your budget.

Hadoop Adapters for Mainframe Data
To help organizations get the most out of their mainframe data, Bitwise offers a Hadoop Adapter for Mainframe Data as a stand-alone solution for each EBCDIC format conversion to Hadoop. Hadoop Adapter for Mainframe Data handles all mainframes, AS400 and other CopyBook COBOL data files from every complexity, and provides an optimized process for converting EBCDIC mainframe data to ASCII, Avro and Parquet data which increases the efficiency of overall data conversion and maximizes ROI

Hydrograph Benefits
• Increase ETL Up to 50% productivity developers in Hadoop
• Ports existing ETL processes to Hadoop with little or no changes
• View ETL processes in real-time for service level management
• Agnostic Cloud: The same data stream can run on cloud services anything (EMR, GCP, Azure) as well as internal groups and local machines
• Agnostic Distribution: The same data stream can run on leading Hadoop distributions

QualiDI Advantages
• Shift testing left
• Enables Agile development
• Provides faster projects and functions
• Increased efficiency and cost savings
• Track test cases
• Reduces defects
• Storage of artifacts for document requirements
• Integration process
• Perfect integration with Bitwise TDM & BRE tools
• Support for the Continuous Integration process
• HPQC integration

Our Road Map
… and we will reach our destination on time


Launch of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) website

Beginning of the First Stage of ICO.

Phase II and Final ICO coupled with team expansion

Release the latest version of platform software

MARCH 2019
Release Bitwise’s revolutionary platform for purchasing services on Android, iOS and 


Founding member
Hema Sakhardande
Co-Founder and COO
Seema Desai
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Neelesh Desai
Co-Founder and Chairman
Salil Sakhardande
Joint Founder and President

Executive management

Shahab Kamal
Executive Vice President
 – Solution Engineering and Customer Management
Shahab works with client executives on IT strategies for business intelligence, Big Data, data warehousing and corporate applications. He has advised clients in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, media, publishing, insurance and e-commerce, assembling and managing land and offshore teams to carry out their strategic goals. Shahab has extensive experience managing large project teams that work across continents and time zones, aligning them around the common goal of delivering value to clients. Prior to joining Bitwise, he worked at Ford Motors, Aon Hewitt, and Tribune Company. He has a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Dhawanit Malani

Executive Vice President
 – Innovation, Internal Branding & IT Infrastructure
Leveraging diverse backgrounds in sales, marketing and client services, Dhwanit leads the company’s efforts on Bitwise to realize the promise of innovative solutions. Dhwanit also leads branding and marketing, works closely with our sales force in determining and implementing the company’s growth strategy. He is an engineering graduate from the University of Pune with more than 20 years of experience in the data and application fields.

Ankur Gupta

Executive Vice President
 – Sales and Marketin
Ankur is responsible for encouraging Bitwise sales operations, including strategic sales planning and sales process management. Ankur has more than 10 years of sales experience with major focus areas from Retail Technology and Big Data, Advanced Analytics, IoT, and Digital Customer Engagement. Prior to Bitwise, he was Founder & CEO at MetaScale LLC and also served in sales leadership roles at Sears Commercial and Sears Holdings Corporation. He has won prestigious awards such as the CEO Award for business innovation, the President’s Business Award for achieving outstanding business results and IBM Bravo Award for achieving high-class client satisfaction.

Pramod Dhore

Executive Vice President
Global Shipping
Pramod is responsible for ensuring excellence in client services. He leads the Bitwise shipping team, utilizing a proven global service model that guarantees a quality client experience. In this role, he assists client management teams and engineering solutions to provide comprehensive and successful service offerings. Pramod has more than 20 years of experience in the technical and managerial fields, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Computer Management from Pune University.

Shrikant Prabhu
Vice President

 – Human Resource Development
Shrikant has more than 20 years of experience in global shipping, client management and human resource management. On Bitwise, he is responsible for talent acquisition, overall resource management, and training and mentoring of Bitwisers, ensuring that employees reflect the company’s focus on deploying an elite team of technology professionals. His diverse background enables him to create a talent management program that places Bitwise as a client-focused industry leader.

Arati Joshi
Vice President

 Compliance & Recruitment
Arati Joshi has more than 25 years of experience in providing technological solutions in various industries, including manufacturing, banking and finance, and health care. On Bitwise, he has pioneered initiatives to define and implement efficient processes throughout the organization. As Vice President, he continues to lead process improvement initiatives that include ISO certification and client security compliance. As the Chief Information Security Officer, he is responsible for fulfilling the information security requirements of Bitwise and our clients.

Prasanna Catfish
Vice President

– Finance & Administration
As head of accounts and finance at Bitwise, Prasanna is responsible for infrastructure growth, direct and indirect taxation, legal compliance, financial planning and reporting, treasury and cash flow. In addition, he oversees daily accounting and administration operations. With more than 20 years of experience, Prasanna works with the executive team to implement the company’s strategic agenda and monitor key metrics to ensure consistent growth.

Nikhil Deshmukh
Vice President

– US Shipping
Nikhil has more than 15 years of experience in providing business intelligence and end-to-end data storage solutions. He has deep expertise in consulting, implementation and analytics. Recently, Nikhil focused on developing and maintaining customer relationships, creating solutions that enhance the overall customer experience while helping customers achieve excellence
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