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Logically stating, your first experience into the cryptocurrency world would mostly be through an exchange or brokerage. There are two main types of exchange globally stating. the first; fiat exchanges, that allows users a direct conversion of US Dollars, Euros and most government backed currencies into cryptocurrency. The second; cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges. Allowing users to trade crypto to crypto with each other. The latter best explains our platform. BITZINEX aims to provide users an advanced services of digital asset transactions and exchange. Its state of the art crypto platform offers a high security, convenient, and user-friendly experience.

BITZINEX is built on a highly-efficient memory matching technology, capable of sustaining an order-making value of about 1.8 million/second. This guarantees a NO delay on your transactions. With our 24/7 support that actively operates to attend to all dispatched queries provides her users an advanced services of digital asset transactions and exchange. Its state of the art crypto platform offers a high security, convenient, and user-friendly experience.

Bitzinex team members are professionals who have been in the finance industry over a long period of time, trading on both traditional and crypto exchange. The team has worked and operated on a number of exchanges, coming together to put up the platform, having acquired a network of partners in the industry who are a major contributors to the trajectory of the exchange. The project is fully funded, and never a fund –raising document, with strategized keynotes and executions.


Bitzinex, tends to follow chronologically its operations, to help offer the best services to their users.

  • Private sales/public sales
  • Virtual trading
  • Real time trading
  • IEO
  • Future Decentralized ecosystem
  • And many more…

Work Flow Background

In regards to long successful cryptocurrency trading experience the founders of BITZINEX Exchange analyzed major challenges with the user experience on existing exchanges. With these as a breast-plate, the exchange has been designed from the ground up to offer a renowed user experience for both inexperienced and experienced traders. Two modes of use are available:

Lite Mode

An easy user experience for newcomers to the cryptocurrency world is something lacking on most exchanges. The trading page is littered with quite a complex order books, lots of scrolling numbers, and graphs order. For most professional traders who knows what all the numbers mean, this is fine, but for a newbie trader, someone inexperienced it might cause them to quit in frustration. Lite mode tends to care for such inconveniences providing a simple user experience for novice traders in need of an easy to use interface. Simple order types, easy-deposit of funds and Instead, buying and selling are a one-click away.

Expert Mode (pending development)

This is the most exciting offer we tend to roll-out, expert mode guarantees full breadth of functionality required to assist professional traders. Well Detailed and easy accessed graphs allows the professionals to see historical market data in great detail. Pushing live trades and ticker data’s on a streamed and layout form. Giving expert traders the total control they need for their market. Our Exchange has been designed to optimize flow, allowing traders to log in, have a view of what they need quickly, instantly accessing markets they are interested in, and making desired trades.

Bitzinex Coin (Binex)

The Bitzinex coin (binex) is a natively runned on Etheruem blockchain ERC20, with a non-reissuable 400million coins. This would be issued as follows:

Private sales:

Bitzinex offers private sales to the investors who are interested in earning realtime and getting amazing bonus, as they will be considered as early participants and action takers. The private sale requires a $100 minimum purchase of the Binex coin, as it grants you a leverage to all bonus experiences on the exchange.

Virtual trading:

The virtual trading offer is proposed to showcase transparency of the Bitzinex platform, and help build the community of income traders. The virtual trading would be made available for all investors who participated in the private sale.

Real time trading:

Enhanced trading would be opened to the general public, as all who by any promotional/purchase means have access to the Binex coin would be able to trade and exchange the token to any preferred coin of choice.

Public Sales (ICO):

This would take place in BTC and ETH, on the exchange platform. And it’s open to interested participants all over the world. The ICO would be a strictly first-come, first-serve based offer, until all allocated token for the ICO is exhausted. Bitzinex initially coin offering would be taking place in the following scheme;


Bitzinex will also offer bonuses to it users in the following ways;

  • Binex-coin Holders
  • Referrer bonus.
  • Future innovations.


Q1 2018 Concept development

Q2 2018 Team formation

Q3 2018 Business model development

Q4 2018 Drafting of White paper

Q1 2019 Development Bitzinex Exchange

Q2 2019 Starting of marketing campaign

Q3 2019 Smart contract/Partnership

Q4 2019 Token Sale

Q1 2020 Exchange Testing

Q2 2020 Exchange Launch

Q3 2020 Listing/Crypto Exchange

Q4 2020 Mobile App

Q1 2021 Decentralised Exchange

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