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What Is Bixtrim…

BIXTRIM is a blockchain-based multi-functional financial platform that will incorporate all the necessary cryptocurrency market features, products and services. The BIXTRIM ICO is looking to fund the use of crypto-based accounts with various established retail banks, and consequently become compliant with multiple financial services requirements.
Their advanced global platform will look to accommodate the advent crypto market fans who are looking to use the innovation to their advantage. To enable this, BIXTRIM will use their native cryptocurrency to allow anyone to participate by becoming a BMX token holder
About Bixtrim
Goal of this document is to describe the investment project and present it to interested parties.
This whitepaper describes the Initial coin offering (a.k.a ICO) in which tokens of Bixtrim LLC (BXM) will be sold.
BXM is a crypto token that is designed to be used for all services provided by Bixtrim platform.
The white paper is created in order to present the project details and help interested parties make decision on potential token acquisition.
In document we cover philosophy, objectives and technology of the initiative:
  • Views and objectives of Bixtrim team;
  • Our vision of current global tendencies, challenges and problems of market of cryptocurrency;
  • The solutions we offer to our clients for resolving these questions;
  • The paper is not regulated by any legislative acts of any jurisdiction. The participation in the ICO is by customer’s free will.

Bixtrim BXM Token ICO Details
ICO Dates

  • Start- 1st June 2018
  • End- 31st August 2018
  • Total emission volume is 72 000 000 tokens, which are divided into several parts:
  • 7 800 000 tokens will be sold in discount packages, including.
  • The first week of Sales 1 300 000 (60% discount)
  • The second week of Sales 2 600 000 (40% discount)
  • The third week of Sales 3 900 000 (20% discount)
  • Regular sales process begins from the fourth week
    &45 800 000 tokens will be sold at an original price.
  • 6 500 000 tokens for referral bonuses and lottery drawing.
  • 11 900 000 tokens stay in possession of co-founders, partners and advisors.


Token info
Token: BXM
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO1 BXM = 1 USD
First week of Sales: 60%
Second week of Sales: 40%
Third week of Sales: 20%
Tokens for sale53,600,000
Investment info

Min. investment: 30 BXM
Accepting: BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO:

All additional information about the Bixtrim project can be obtained from official sources:


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