Bixtrim-An innovative crypto-exchange platform

Introducing Bixtrim an innovative crypto-exchange platform for everyone.

Mission and Objectives

We believe in a world where everyone has an access to advanced crypto financial services and these services should be accessible by the general public rather than the professional market segment in isolation.

In order to effectively facilitate and execute our mission, a multifunctional platform will be engineered and designed by the Bixtrim team. Our products and services will offer the right breakthrough features that the crypto world needs and encompass major innovations in this industry. The platform will cover: As we proceed in this paper, the functions mentioned will be elaborated on. BXM Token Pawn Shop Plastic Card New Coin Exchange Platform Unique Payment System Scalable Transfer System ● Perfected version of the functions typically found in exchange platforms A unique set of opportunities such as; ○ Crypto pawnshop ○ Futures contracts ○ New cryptocurrency supporting escrow and multifactor authentication ○ Debit Cards directly linked to cryptocurrency wallets.

Bixtrim Functional Tree


The Bixtrim team has an innovative vision of a future with simplified usage of crypto in every day life and we want our customers to be a part of it.

The popularity and quick success of cryptocurrencies has made it crucial for infrastructure and functionality to keep up. That is exactly why we found so many obstacles and issues that needed to be solved. Our team of like-minded people rallied in order to make these revolutionary ideas a reality.

The current number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets is estimated to be up to 6 million.

Between 5.8 million and 11.5 million wallets are estimated to be currently ‘active’. The lines between wallets and exchanges are increasingly blurred: 52% of wallets surveyed provide an integrated currency exchange feature, of which 80% ofer a national-to-cryptocurrency exchange service. In contrast with exchanges, the majority of wallets do not control access to user keys.

52% of small exchanges hold a formal government license compared to only 35% of large exchanges.

On average, a security headcount corresponding to 13% of total employees is recruited for security purposes and 17% of the budget is spent on security related expenses.

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by more than 3 times since early 2016, having reached nearly $25 billion as of March 2017. (It has increased 15 fold since this study has been conducted)

Although Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, other cryptocurrencies are increasingly cutting into Bitcoin’s historically dominant market cap share.

Bixtrim’s multifunctional platform and its various features and services can fill the gaps of existing alternative models in relation to payments, savings, trading, exchange and lending functionality


Crypto Pawn Shop

Bixtrim will develop a crypto pawn shop where coin owners can pawn them for a period of time and get them back after paying off the commitment. This possibility gives customers an opportunity to keep coins, as well as get the needed cash for a short-term and profit in a long term. Imagine a customer that has one coin which is worth $ 10.0K today. They need extra appliances to work out the additional cryptocurrency, so they decide to pawn the coin for 80% of its price, i.e. $8.0K. They use cash to expand mining, earn money and after a month pay off the pawn for $8.4K. By this time, the price of coin has risen to $20.0K. If they exchange the coin into cash they will get $9.6K profit from the transaction. Please note, that actual rates may vary.

Futures Contracts

We will develop an exclusive feature – futures contracts on Bixtrim platform supporting pre-defined date of transactions. Every user of platform will be able to use this feature and trade/play with ease. All the coins traded on Bixtrim platform will have futures support. While buyers/sellers are anonymous and the agreement between them will not be legally binding Bixtrim platform will serve as a guarantee and freeze some amounts of money for both parties. Imagine, a coin with current price of $1000. Customer X assumes that the price of coin will increase in a month from $1000 to $1200, while customer Y thinks it will decrease to $800. They agree to make transaction on predetermined date, after a month and Bixtrim platform freezes guaranteed amounts from both parties. On agreed date, the winner party will get the profit and the loser will pay off all the liabilities.

Escrow Future

Issuing cryptocurrency supporting exclusive and innovative Escrow feature. The coin issued by Bixtrim will have the option where the third party, independent predetermined or randomly chosen principal, will ensure the transaction. While the transactions are made via Bitxrim coin, system itself will guarantee the protection of deal – principal will not be able to make any other transaction to coins – they should make obligatory transfer to seller or buyer after a period of time. This will be unprecedented service – a new word in crypto market. For example, a customer buys a vehicle on a car auction abroad. Before they receive the car, they are not sure whether or not the car will be delivered or whether it will be in condition they saw in pictures. With Bixtrim Escrow feature, the principal will be responsible for checking the car before it arrives and decide whether it is in a satisfactory state.

Debit Card

We will issue a revolutionary plastic card, linked directly to Bixtrim coin and other cryptocurrencies. The card will be serviceable in online shops, ATMs, PoS terminals and have a high daily limit. Owners of plastic cards will be able to do shopping or make transactions anytime, anywhere. Another benefit of owning the plastic card will be the following – coins will be directly converted to cash at current price in real time, real value without any transactions and exchanges needed. For example, a customer has 10 coins with current sales price of $100 each. If they decide to cash out coins right away, they should transfer it from their wallet and will get $1000 on bank account. If next day the price of the coin rises to $120, they had lost the potential profit. With Bixtrim plastic card this will not happen and card owner will have the amount equal to coin price at the moment, which is $1200

Platform’s Success

The success of the Bixtrim platform will benefit BXM token holders by providing increased price stability, leading to a higher value of customer’ token assets.

Tokens allow lower commissions on exchange platforms, which means that their market price will not be limited. The more transactions are processed on this platform, the more value BXM tokens obtain.

Tokens can be exchanged to new cryptocurrency released by Bixtrim in the near future, which means that their market price will not be limited – the higher rises the price of coin, the valuable BXM tokens will become.


Total emission volume is 72 000 000 tokens, which are divided into several parts: 10 800 000 tokens will be sold in discount packages, including:

Private Sale from 1st June to 20th June – 3 000 000 BXM (80% discount with minimum order 20 000 tokens)

Phase 1 of Sales from 21th June to 30th June – 1 300 000 BXM (60% discount with minimum order 30 tokens)

Phase 2 of Sales from 1st July to 15th July – 2 600 000 BXM (40% discount with minimum order 30 tokens) Phase 3 of Sales from 16th July to 31th July – 3 900 000 BXM (20% discount with minimum order 30 tokens)

Regular sales process begins from the 1st of August till 30th of September 42 800 000 tokens will be sold at the original price.

6 500 000 tokens for referral bonuses and lottery drawing. 11 900 000 tokens stay in the possession of the co-founders, partners and advisors. All clients and investors are required to proceed KYC procedure.




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