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More people began to think about investing in the crypto currency. But investments are risky because today’s stock exchanges are still imperfect and can not provide full convenience and security for their users. This problem is further aggravated because most existing crypto-currencies very slowly process transactions, this process can take up to several days. So if you have already sold your crypto currency and are waiting for these few days to receive money, and at that moment the exchange stops working, then you will have to wait for a very long time.  The team of Bixtrim makes efforts to eliminate these problems and provide safe access for its users.

Basically, BIXTRIM is a multi-functional financial platform based on a blockchain that will integrate all functions and services needed in the market. Today, the Crypto market has a rather narrow niche for a small group of people. As the market is still only in development, there are a number of problems that impede this broader market. I will think about five reasons why I believe that Bixtrim will be able to solve this problem and have every opportunity to become a leader in this industry.

What BIXTRIM offer 


most transactions on other exchange platforms are supported by the authentication of one agent. Unfortunately, this method is a little outdated and not very difficult to penetrate, so the case of the theft of the purse encryption currency on the exchange platform is no longer rare.


The main problem today is the speed of the encryption currency, which can be replaced by real money. The process usually takes a few days, in Bixtrim it will be done in a few minutes.

Zero intermediaries

Since the current encryption currency is not associated with plastic cards, most currency encodings can not currently be created without the participation of third parties, miners, traders, etc. Bixtrim will also issue its own plastic card, which will be directly linked to your bank account and transactions will take several seconds.

100,000 transactions per second 

The time spent processing the current encrypted currency transactions and increasing them can take several days, and the amount is very limited. Modern encrypted currency transactions allow you to make only one transaction in a tenth of a second. Bixtrim will issue cryptographic currencies worldwide with the ability to process at least 100,000 transactions per second

The Bixtrim token has the following token sale details:

Token: BXM

Price: 1 BXM = $1

Platform: Ethereum

Hard cap: $51M

Soft cap: $6M

Connect with BIXTRIM now:












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