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What is bizavest?

Bizavest is a platform where startups, small businesses and even large canachieve efficient data implementationcapacity costs are relatively affordable. The platform will function as a social media network and will offer customized information based on what users need to know. This will save companies and individuals the trouble of finding usable information from the major data stores that can be found on the web.
The platform is an AI-driven data analysis platform and the goal is to build an affordable, effective, secure and intelligent business intelligence. The system is driven by artificial intelligence coupled with human nature skills and craftsmanship. The platform will strike a sustainable and effective balance between humans and machines and the two will work together to come up with valuable data that is valuable, effective, and affordable.

How It Work

Bizavest Analytics Platform BIZC Token & ICO rincian

Bizc tokens are utility tokens that will be used on the Bizavest platform. Token based on Ethereum platform. The total Token supply will be 100,000,000 Tokens. 45% of these signs will be publicly available during the sale of the ICO tokens. You can join their whitelist on their website to be notified of sales.

ICO date:

pre-ICO: June 12, 2018-12 July 2018
ICO phase 1:30 July 2018 – August 12, 2018
ICO phase 2:13 August 2018 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2018
Token ticker: BIZC
Token type: ERC20 (See contract on etherscan)
Quantity of supply: BIZC 100,000,000
Available for sale tokens: 45%
Receive currency: ETH

Token Price:

sale of pre round (1 Bizc = $ 0.1)
PreICO (1 Bizc = $ 0.25) ICO round: (1Bizc = $ 0.50)
Whitelust / KYC: Yes (Join)
Fundraising goals: USD 15 million
Hats: 1 million USD



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