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Bizavest, where you can find at:, is a groundbreaking data analytics and business intelligence platform to acquire credit and influence. It provides professional help and decision making as well as market driven information and services to businesses, gathering data and mining over a decentralized network. It aims at offering information of highest relevance which will help its clients to run a successful and sustainable business.

Bizavest is a data analytics platform designed to provide decision making and market driven information and services to startup, small and large business over a decentralized network. At the core of its functionality, Bizavest is an intelligence gathering and insight generating system that provides with the most relevant information business needs to grow.

Today we live in the era of information and informatization and only those who own a relevant and valuable information at the right time can compete and survive on the world market. And of course it is not a secret that everyone wants to own such information to develop his business and bring it out on the higher level, over than other competitors…

About the one of among such opportunities i want to tell you in this post.

The solution names Bizavest Platform.

By simply words Bizavest Platform is an open-source platform which is built to help large and small business and startups to get and analize information that will help them to achieve sustainability and success on the current competitive market. This platform will run in human+AI collaboration using smart-contracts and blockchain technologies and its own internal currency BIZC, which you already can get on forkdelta exchange or through Bizavest ICO event.

As stated on Bizavest Announcement Thread,, Bizavest mission is to create a platform where data and information for business intelligence, process and management is available for small to large corporations globally. The era of paying over the bar for information that will lead to business success and sustainability is over (stated at Bizavest Ann B. Bizavest also aims at disrupting conventionality in business management by means of the blockchain technology. The information about it


Bizavest Platform will be based on three different features of technology at full deployment. These technologies are being built in such a way that they function with each other integrally where one cannot perform its optimal function with the others and so on. What follows is a descriptive overview of the nature and functions of the core applications of Bizavest:

    A Dapp that collects both structured and unstructured data from community members on the Bizavest Platform. This app will be designed to collect various forms of data from; simple survey data, climate data, location data, traffic data and so on.
    We are in the process of developing an AI-Human driven system where; analytics and insight generation is provided by AI, and actual consulting is provided by human ‘experts’.
    A next generation Blockchain where all processes are designed to work on a unique ‘data-proof’ system. On the Bizachain, it is not enough to merely ‘work’, because we prize data and information above all else, the chain will be built on the efficiency of data manipulation.


To use the platform, users will register on the Bizavest platform and request a service from the menu. After describing the service they want, the platform will provide the service and users can pay using Bizacoin after their needs are met.

If users need a service from the platform, he/she funds will be held in escrow until he/she is satisfied with the service provided. As the client, users will have to approve the result for the funds to be released to the system. If data is not satisfactory, it can be redone or even. The AI system or Dacomian and the expert advisors confirm the data quality on the platform.

The users of Bizavest generate the stored information. Thus, the cost of getting what he/she need is reduced. Additionally, clients who use Bizavest save their money since they do not need to look for funds to conduct surveys or polls to collect consumer data. Additionally, users who enter their data are rewarded with Bizacoin. It is also possible to get other rewards when you perform specific tasks.


Bizavest platform advantages are the following:

Competitive Advantage
Among the many data analytics and business intelligence gathering platforms, Bizavest offers a competitive advantage due to the features below:

The Blockchain advantage
The integration of blockchain technology provides high-level validation and security

Cognitive Analytics
The platform analytics is powered by intelligence that learns

Revolutionary Intelligence Service
The platform uses the AI and human interaction to provide disruptive business intelligence

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