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The most ambitious vision of a block chain in advertising is that technology like cryptocurrencies can be used to process digital advertising transactions in real time. Unfortunately, block chains are too slow to work on the real-time side of the programmatic trading world. It is to be avoided that the exchange is moving at a violent speed. And speed is important. Every minute, demand-side platforms handle hundreds of thousands of transactions, not millions of transactions. Because ads must be sold and served immediately. In real-time auctions, responses must be returned to less than 100 milliseconds in accordance with IAB guidelines, most often occurring within 75 milliseconds. Blockchain was not designed to meet the requirements for ad technology requirements in terms of speed. In fact, Bitcoin, the most famous of all block-chain applications, can handle only 4-7 transactions per second. Ethereum, based on block chaining, can perform 15 transactions per second better than open source rivals, but it can be faster if you personally operate block chains. The engineers behind the technology also acknowledge: “The block chain does not expand.” However, there are several approaches that are considered to improve the speed, such as using proof of equity instead of proof of work. The Lightning network attacks differently by establishing a highly scalable payment system built on a block chain that supports immediate transactions between the participating parties, This may be the approach to “micro digital deals”. Technological aspects still exist that have applications that are important to the programmatic paradigm. One of these is the variable invariant ledger

With the same general generic standard standard way of providing the valuable and informative information through the right path in exactly the same way, I am known as “flicker”, which is a great development advancing creativity to provide information related to inventive technology quickly. Please sit down while you read and solve your nerves. I also encourage you to read rather than read. It should also be taken into account that this is a great developmental advancement and that it is important to use an important step in inventive technology. Social Media Mass Media It would be underestimating to say that multimedia advertising marketing is everywhere nowadays. Exactly the same A Same exact Same exact Same event technology can be exactly the same. Truth Reality Reality Reality Simple facts, all together, Event organizers are wise to integrate in some way or some other way because of the following events. Blinked is a sociable, social, cultural and public networking platform based on blocking technology, including Blinked (BLKD) tokens that allow users to advise and advise on the use of digital advertising. A fully-delivered system program gets ad revenue with Blinked

A completely new flashing platform – Blinked ( BLKD )

Blink Feeders can see each blink in Blinked. Provide Food to Supply created by users who choose to check out, including friends, influencers, professionals or magazines, with a swipe left over from the app
Discover Users can discover other new users, flicker, influencers, or magazines and follow them on Discover. The toggle opens to view all of these images and the text message that represents the word content text word field is designed for a more detailed search
Map / Near Me Any Consumer Customer End User Individuals can view advisories written by local friends on the map and choose to view the map or list. Filtration systems Filtration systems can be used to clearly see results (ie, food and beverage or shopping)
You can find your profile user profile by tapping the top of the app’s right corner area. Account image and configuration options adjustments may change. You can also view tips that you have written so far. Filtration systems Filtration is categorized by city or by category to get advice tips. You can find information about other people by tapping their name or image wherever they saw it in your app

Ask Users can ask your friend for suggestions. Requests are apparent only from feeding. The person performing the user can reply in response to the answer. Linked Arcade users can exchange Blinked Platinum Yellow Metal Silver (BGZD). Blink in the arcade to receive compensation
Wallet users can see the sum of these using BLKD tokens and BLKD Platinum Yellow Metal Silver
Blinked ( BLKD ) – The Tokens

Blinked (BLKD) tokens are specific programs based on users and marketer promoters, who can receive substantial rewards from their work in both the management plan and the advertiser’s advertising campaigns. The marketer will be completely satisfied with these ads, along with the business users who display their products and ads

System Program Flicker – Each Consumer Customer End User Individuals can register for requests for social, social, cultural, and collaborative network software programs, post complete information about themselves and their lives, use advertisements for advertisers, or work for advertising campaigns Processes for token holders will be created, redemptions, handbags for bags of standard protocols, tote bag wallet addresses, as well as simple video tutorials on how to use tasks and methods of training video video recording. Individuals can monitor the trail. Observe the ongoing record of tips from his friends and acquaintances about the decision of advertising, food and beverage on the map, drinks or shopping on the map. The Consumer Customer End User Personal Form can be viewed by clicking on the hit at the top of the Places area in the right hand corner of the application form. Image and account configuration options adjustments are subject to change. Upload, enjoy, and comment on your photos. You can also view tips that you have written so far. Filters Filter your system firmly for advice on places or categories in metropolitan cities. By virtually any host you can click on your name or image to see the information on the form

Blinking About the BLKD tokens

The BLKD task tokens are created from the current process standard protocol ERC 20 (Ethereum token). Delivery of Blinked (BLKD) tokens is driven by the following financial rules to ensure a steady rise in its value. Token blink (BLKD) delivery is set through the sale transaction of the token. The total delivery of the token is one billion, and this amount is limited

Token economic model

This document assumes that Blinked will not immediately offer direct access to individuals or markets, or solicit the purchase of assets owned by digital assets. This includes private and privileged information. If you inadvertently receive this record file doc report, please notify the sender and delete this file. Stabilized account financing is algorithmically processed by the Blinked system program to reduce short-term exchange rate fluctuations of Blinked tokens in a digitally managed control manner. Maintain and maintain Blinked (BLKD) tokens as computer program tokens

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