Blinked ( BLKD ) – Social Media Rewards in a Smart Way

Blinked is an interpersonal sociable cultural public network platform based on blockchain technology that includes Token BLKD, which can allow users to cover tips and use digital advertising. A system program that offers revenue from advertising with Blinked

The Platform

Blinked is a referral platform in social networks, managed by a group of qualified people who give users up to 90 percent of advertising revenue. Participants earn 90 percent of their income by being active referrals. Your income will depend on how committed you are to your business, and participants share only their favorite things, places, services and other things that fascinate them. Join a growing community with more than 13,000 customers. The platform takes KYC very seriously. Those who are interested in purchasing BLKD Tokens should provide the information requested for the subsequent review process, which may take up to 48 hours. To maintain your confidentiality, the Platform trusts the information sent and does not disclose it to the third parties

The platform requires the following information from the participants interested in BLKD tokens

Your name and surname
Country email
photo identification
Wallet address, which will be sent to the token BLKD
Send a valid photo ID on com/request/wajicj379qj4P6XVFG4U. All documents will be destroyed within 14 days after approval
For additional security, send a photo with the ID card on the same link that was used to send a photo ID

The most ambitious vision of blockhcian in advertising is that, as for crypto currency, technology can be used to process digital advertising transactions in real time. Unfortunately, the truth is that blockchain is just too slow for the real-time aspects of our software trading world. To say that exchanges are moving at breakneck speed is an understatement. And speed matters. Every second a platform processes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of transactions, because advertising should be sold and serviced almost instantly. In real-time auctions, responses must be returned in less than 100 milliseconds in accordance with the IAB guidelines, and most of them occur in less than 75 milliseconds. Blocking is simply not built for the needs of advertising technologies, when it comes to speed. In fact, Bitcoin, which is the most famous of all blockchain applications, can handle only 4-7 transactions per second. While its open source competitor, Ethereum based on blockchain, can do a little better at 15 transactions per second, and running a blockchain privately can also speed the process, even engineers behind the technology recognize: “Blockchains do not scale . “However, there are several approaches that are considered to improve speed

The Lightning Network, in a different way, attacks the problem by creating a highly scalable payment system built on top of the block that supports instant transactions between the parties involved. This may be an approach for “micro-digital advertising transactions.” There are still aspects of technology that have valuable applications in the software paradigm. Blinked is an interpersonal, sociable cultural public network platform based on blocking technology that includes Token Blkd, which can allow users to receive advice and use digital advertising. A system program that offers revenue from advertising with Blinked

Blinked (BLKD) token is a specific program based on users and marketing promoters, while when working with this program user will receive a tangible reward for their work both in the administrative plan and in the advertising campaign of advertisers, because of this the marketer will be completely satisfied with the advertising of these products and users who advertise it. The Blinked program system – each consumer can place the full information about himself and his life and use advertising for work or an advertising campaign for advertisers. Add the address telegram, Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, and other social networking profiles, common areas of shopping and the preferred methods of payment

The BLKD project is built on top of modern ERC 20 protocols ( Ethereum Token )

Moreover – Blinked ( BLKD )

This article assumes that Blinked will not immediately offer direct access to individuals or markets, or solicit the purchase of assets owned by digital assets. This includes private and privileged information. If you inadvertently receive this record file doc report, please notify the sender and delete this file. Stabilized account financing is algorithmically processed by the Blinked system program to reduce short-term exchange rate fluctuations of Blinked tokens in a digitally managed control manner. Maintain and preserve Blinked (BLKD) tokens as computer program tokens

These rules are designed to be natural and transparent because they will not benefit certain market participants. While exact mathematical algorithms are commonly determined, there is a fundamental principle when demand for Blinked tokens grows and stable system devices extend venture deals through a small commission on Blinked system transactions. Stabilization algorithms will cause a cause when there is a famous downturn with a scheduled flicker token due to episode intrusion by seasonal cycles or unexpected speculative attacks. Draw an argument to activate your blink token purchase. Maintain comparative price. The computerized implementation of the stabilization system increases the resilience of the machine by detecting and avoiding effort. Efforts try to use money for illegal gains. Conversations between network users and marketers Connection discussions Relationships are “price-finding” grounds because there is an incentive to create a token that appeals to the blinking user at the lowest possible price that the user is prepared to recognize. The exchange of marketer promoter source resources and user requests provides a balance to the machine’s token circulation movement streaming movement. Consumer Advertising End User Personal Compensation Model Devices Product system items can have different values ​​depending on the type of advertising ad campaign and, depending on the situation, the value of the blinking token can change. These equilibrium prices of smart contract transactions for transactions confirmed at a particular time are determined by the advertiser’s budget and the preliminary cost per consumer customer end user, the buyer’s decision to simply accept compensation, I will be able to. You can see how energetic, lively and productive your dynamic users have on your network at any given time. To whom is the actual special reward used, Any information that contains great details is a link to all or all of the Internet sites where you can get in-depth information about the task you are working on and the task of flicker. This allows you to get information about length and time and take system programs Notification of development and establishment procedures

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