• The BLINKED platform-each user can subscribe in social networking apps and post complete information about themselves and their lives and use ads for work or ads for advertisers. will be made according to the wallet address of the protocol for the token owner, as well as a short training video about the project and how to use it. Users can follow any recommendations from their friends and acquaintances about their ad choices and see their location on the map and subjects like Food, Drink, or Shopping. User profiles are available by clicking in the top right corner of the app. Images and configuration settings can be adjusted. Upload photos, likes and comments. Users can also see any suggestions they have made so far. Filter to see categorically. Recommended by city or category.
    The BLKD project token is built on the modern cher protocol 20 (Ethereum Token). The supply of blinked tokens (BLKD) is guided by the following economic rules designed to ensure steady growth in its value. At the time of sale is set by blinking Token Delivery Token (BLKD). The aggregate provides a token of $ 1 billion and has a limit of no more than this amount. Blink Message Token (BLKD) is a valuable service token that depends on the use of the token in the network. Flash card owners (BLKD) include users, advertisers, brands, companies, local and decentralized sales teams, and the Independent Stabilization Fund.
    Blinked users get blinked gold (BGZD) by attracting advertisers and other users. The gold notice (BGZD) can be converted into a token (BLKD) at a preset level (and later converted to a Fiat currency) into a purchase of goods and services at a post office. Hospitals are blinked or used in Blink Network (such as a challenge or game). The blinking network encourages users to interact more positively with other advertisers and users. Users are classified into different levels depending on their level of interaction: Ordinary users, Select users, Power users, Primary users, Ambassadors, and Premium users.
  • The advertiser, the company’s brand, and blitz code buy to identify purchases and customers use the network to harden and better understand consumers’ preferences. Blinked (BLKD) in the blink network token is converted to credit, called blink gold (BGZD). These credits can be used to sell advertising (such as banner or video ads), loyalty programs, suggestions, or any other ad that meets their needs without have centralized command authority. Therefore, Blinked (BLKD), a token is a flexible tool that allows you to use different marketing strategies for advertisers.
  • Local sales promotion advertisers (LASAs) are blinked users (BLKDs), token on behalf of interested companies wanting to advertise their local or national service blink. LASA must first place their territory, which they own. Laza’s locations will be distributed by population and geographic region, and will be promoted or downgraded based on Laza’s performance, managed exclusively by the blink of the eye. LASA will earn commissions, like any sales team, self-managing platform to harden.
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