Block66 is a platform currently building a new blockchain-enabled marketplace for mortgages. Institutional and private lenders can use the service to offer loans to a wide range of borrowers, introduced by Block66 broker partners. Through the practical use of smart contracts, loans can be taken from origination to facilitation, quickly and efficiently. All loans are also represented as tradable tokenized securities, providing a liquidity mechanism as standard. The ability to trade fractions of loans, and reduced order and issuing fees makes investing more inclusive, providing an attractive investment vehicle for all manner of investors. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrency, Block66 eliminates the need for a bank account, overcomes geographical lending restrictions and reduces counterparty risk to mere minutes. For borrowers, the transparent and competitive nature of the marketplace will benefit the consumer and give them confidence that they’re getting near enough the best offer achievable.


Block66 is on a mission to shake up the mortgage lending landscape by building the world’s first blockchain enabled mortgage lending network. The network will span borders, connecting private and institutional lenders with borrowers worldwide. All mortgages will be issued and managed on the blockchain.

Why Block66 is unique:

Block66 will be a matching engine for borrowers and lenders promising a three-fold saving on conventional mortgage application times. Block66 aims to become the world’s most sophisticated platform for brokers, and lenders to operate efficiently to the satisfaction of borrowers. All loans will be issued on the blockchain, and funds are drawn down via the resulting smart contract. All documents related to the mortgage transaction will be validated and stored on the blockchain providing immutable history and authenticity. Storing a hash of documents relating to the loan ensures full transparency from both lender and borrower while creating a much cleaner path during a regulatory audit and spot checks.


The mortgage market in the USA is $9.9 trillion dollars, $32.9 trillion worldwide, and growing but risk-averse institutions are reluctant to lend to many creditworthy consumers. Willing small lenders struggle to enter the space at scale. Existing processes and technology are cumbersome and siloed, compounding the problem for borrowers.

Way out

Block66 streamlines the entire mortgage software and operations stack. For brokers, a one-stop-shop, including credit scoring, property appraisals, and lender matching. For lenders of all sizes, a sustainable loan pipeline, auditing tool, and mortgage securitization platform. For borrowers, a quick, hassle-free way to access the best credit opportunities.


Brokers are facing growing pressure to forgo on their commission. A competitive marketplace for lenders combined with a streamlined application process can reasonably be expected to produce more competitive offers. In turn, you’d expect improved offers to relieve pressure on brokers’ commissions. What’s more, a streamlined mortgage lending process should also enable brokers to have a bigger pipeline, helping make up for compressed margins.

The broker guides their client through the information gathering stage of the application. The dApp prompts the borrower for specifics around their borrowing needs and aspirations. Borrowers will be prompted to enter affordability data such as short and long-term credit balances, monthly expenses, regular income, and dependents.

Founder’s remark

In an interview on how his background as a mortgage broker led to the establishment of block66, the founder Joe Markham said this:

“As a broker, I manage multiple clients at the same time. I work with various lenders, including big banks, mortgage-specific lenders, and private lenders. Each has their own unique product and criteria, so I understand how difficult it is to balance the demands of clients with that of borrowers. And the situation becomes even harder when you have to work through the tedious, paper-driven, time-consuming mortgage process that constantly includes new rates, rules, and regulations to follow.

“Based on these challenges, I decided to create a solution that would not only innovate the mortgage industry but also reduce its major issues. Block66 is a blockchain-fueled platform that will bring a sense of ease to brokers, borrowers, and lenders who are all participating in the mortgage process”.


Q1 2017


Block66 is conceived. Work begins on drafting the whitepaper and contact is made with some early advisors and team members.

Q4 2017


Planning work begins on the Block66 platform. User journeys and operating flows are designed for the matching engine.

Q2 2018


TGE launch planned for end of June. Office build out begins. Wireframing and prototypes of platform produced.

Q3 2018


Ramp up marketing and business development efforts. Form “Block66 Alliance” of customers. Move aggressively into product planning and design.

Q4 2018


Alpha testing phase with first customers using the platform. First “Block66 Alliance” report.

Q1 2019


MVP Launch, with first batch of on-chain loans funded and distributed via the network.

Q3 2019


Loan tokenisation. Network users can trade on-chain securities on a fractional basis, with smart contracts ensuring that loan repayments are distributed to all token holders.


Joe Markham (CEO & Co-Founder)

Startup experience across mobile technology, app development and software sales. Named one of Canada’s Top Newcomers to the Canadian Mortgage Industry in 2015.

James Tuckett (CPO & Co-Founder)

Previously founder of peer-2-peer specific online brokerage as CEO / CPO. Product lead at Point with clients ranging from Deutsche Bank to Lloyds of London.

Kam Mieczakowski (COO & Co-Founder)

2x founder, Head of Business Operations and Product @ Mosaic Ventures (London-based VC), Head of Sales Operations @ MarketInvoice (peer-2-peer business lending).

Gabriel Nicola (Senior Developer)

Previously project lead at Assetz Capital. 6+ years web development experience.


Rob Beswick (Product Advisor)

Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Mobile, Rob Beswick brings an eye for product design and mobile friendliness to the team. With a background in user experience testing and interfaces,Rob

Dom Wolf (Product Advisor)

Group Product Director at Virgin Mobile, Dom brings a lot to the table from a consumer product perspective. Dom was also the previously founder of a successful peer-to-peer lending

Matthew Markham (Blockchain Advisor)

Operations Lead at Blockchain Warehouse, Matthew Markham brings execution to the table for Block66. With a background in investment banking and private equity, Matt is able to discharge this duty


Proven all star team with members that have extensive experience in the space, combined with people that are well versed in the blockchain technology. They are attacking a market that is ripe for disruption. I am honestly surprised that no one has done this yet. The team is uprooting the entire mortgage industry, replacing it with the loan-ecosystem of tomorrow



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