Blockbid exchange: The future of Cryptotrading

Blockbid-1024x724.jpgIntroduction to Blockbid Exchange
Blockbid Exchange is a registered Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange. They had pass all the legal accreditation in AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) an Australian government financial intelligence agency set up to monitor financial transactions to identify money laundering, organised crime, tax evasion, welfare fraud and terrorism.The Blockbid team consists of industry leaders in ASX trading, brokers, blockchain technology, stock market research, startup and serial entrepreneurship. Blockbid cryptocurrency currency exchange will operate on Australia’s fastest exchange network, with direct data connecting more than 180 co-location facilities on 5 continents. The easy-to-use front-end allows users to engage in cryptocurrency trading on the same user interface design used by Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox, while the back-end interface is similar to that implemented by websites like PayPal, eBay, and LinkedIn.

How does Blockbid Work?

Blockbid means to take care of the above issue by permitting clients “to blend huge numbers of their client accounts into one simple to-oversee account on the Blockbid exchange reasonable.”

On account of that, Blockbid guarantees to offer more cryptocurrency sets and fiat money sets than some other stage on the planet. They expect to end the act of individuals who are compelled to utilize different exchanges when exchanging various digital money sets or fiat sets.

Blockbid likewise means to offer quick exchange speeds (stages equipped for preparing 1 million tx/sec) and an easy to understand UI.

With that, how about we investigate a portion of Blockbid’s center highlights.

Blockbid include

Blockbid plans to offer the majority of the accompanying highlights:

Fiat Currency: Blockbid will bolster “significant fiat monetary standards” to empower clients from everywhere throughout the world to take part more effortlessly.

Cryptocurrency: Blockbid plans to give more cryptocurrency sets accessible to exchanging “than some other exchange” on the planet.

Simple Access: This stage is intended for vendors of all experience levels.

Safe: Blockbid claims sparing 95% of all crypto resource stores in a disconnected and multi-signature equipment vault.

Best Rates: Blockbid offers 0.1% exchange charges and the least rates accessible, as per the site. What’s more, the individuals who partake in ICO can get a 100% markdown for expenses for the primary year.

Guaranteed: Blockbid claims that their exchange is “one of the primary completely secured by cybersecurity protection” – however it isn’t totally clear what that implies.

Speed: Blockbid claims that the recovery can process 1 million exchanges for each second.

AML/CTL Guidelines: Blockbid expects to take after AML/KKP Australia’s rules. The 2006 Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act is intended to obstruct the utilization of Australian cash for unlawful exercises. Blockbid will be agreed to AML/CTF direction.

Who’s Behind Blockbid?

Blockbid is driven by a group that cases to have over 150 long periods of consolidated understanding. The group included, as per the official site, “one of Australia’s best ASX shippers, representative masters, prestigious blockchain specialists, previous proprietors of prominent securities exchange examine destinations, senior engineers, and experienced legitimate guides.”

Key colleagues incorporate Ben Sapper (CEO), Gabriel Govinda (Director), Matt Youill (CSO), Toby Tremayne (CTO), and Emma Hoffman (CMO).

The exchange was reported online toward the beginning of October 2017. In Q4 2017, they mean to finish beta testing, with an open dispatch planned for Q1 2018. Fiat cash exchanging will dispatch in Q3 2018, and versatile application exchanging will dispatch in Q4 2018.

Melbourne’s center Blockbid advancement group.

Offer of Blockbid Token The offer of blockbid token (BID) starts on October 22, 2017.

The esteem is set at 1 ETH = 360 BID tokens amid the primary seven day stretch of ICO, ascending to 1 ETH = 300 BID amid the most recent week. There is a base commitment measure of 0.1 ETH and a top level input of 100 ETH per exchange.

Blockbid has set a delicate top of 1 million tokens. Close to 30 million Blockbid tokens will be made.

80% of aggregate token supplies are accessible amid crowdsale. 12% is given to originators and 8% to prizes.

How Does Blockbid Token Work?

Blockbid tokens can be utilized to lessen exchange costs on Blockbid exchanges. The Token holder will get a 100% rebate on exchange expenses amid the principal year of activity, at a half markdown consistently from that point.

Tokens won’t be utilized on a for each exchange premise. Rather, a token gives you a window of time where you are permitted the same number of dealers as you need for a markdown. 1 Blockbid token gives you a 30 minute window.

Shippers can utilize that exchanging window however they see fit. They can gather various tokens together to expand the exchanging window. In this way, on the off chance that you burn through 6 BID tokens, you will appreciate no exchanging charges for 3 hours.

Blockbid’s determination is another cryptocurrency exchange prepared to be propelled before the finish of the year. Australia-based exchanges mean to offer unrivaled administration, speed, and exchange costs contrasted with different exchanges in the market. It additionally expects to offer more fiat cash sets and cryptocurrency sets than some other exchange on the planet.

Generally speaking, Blockbid appears to have an extremely aggressive objective as a primary concern. The organization guarantees that its exchange can process 1 million exchanges for each second. In addition, Blockbid token holders don’t need to pay an exchange expense. You spend Blockbid tokens, at that point get an organized commerce for 30 minutes. After the main year, Blockbid token holders will get a half markdown on exchanging charges (set at just 0.10% to begin).

At last, if Blockbid succeeds, it can be a standout amongst the most well known and fruitful cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. Be that as it may, there is as of now no open stage accessible, so it is hard to check claims made by Blockbid right now.

Why Blockbid?
Fiat Currencies
Blockbid will support mainstream fiat currencies for more diverse trading

Blockbid will facilitate trading of more coins on a single platform than any other exchange

Easy Access
Our platform has been built to support traders of all experience levels

95% of all crypto asset deposits are stored in an offline multi-signature hardware vault

Best Rates
With flat 0.1% transaction fees, Blockbid offers the lowest rates available

Our exchange is one of the first to be fully covered by cybersecurity insurance

Our exchange is built from the ground up to be scalable up to 1 million transactions per second

As a registered digital currency operating in Australia we are fully compliant with the AML/CTF guidelines outlined by AUSTRAC

Global Strategic Partners
The companies we have chosen as our partners are of the most promising and innovative in their respective fields. We know they will be great assets in the direction and growth process of Blockbid.

General Token Details

ICO Time:22 Oct 2017 – 20 Nov 2017
Token info

Available for sale:30,000,000 BID (80%)

Raised$ 1,200,000
Price:1.23 USD
Soft cap:1,000,000 BID
Hard cap:3,000,000 BID


Meet the Blockbid Team

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