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There are more than 20 million users of cryptocurrencies generated regular around the world. The cryptocurrency showcase has fundamentally become throughout the years that it is estimated to develop to worth over $5 trillion of every 2025. Notwithstanding, the cryptocurrencies being created are in numerous exchanges which makes users to join to various platforms. This makes the entire procedure awkward creating absence of trust in such platforms. Users likewise because of time slip by pass up a great opportunity for exchanging openings and assets are in travel in the diverse platforms.

Blockbid is a secure exchange with the goal of facilitating the most noteworthy volume of exchanges for the most cryptocurrencies with a solitary login.

Why Blockbid?

Fiat Currencies

Blockbid will bolster standard fiat monetary forms for more assorted exchanging


Blockbid will facilitate exchanging of a greater number of coins on a solitary platform than some other exchange

Simple Access

Our platform has been worked to help merchants of all experience levels


95% of all crypto resource stores are put away in an offline multi-signature equipment vault

Best Rates

With flat 0.1% exchange expenses, Blockbid offers the least rates accessible


Our exchange is one of the first to be completely secured by cybersecurity protection


Our exchange is developed starting from the earliest stage be versatile up to 1 million exchanges for each second


As an enlisted advanced money operating in Australia we are completely consistent with the AML/CTF rules sketched out by AUSTRAC

Blockbid as of late made up for lost time with Damien Ducourty, organizer of B9lab, to get some information about what quality blockchain education truly implies.

What was your vision when you begun B9lab?

DD: Bitcoin aroused the enthusiasm of our organizers in around 2009. When it turned out to be certain that keen contract platforms were really attainable (around late 2014), we chose to make a plunge.

One thing turned out to be immediately clear: the blockchain network desperately required high caliber, consolidated preparing material with the goal that intrigued designers could upskill in weeks rather than months or years.

Thus, B9lab: an online institute where designers and non-software engineers alike can discover best-in-class, fair-minded education, preparing and ability in blockchain and decentralized applications.

What makes B9lab not quite the same as other blockchain education suppliers?

DD: At the season of its establishing, B9lab was one of the plain first organizations to turn out with a consolidated online preparing program. Today we remain the main online blockchain institute available that joins top to bottom, teacher drove preparing and an industry-prestigious blockchain certification program. The dynamic learning background is truly what has the effect, with master educators really helping understudies survey and refine their code through heaps of hands-on ventures.


You could state our central goal at B9lab is to educate however many individuals as would be prudent. But instead than saying, “We need X number of engineers prepared by year Y,” we center around ensuring that the designers who graduate from B9lab courses are top notch, and comprehend what things to ask. It is basic that B9lab graduated class have a moral viewpoint to their preparation and they know precisely what they’re doing.

How does B9lab certification function?

DD: Our custom certification dapp places a record of every certification straightforwardly onto the Ethereum blockchain alongside the beneficiary’s open key. The blockchain is open and accessible for everyone to check, so nobody can blue pencil or delete this information or question the way that the certification occurred at this point in time.

For what reason did B9lab choose to confirm understudies in any case?

DD: Our underlying goal with the certification was so we could enlist top notch engineers ourselves at whenever (to address our own issues or for customers looking for qualified blockchain ability). We found a genuine need to guarantee that B9lab graduated class are unequivocally best-in-class. We can’t and won’t bargain on quality since it would influence nature of the code our graduated class create and general venture profitability. It’s implied that for profoundly automated decentralized applications and advanced resource handling, quality is central.

“We found a genuine need to guarantee that B9lab graduated class are unequivocally best-in-class.”

BB: What is the passing/certification rate for the Certified Ethereum Developer Course?

DD: The last, most decisive test of each B9lab designer course is very demanding, and requires a review of 80% or higher keeping in mind the end goal to fit the bill for certification. Likewise remember that the certification procedure is optional — some understudies quit on the grounds that they aren’t prepared to pass the exam, or in light of the fact that they’ve just been offered a vocation only to be a B9lab understudy. Some never anticipate being blockchain engineers in any case, and essentially need enough learning to have the capacity to prompt as advisors. That stated, despite the fact that the quantity of understudies fluctuates from companion to accomplice, the present passing rate for the whole course is around 15%.

Blockbid Team

We’re excited to welcome four new team members to the Blockbid family!

David Sapper — Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder of Blockbid, experienced in consistently penetrating new markets with having the ability to leverage analytical skills to gather and review in-depth industry, market and competitor research, demonstrated by successful exits of 2 previously founded tech startups.

John Kappa — Senior Designer & Brand Manager

Highly respected designer who specialises in Branding, Digital Design and UI Design with an out-of-the-box thinking and approach.

Casey Gardiner — Technical Advisor

More than 20 years programming experience in a plethora of languages, certified in advanced network technology and strong knowledge of OOP concepts, XML schemas, debugging complex problems, abstract data structures/algorithms, and source control applications.

Matanya Epstein — Content Creator & Social Media Coordinator

Experienced content writer with a strong understanding of the cryptocurrency industry, who is passionate about spreading the word about Blockbid with the wider population.


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