It is no news that cryptocurrency over the years has been able to spread all across the globe so much so that almost everyone in every part of the world has invested or has heard about it. With more people and companies rising up on a daily basis to adopt its use and even go further to create their own cryptocurrencies which they introduce to the world to serve a unique purpose. There are over 20 million users of cryptocurrencies generated everyday worldwide. This shows the market of cryptocurrency has grown significantly and it is estimated to grow to a worth of over $5 trillion in 2025. No doubt in years to come, the use of cryptocurrency will become a major means of exchange. The enormous emergence of cryptocurrencies has also led to the emergence of different trading platforms which gives users an opportunity to easily trade against other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.
So much effort has been made in recent times to make cryptocurrency exchangers a lot friendly to use but the issue of working and moving funds around these exchanges still remains an issue yet unsolved. There is always that inconvenience with signing in different exchange platforms, not forgetting the issue of trust. Also, there is the issue of missing trading opportunities while waiting for funds to be moved between different exchange platforms. These issues faced by crypotcurrency traders in using cryptocurrency exchangers have led to the creation of a great and unique platform called BLOCKBID.
Blockbid is first of its kind, unique and well built ultra-secure cryptocurrency trading platform specially developed to facilitate the highest volume of trades from most cryptocurrencies on one platform with a single login.

Blockbid has some great features which will make trading very easy and interesting and these includes;
• Direct datalink
• Fastest secure network
• Back-end
• Front-end
• Ultra-secure

Blockbid has been put together by a great and intelligent team whose purpose is to make cryptocurrency trading for traders faster and easier and thus has put down some unique objectives to make this possible. These include;
• Good security from ground up.
• Ease of access-catering to new and experienced traders.
• Providing an opportunity to traders to be able to trade top coins on a single exchange.
• Operate in accordance with AML / CTF Act.
• Offering traders an exchange where they will be charged very little transaction fees so as to reduce cost of trading.

Scott Moselen: senior designer MASS
Marty Coghlan: senior designer Mass
Tim Kotsiakos: creative director Mass

Blockbid has some unique benefits which users will enjoy, these includes;
• Low transaction fees cost
• Security of all funds by multi-signature wallets
• Scalability of up to 1 million transactions per second
• Ultra-secure platform using the latest security protocols and designs
• All cryptocurrency assets are insured
• Full compliant with Australian AML / CTF Act.
• First Australian cryptocurrency exchange to operate under AFSL guidelines.
• Operating on Australian’s fastest exchange network.

Blockbid has a token called (BID) whose sale will commence 22nd October 2017 at a rate of 1 ETH to 360 BID the first week, 1ETH to 340 BID in second week, 1 ETH to 320 BID in third week and during the last week, it will rise to 1 ETH to 300 BID. Minimum amount allowed for contribution is 0.01 ETH while maximum amount allowed for contribution is 100 ETH. Blockbid has a soft cap valued at 1 million BID tokens with a total of 30 million token supply. Further information on how to withdraw back funds sent will be provided incase soft cap is not achieved.

General: 80%
Founders: 12%
Bounties: 8%

Software: 35%
Security/infrastructure: 20%
ETH software: 15%
Marketing: 12%
Operations: 85%
Legal: 5%
Miscellaneous: 5%

ICO (OCTOBER): Blockbid smart contract and tokens will launch on 22nd of October 2017
Q4 2017 (EARLY ACCESS): Beta testing and product refinement stage. Members of this stage will receive 0% transaction fee as a reward for joing. Subscribe on the Blockbid website to sign-up for early access.
Q1 2018 ( PUBLIC LAUNCH): Ultra-secure platform running on Australia’s fastest exchange network to facilitate up to 1 million transactions per second, with security from the ground up. Fully compliant with Australian AML/CTF Act.
Q3 2018 (FIAT TRADING): Blockbid will support trading on a wide range of mainstream fiat currencies for ease of access.
Q4 2018 (MOBILE EXCHANGE): Launch Blockbid app as a mobile exchange platform with personal private key wallet.
Ben Sapper: CEO
David Sapper: COO
Gabriel Govinda: Director
Michael Zollo: Corporate Advisor
Luke Hamilton: Chief Technology Officer
Emma Hoffman: Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Wood: Chief System Architect
Chris DeMaria: Chief Information Security Officer
Bernard Peh: Blockchain Technologist
Sam Ramsden: Senior Back End Developer
Rudi Yardley: Front End Team Lead
Thomas Davis: Senior Javascript Developer
Hunain Aslam: Front End Engineer
Daniel Mechea: Data Scientist
Faisal Rabbani: Full Stack Developer
Umair Farooq: Full Stack Developer
Shaun Chan: Intern Business Analyst
Nitin Gangwar: Security Engineer
Vamshidhar Parepalli: Senior Test Analyst
Andy Burchill: DevOps Engineer
Nhanh Cutajar: Senior Administrator
John Kappa: Designer/Brand Manager
Daniel Harbuz: Social Media Growth Hacker

Jeremy Kinstlinger: Brokerage Specialist
Casey Gardiner: Blockchain Advisor
Lincoln Ho: Investor Relations
Mike New: Delivery Manager
Blockbid has indeed come to make cryptocurrency trading a lot easier for crypto traders with a platform that offers great and unique benefits. Waste no time and be part of this unique project today and lets move to success together. For more information about the Blockbid project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please visit the website and whitepaper through the links provided below. Also connect with other participants through the various Blockbid social media links.
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