Blockchain-A Ledger Technology That Changes The World

Blockchain: A Technology that  Bitcoin Uses

While introducing Bitcoin to the digital market in 2008,there came a technology which introduced a digital ledger for storing the bitcoins and its transaction.

Which is named as Blockchain.

Bitcoin is the best known cryptocurrency which is mostly used for online trading process.Thus bitcoin implements blockchain technology for its high data storage.

This guide is gonna explore the following topics

  1. What is blockchain
  2. Benefits of blockchain
  3. Why blockchain technology?
  4. How blockchain works
  5. What makes blockchain special?
  6. Blockchain technology users in real world
  7. Future of Blockchain technology
  8. How bitdeal can support you to develop in Blockchain development?


Blockchain is a public ledger or a distributed database of all bitcoin transactions. It is a open source technology and anyone can access the details at anytime. The unique feature of the blockchain technology is that, the digital transactions and information are immutable.  As it is a distributed  ledger, there will be no control or central authority of records stored.

Benefits of Blockchain:

  1. it is open source.
  2. Decentralization process makes more accessibility with less attack to data forge.
  3. Easy data manipulation,(ie., storage and retrieve process of data).

Blockchain -Bitcoin :

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a digital currency used for online trading process. Anyone can mine his/her own bitcoin. But the bitcoin can be used for trading or exchange process only after getting a legal authority and registration from Blockchain.

Thus , Blockchain is a collection of all bitcoin records as a ledger or database. In this technology, the records or transactions of bitcoins are stored into different blocks that are interconnected by chains that are encrypted. As it is encrypted and decentralized, there is no chance of hacking th e records, as whole network is connected.


  1. In blockchain, its not just 10 or 20 nodes connected, but its accessed by thousands of nodes around the world at the. The main feature of blockchain technology is that it can be accessed by thousands of people at the same time.
  2. Blockchain is decentralized system. So it is impossible for hackers to hack because if he hacks one block, the other blocks will get alert. To avoid this, he has to hack all the blocks that are connected with the block, which is impossible. Hence it is safe.
  3. The most interesting feature of blockchain technology is, it is immutable. The connected nodes can see updates in block, but cannot be alter or change any information unless they get approval from the other connected nodes.


When we add a information, it will be converted as encrypted code and will be stored in to a block and then the data will broadcasted to peer-to-peer consisting nodes. The nodes validate the information using algorithms. Once verified, the block will be added to the chain.

It is a distributed ledger where the digital information is spread across several nodes at a same time. There is no central authority in this technology.

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