Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, It is known as Temtum.

Today blockchain and cryptocurrency technology help to get rid of many intermediaries in the form of banking and other electronic payment systems. Someone a few years ago became an active miner and made a large fortune, and now it is difficult for an ordinary person to compete with large farmers and buy expensive equipment for bitcoin mining.

Therefore, a more profitable option for generating income from the digital market is their purchase, trading on exchanges. But at the same time revealed some disadvantages of this technology in the form of the need for scalability of the network, increasing the speed of transactions, reducing fees under heavy loads.

To confirm transaction in the Bitcoin network spends an enormous amount of energy, the farm trying to locate in areas remote from places of human habitation plants or areas, as they produce a loud noise, downloading the blockchain takes a very large amount of memory, in the days of congestion the commission can sometimes be as much as 10-15 dollars.

It is logical that such problems slightly repel people from the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life and this hinders the development of this innovative technology on a global scale, and in fact it is very useful for the transition to a completely new level of life of people, the economy, makes it possible to store funds on their personal wallets without intermediaries.

Here Comes TemTum

The creators of TemTum believe that blockchain needs to evolve further for the sake of cryptocurrency. For that reason, TemTum seeks to secure a truly distributed, decentralized, and democratic future of finance.

This will lead to a system where transactions will be secure, traceable, and transparent. This, it will achieve using the quantum attack resistant architecture that its experts are known for.

Additionally, TemTum aims to establish a future that will be environment friendly. The platform has not only seen this positive future but it has designed the technology, built it, tested it, and mapped out how it will implement it in the real world.

TemTum is an ultra lightweight, superfast, quantum secure decentralized network that redefines the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to empower financial freedom. It is a next-generation blockchain built for speed, scalability, low resource, and security.

And an excellent solution and elimination of such shortcomings is developing a project called Temtum

Temtum is a combination of two amazing concepts that sill underpin this technology. Some of the benefits of temtum are outlined below.

Transactions are faster
Transactions are more secure
Transactions does not require a lot of resources
The coin is environmentally friendly
It is an alternative to fiat currencies

It serves as a payment platform for businesses and customers alike.
Temtum can be run on devices that use the internet, like smart phones, cars, drones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Our technology has already been in use and it has already been integrated in BMW cars which make the care useful in a full node network, hence there is no need for additional hardware.

Our experienced team members and developers have spent quality time in designing this technology. Temtum is even integrated in online payment, e-commerce, online games, mobile solutions and other avenues that require digital payment.

Tem short form for temporal signifies temporal blockchain technology which changes he function of blockchain technology. Transactions on this network requires less power, lower energy and storage, high speed and a higher sense of security. Temtum eliminates the decentralized network, paving way for a more environmentally friendly technology. Even though the blockchain technology has higher benefits, it has some disadvantages that Temtum has discovered and designed its project to solve it. The issue of scalability will be resolved if data on the network are stored on nodes instead of the entire blockchain, hence users with even smart phones can get full access o information stored on the blockchain. Our quantum-secure blockchain also prevents the blockchain from being attacked by hackers.

What is achieved by such advantages

a unique consensus algorithm that, unlike energy-intensive Proof of Work, reduces to a single computation by any independent node;

high degree of security thanks to the NIST beacon, which is capable of generating accidents impossible for hacking and computing;

short data storage time on various energy resources, information is transmitted directly to the main node;

high speed network, it is 120 000 TPS.

Such a blockchain is reasonably suitable from the environmental side for the preservation of both nature and human health, makes it available to everyone who wants to participate in the maintenance of the network even from a mobile phone with low energy consumption, the main thing is that the Internet is turned on. Zero fees allow you to make large amounts of transactions.

temtum Solves Today’s Blockchain Problems

Scalability: The Temporal Blockchain eliminates the need to store the entire chain history on all nodes by locally archiving data, while preventing competition in node selection. This significantly reduces resource requirements and allows anyone with a basic form of technology – such as a smartphone user – to fully participate in the network, delivering true decentralization and infinite scalability.

Speed: The speed of the temtum network is limited only by the hardware and bandwidth of network participants. We have created a highly efficient Consensus Algorithm and removed block size limitations in order to confirm transactions into a block extremely quickly, with a maximum confirmation time of 12 seconds. Once included in a block, a transaction is confirmed – there is no need to wait for additional blocks to be added subsequent to the initial block, as is the case with Bitcoin, due to the impossibility of a malicious fork.

Resources: temtum’s Consensus Algorithm, constructed around leader nodes and our innovative Node Participation Document removes the need for mining and wasteful, inefficient and restrictive Consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-work. temtum uses substantially less energy and has less environmental impact compared to POW networks. We estimate that the Bitcoin network is 16,573,693 times more expensive than the temtum network based on energy costs alone, assuming both networks are operating at the same size. The Bitcoin network is currently limited to a maximum transaction throughput of seven transactions per second. The average fee for a Bitcoin transaction from 2017-2018 was $57.35 – and the total cost of a Bitcoin transaction in the same time period, including miner and energy fees, was $104.701 .

Security: Temporal is a quantum-secure blockchain network that uses a photon source for genuine random number generation alongside next-generation hashing algorithms. These prevent the network from being vulnerable to theoretical attacks – even in the case that quantum attacks become commonplace in the near future.

Final Word

Our imaginative and prescient is a tremendous one. We believe that temtum will no longer solely radically change the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets; it will make the world a better location for more people. That is our cause and we have a clearly world-class and dedicated group that is wholly committed to attaining it. We invite you to be part of us on our exciting trip to the future of finance.



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