Blockchain InVenture Capital: Reaping Immediate Benefits

Bitcoins have become quite popular, which is mainly because of their meteoric rise in an astonishingly short span. Bitcoin is the buzz word among investors looking to make huge profits out of the volatile currency trading.

The digital currency and other different cryptocurrencies in the market are based on blockchain technology. This is a form of digital transactions ledger that is completely incorruptible. It can record the transactions automatically and check hundreds of digital transaction volume irrespective of the location they are in.

While block chain has been used with success in the financial industry, of late it has been tested and found effective in various other fields including healthcare, law enforcement, supply chain industry and more.

Blockchain in trading

Blockchain provides immense potential in trading as it can effectively trace securities lending, margin financing, repo and also monitor any systemic risk. Stock markets all over the world have started to use the technology for market transactions. Exchanges such as Deutsche Borse and NYSE are evaluating the applications of blockchain and its feasibility in trading sphere. If offers several benefits to the fragmented systems in trading and includes

  • Interoperability
  • transparency
  • Trust

The decentralization and automation that the technology can bring to stock exchanges helps minimize costs on customers in the name of commission. Blockchain also helps speed up transaction settlements. It also has immense use in settlement and clearing, post trade automation and easy transfer of legal ownership of security. With smart contracts, the third party dependence will be eliminated. The blockchain will act as the main regulator for the transactions.

Profitable investment

Investors will be able to buy trade and sell Hack, the liquid H/F fund via the exchanges present online anytime they want. Investors of any level including general public and venture capital firms can make use of the fund.

The fund which is available in Ethereum cryptocurrency allows investors to invest in some of the best performing startups globally without facing the difficulty of accessing them. With all exits from portfolios being funneled back into the fund, investors will see an increase in value of their investment in a very short span.

A valuable proposition

H/F invests in companies with proven scalability to ensure token holders benefit the most from their cryptocurrency investment. With a real focus on the blockchain technology rather than just concentrating on the monetary value enables the company to apply the blockchain technology in various aspects. Core expertise areas such as cloud storage, financial services, cyber security, SaaS and more can benefit immensely from the technology.

Some of the benefits offered by the H/F include

  • Free trading of token through online exchanges
  • Companies where the fund is invested are chosen after several review rounds done by experts and accepted to the portfolio.
  • All returns of portfolio exits will be reinvested to already existing portfolios or recently added portfolios.
  • Nearly 20% of liquid fund raised is used as buyback for the existing funds belonging to the best companies in the portfolio.
  • The company will also be contributing an amount of $1 million in stock form from its present H/F 1-4

The company invests in a diversified range of companies including those involved in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology, B2B, IoT, SaaS. All companies invested in are vetted by qualified LPs and angel investors and profit producing companies with existing product. For more information, read this white paper. With an immense potential to revolutionize various sectors including insurance, finance, banking and other fields that need immutable records and transparency, blockchain is indeed a force to reckon with in the venture capital investments.


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