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In the future, the values of the Internet, the network of decentralized values that work in Blockchain mode will become conventional and compatible, allowing billions of Internet users to exchange value in the fastest and simplest possible way. They exchange information today. In the same way that the Internet redefines global communication, Bitcoin and other crypts are now re-creating cash and value transactions.

Several cryptocurrencies will coexist. Each crypto value will satisfy the needs of the community of users to negotiate on any type of property, rights, goods or services that are useful in a decentralized value network, ie Unattended. Central government. will combine the efficiency of a fully centralized, low latent exchange with decentralized transcanal control. The project exploits the latest achievements in the exchange between channels, cryptographic protocols, and payment networks. These developments will overcome the challenges of decentralized blockade scalability, enable transactions between heterogeneous blocks, increase speeds and reduce the costs of these transactions, preparing them for mass adoption.

As exchange cryptocurrency, will play an important role in the Internet’s ecosystem of values. This will be a market where the cryptocurrencies between the two, the gateways and the bridge will be switched through several value networks triggered by different blockchain/cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Digital signs are like money better and smarter. Program money. Immediately liquid, indefinitely fragmented and immediately portable, can be programmed to meet the needs of the certain property, rights, goods, services or communities. The next few years will see a multitude of cryptocurrencies. New cryptographic development and payment applications will enable us to trade all these currencies, traditional fiduciary currencies, and retain the role of anchoring. is led by a highly experienced team of crypto motive specialists established several years ago by Paymium, a trusted / bitcoin exchange for a marginalized European market. shares the highest standards of safety, reliability, and accountability of Paymium. It strives to overcome the gaps in crypto-rival trade, which has repeatedly caused enormous losses for issuers and token owners. To achieve this, the team has a profound knowledge of cryptographic technology, deep operational understanding of the cryptographic world, and strong corporate culture advocating for security and compliance.


Unfortunately, hackers and fraudsters are constantly trying to get into the job they think are the weakest link in crypto remission infrastructure.

Faced with this challenge, many exchanges have shown dangers, unreliable, muddled and opaque. Many accounts took over hackers and thieves from their owners. Users who do not comply with their accounts are frozen or entered their accounts. The operators had to deal with the unexpected closure of the platform and opaque, irresponsible management.

Security breach: Crypto active high volume platforms are constantly attacking hackers trying to destroy systems, usually through attacks. Fraudsters also try to enter accounts using social engineering to steal user crypt valued. Many high-level platforms cannot resist these attacks and forced to close.

Damage: After outrage, most exchanges simply try to continue working as quickly as possible and rarely correct their accounting records or update their server infrastructure. Many platforms experience service breaks during a high volatility period. Obviously, this results in huge losses for traders and investors.

Obscurity: Some stock exchanges exploit dark reserves (OTC or over-the-counter) and do not deal with price manipulations, which allows some market players to destroy others. The management and operation of some stock exchanges are opaque. They have a very bad service to users and do not respond to user requests. Users are exposed to high risks and uncertainties, which creates considerable pressure as stress rapidly expands in the community.

SOLUTION aims to overcome the current gaps in the cryptographic stock market by applying the highest standards of security, reliability, compliance, and accountability. In terms of compliance and accountability, Paymium is better. The culture of the company’s commitment to safety and technological competence is the foundation of its excellence.

Operating the trade is a multifaceted service activity with various functions ranging from custody services to providing basic information and trading facilities. More generally, the exchange should create a trusted transaction-driven environment.

The platform will combine the technology of a new generation of a centralized guarding system with an “unfair” fair-exchange agreement between chains. Centralized crypto scope exchange will be the low latent exchange and full functionality with security services, centralized order reservation, and efficient order alignment.

Decentralized cross-chain solutions will be based on inter-atomic atomic swaps, ie cryptographic protocols that allow users to settle transactions through heterogeneous block networks without a “trusted” third party and without the risk of the other party. This will represent a big deviation from the traditional market and a big step towards the value of the Internet.

These technologies allow for transparent trading through heterogeneous blocks based on cryogenic currencies of different nature such as POW, POS, DAG, and others, such as POB. They also provide solutions to Bitcoin-based Blockchain scalability issues and dramatically reduce transaction costs.

Compliance and security are closely related, as well as the legal and technological standards they imply. The image of both sides will unlock the potential of cryptocurrency ecosystems and encourage massive adoption among institutional and individual investors. firmly believes that crypto suppression will be regulated in various forms, extensions, and degrees, depending on the country or region. Our philosophy for is to anticipate regulatory requirements and becomes the first substitute fully compatible as soon as the relevant regulations are published.


Team Blockchain. Is an experienced team with deep knowledge of crypto-currency protocols. They were the pioneers of the crypto scope. They then created Paymium, becoming the first bitcoin European exchange. Paymium requires the highest standards of security, reliability, and accountability, which will also be a feature of

• High efficiency.

• Basic and advanced commands.

• Transparent auctions.

• Point-to-point credits.

• Exclusive loans.

• Negotiating short and long margins. folder path will progressively implement new features over the next 18 months, starting from centralized liquidity services and centralized trading capability by encryption in 2018. Decentralized settlement and credit capabilities will continue at the beginning of 2019. will provide an intuitive business experience that meets the needs of individual and institutional traders and investors:

• Conceptual design

• ICO services

• Exchange of cryptography

• Creating a Market

• List of cards

• Decentralized decree

• Operational boundary

• P2P Loans

Paymium and we become the leading cryptographic clearing house in Europe by 2020.



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