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The Blockchain Media Group aims to give you cheap and unbiased educational media about the Blockchain world. BCMG One will host TV, Radio stations and other platforms. BCMG has decided the best way to combat pervasive problems is to create its own media network, while they also make BCMG Tokens the primary payment method for advertising and media services.
Too many blockchain news providers are biased and provide information designed to encourage readers / viewers in a certain direction. This can make doing your own research a daunting task at times. This “News” provider also charges exorbitant fees for publishing articles and this is not objective or fair.
BCMG believes this has created a media ecosystem that only supports one demographic project and a small community to become the first victim. It is difficult to release news about a new project if you have to pay for every part of the media that you are trying to get out there. At the Blockchain Media Group, we want to be the solution to the growing problem in the Blockchain sector.
BCMG wants to oppose the flow and provide a truly objective platform where news and content are published based on merit not because the maker pays fees. When working on the Cyruspine Project we saw many times projects that were not worthy of getting advertisements on many platforms just because they were able to pay for them while big projects were walking on the road and struggling. Quality, transparency and ethics are the names of the games we play here.
Token Sales Info
Token Name: Blockchain Media Group
Symbol: BCMG
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Public Sales: 45% 9,000,000 Tokens
Personal Sales: 10% 2,000,000 Tokens
Content Load: 20% 4,000,000 Tokens
Prize Budget: 5% 1,000,000 Tokens
Team & Development: 10% 2,000,000 Tokens
Sales Bonus: 10% 2,000,000 Tokens
END OF TIME: August 1, 2019
STAGE 1 TOKEN COST: .10 Cents (USD) Per Token
PERIOD: June 20, 201 -4 July 2019
STAGE 2 COST OF TOKEN: .15 Cents (USD) Per Token
PERIOD: 5 July 2019 – 18 July 2019
STAGE 3 TOKEN COST: .20 Cents (USD) Per Token
PERIOD: July 19, 2019 -1 August 2019
BCMG history is seen starting July 2019 with the launch of the website. and is accompanied by Youtube channel channels. For more details, please learn on the Whitepaper
How can I participate?
You can buy BCMG Tokens by visiting the website
We provide an easy-to-use platform that will make BCMG Token Purchases as simple and easy as possible.
The anticipated distribution of BCMG tokens is as follows:
45% BCMGtoken against public sales in three stages (as defined below);
10% BCMGtoken against personal sales;
20% BCMGtoken against Content Fee;
 5% BCMG against the Bounty Budget;
10% BCMGtoken against Team and Development;
10% BCMGtoken against token sales bonuses
Buyers in selling BCMG tokens will be allocated their BCMG tokens in exchange for ETH or BTC at the following rates for three separate stages:
Stage 1: 3,000,000 BCMG Tokens will be available for purchase at a price of US $ 0.10 per BCMG Token. Phase 1 will occur between June 20 and July 4, 2019.
Stage 2: 3,000,000 BCMG Tokens will be available for purchase at a price of US $ 0.15 per BCMG Token. Phase 2 will occur between July 5 and July 18, 2019.
Stage 3: 3,000,000 BCMG Tokens will be available for purchase at a price of US $ 0.20 per BCMG Token. Phase 3 will occur between July 19 and August 1, 2019.
After 3 stages of sale, the Public token was concluded.
The exchange rate of the US Dollar to ETH / BTC is used to dynamically assign the value of ETH / BTC to BCMG. As a result, during the sale of BCMG, the price to buy BCMG will be determined as the amount in ETH or BTC. Buyers must have an Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard to receive any BCMG purchased from the website.

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