Blockchain Technology and The Nature Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Today

Blockchain technology, its benefits, potentials and possibilities can’t be overemphasized. Consider it, users inside the crypto space can execute with each other on a peer-to-peer premise with no Intermediaries accordingly reducing unnecessary expenses. Inferable from the underlying benefits associated with the crypto space, CoinMarketCap has recorded that there are;

  1. About 1500+ coins and tokens,
  2. About 500+ cryptocurrency exchanges.

These have led to a market worth billions of dollars, in other words in affirmative, that the crypto space has great potentials.

As earlier stated, there are about 500+ cryptocurrency exchanges in existence, these exchanges assume an indispensable role in the crypto space as it connects users with varieties of coins and tokens, how? For example, Mr John may have heard of Ripple, and after due diligence decided to add it to his portfolio, he should simply to visit CoinMarketCap, search Ripple and realize the exchange it’s trading on (for example ProBit), visit, register and purchase.

In any case, despite all the astounding nature of the cryptocurrency exchanges, there are underlying problems which are yet to be solved, which additionally has go about as a barrier to the development of the crypto space.

These problems are;

  1. Inefficient technical platform: most times, people decide to compromise just to arrive at their objective without setting aside opportunity to set up all the necessary tools, this can be likened to most cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most exchanges tend to leverage on the services of developers with no earlier knowledge of how to appropriately fabricate an exchange platform which can stand the test of time while obliging activity as the platform develops.

  1. Less secured exchange platform: Hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges is certifiably not a new thing these days which can be attributed to No. 1 above. When a platform isn’t unequivocally assembled, it tends to have loopholes which can be leveraged on to hack users.
  2. No efficient and effective customer care executives: As cryptocurrency exchanges are about money, when users encounter issues they need readily available customer care executives who can attend to them ASAP. As people are unique, some can endure delays while other can’t subsequently there is need to be a balance to ensure users are comfortable.
  3. Most exchanges today only concentrate on one language, one may ask what will happen to a trader who isn’t conversant with that specific language?
  4. The unfriendly user interface of most cryptocurrency exchanges today tends to limit traders or investors, similarly, absence of device coverage additionally limits investors, how? Most exchanges work perfectly with PC and not with smartphones, let alone having a mobile application. One may now ask, does it mean you can’t access these exchanges in a hurry? Well, Yes, you can’t.
  5. Absence of sufficient trading pairs, ICO marketplace, fiat-to-coin features is additionally part of the issues in current cryptocurrency exchanges.

In an offer to make cryptocurrency exchanging more better, user-friendly, exceptionally secure and efficient lead to the creation of PROBIT.


In simple terms, ProBit intends to be the new face of cryptocurrency exchanges.

ProBit has three main points and/or objectives, through which it can leverage on to solve the issues in today’s exchanges.

ProBit intends to construct a cryptocurrency exchange which will be:

  1. Worldwide, in this manner being easily accessible to one and all inside the crypto space irrespective of area or geolocation restrictions.
  2. Very professional, in this way standing out from others. This is because, ProBit exchange platform will be efficient, quick, vigorous, exceptionally fluid while having different trading pairs.
  3. Profoundly secure, along these lines ensuring that their assets are safe.

What Makes ProBit Outstanding?

Inferable from the accessibility of an exceedingly experienced team, ProBit will be an elite platform processing more than 1,500,000 exchanges per second, along these lines resulting in an efficient, reliable and trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Similarly, the team behind ProBit intends to offer users an exceedingly secured crypto exchange where chilly storage will be used for the sparing of users assets; where users information, private data and wallet is encrypted with an advanced encryption calculation and where FIDO U2F hardware security keys, and additionally Google Authenticator, is supported.

In the current cryptocurrency exchanges, it is entrusting for new investors to navigate around while professional traders or investors are given an edge. In an offer to prevent this, ProBit exchange will be user-friendly to both advanced traders and new traders in this manner offering them the same chance to trade efficiently. Moreover, ProBit will likewise include an efficient customizable dashboard in this way offering traders their very own preferences while Limit trades, Market trades and Stop limit trade will likewise be supported.

ProBit income or benefit will come in type of withdrawal fees, trading fee, posting fee etc, in each case charging very low, in this way creating liquidity inside its platform. This liquidity is likewise enhanced by mining.

Furthermore, there will be;

a. Abundant trading pairs (around 150 or more) along these lines allowing traders the chance to complete different types of trades they need.

b. Multilingual support, along these lines offering the same chance to one and all, similarly, there will be all day, every day trading experience and in addition customer care executives to help traders in any issues.

c. ProBit additionally plans to stand out from the norm by offering massive device coverage, thereby making it possible for users to access their record from any device platform, be it mobile web client, browser-based clients, Android and iOS platforms.

d. There will likewise be edge, index and futures trading. ProBit will support fiat-to-coin and in addition ICO marketplace.


ProBit token is known as PROB which will be an utility token based on Ethereum blockchain, that is, it is an ERC20 token. PROB will have a most extreme supply of 200,000,000 and will be used for payment of fees, for example, trading fees, posting fees etc.

Token Utility;

  1. There will be trade mining, which will open after the platform dispatch.
  2. There will be a trading rebate which will be paid in PROB.
  3. When users tell their friends and families about ProBit, and they decide to register, they can do as such by means of the user’s referral connect while the user is paid referral bonuses.
  4. There will likewise be a repurchase program or repurchase program where 20% of the benefit generated inside the platform will be used to purchase PROB. This will continue until about half of the total supply is purchased. The purchased token will be stored in a cool wallet and will be used in cases of emergency, for example, hacking etc.


ProBit intends to be a unique cryptocurrency exchange where users will experience a whole new level of trading at the same time being assured of the safety of their assets. ProBit will be easily accessible from anywhere on the planet and from any device.



For further information on ProBit Exchange, use the following links here.





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