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Hello friends, If you’re interested in joining the RAYS NETWORK project, it’s a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision: Rays Network is a blockchain project that aims to revolutionize your experience in the world of cryptocurrency. Sinar has identified common challenges faced by blockchain technology ranging from scalability, privacy, security and how decentralized systems operate.

I would like to read this article and make the light of technology project called RAYS NETWORK more brilliant. And new users are gathering more and more with hungry eyes and lack of information. The latter needs to collect crumbs and check their time and wallet. I will tell you, and I will try to explain my vision of my situation. I will analyze the RAYS NETWORK project today.


The B2B segment does not lag behind, the million-dollar deals are made, industrial lots of goods are paid, and services are ordered in the cryptocurrency. The market of cryptocurrency is growing, and now you can buy a couple of cups of coffee for bitcoins in a large Moscow restaurant.

Sinar will do this using a modified Delegated Proof-of Stake and Bullet Proof that will accommodate the needs of the company and the cryptocurrency community so as to enable blockchain technology applications in the business world.

The beam blockchain network has maximum flexibility that gives it advantages over other blockchain solutions. It consists of safe and private blockchain for industrial applications and cryptocurrency that is safe and fast for general users. Sinar already has a minimum viable product (MVP) to prove the concept of a flexible blockchain network.

Rays blockchain is designed to accelerate the role of blockchain in the business world and with this in mind, privacy is very important because not all company data and payments must be publicly visible as in traditional blockchain systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that do not give users the right to their privacy. For example, let’s assume you pay your employees using Cryptocurrency, most of them will not like the payment details so that they can be seen by the public. Sinar will solve this problem by having an option before the payment transmission whether the transaction must be public or private. This will be possible with the use of the Bullet proof algorithm which will make the transaction locked by the sender and can only be opened by the recipient.

Bulletproof is a Knowledge Proof Non Interactive Zero algorithm. This is the latest theoretical protocol under extensive research that aims to revolutionize privacy in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Sinar will also implement one of two additional protocols such as TOR or I2P which will provide full privacy to users. With one of these protocols, transactions cannot be tracked.

Rays blockchain is very scalable with 10,000 (TPS) and all transactions made on the blockchain attract zero transaction fees and this will make Rays cryptocurrency easily adopted by many people.

Sinar will use a consensus algorithm that is adjusted to the Proof-of Stake Delegation which is an extension version of the DPoS. And with this algorithm, the ray holder will be able to risk the Ray coin even when their wallet dies.

Through the Sinar wallet, multi-transactions will be made possible by one user to several users at once and this will be possible with the implementation of the Bulletproof Protocol.

Sinar will collaborate with top-ranked academic institutions for the formation of the Sinar Research Laboratory. This will be a network of laboratories around the world where researchers will collaborate for research and development of blockchain solutions.

How Does These Features Make RAYS Network Unique
• Companies, industries and every cryptocurrency users deserve better when it comes to their transactions. The cryptocurrencies in existence now obtain charges on transactions and these transactions too take quite some time in order to be completed (get verified on the blockchain). The Ultra-fast transactions with zero fees will enable users of the RAYS Network to make very quick transactions without transaction fees being charged. This will increase the scalability of our blockchain as businesses, industries, companies, and everyone adopt RAYS Network as a mode of payment. With the zero transaction fee features, people can make micro-transactions without worrying about transaction fees which may even be higher than the amount being transferred. Also, with the RAYS Multi-Transactional System, heads of enterprises will be able to send payments to hundreds of their employees at the click of a button.

The C-DPoS feature makes RAYS Network the most decentralized, fast and efficient blockchain.

Privacy and security issues are the major concerns that need to be addressed in the cryptocurrency world. We have all heard of news where some cryptocurrencies have been hacked and investors lost their investment through this hack. RAYS network is secured and safe and have even thought ahead to make its blockchain immune to attacks from quantum computers. With the EPBS feature in the RAYS Network, people can make private transactions on a public blockchain. The weakness with the use of traditional blockchain systems is that, anytime data is sent or transactions are made on a public blockchain, these data or content of transactions can be seen by unintended persons who are on the same blockchain and RAYS Network has found a way to better the traditional blockchain system.

• RAYS 3S Wallet. The 3S stands for Secure, Safe and Smart. This wallet will have a Two Factor Authentication and an Anti-Phishing measures that make it secured. If someone tries to access your wallet forcefully, there is an Automatic Disable Feature that will automatically disable the wallet after a number of unsuccessful attempts.

• RAYS Network will establish RAYS Research Laboratories all over the world. This is to bring researcher together so that they can collaborate in the research and the development of blockchain solutions for various industrial and general case problems.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency systems all over the world, but the Rays Network System is the only cryptocurrency that implements its projects for the benefit of its users. And it is the only cryptocurrency that maintains a higher standard within the field. Users will find many reasons to choose Rays Network System over any other cryptocurrency due to its nature of user-centered quality because not all cryptocurrencies focus on their users but on their transactions and the manner in which they will be benefitted by those transactions. Rays Network contradictory to those typical cryptocurrencies provides the users with all the requirements they need in order to achieve a successful career in the crypto community.

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