Blockium IEO — Financial Gaming with Crypto, Stocks & FX

Blockium — the unique financial gamification platform, uniting stocks & crypto traders by launching an IEO on Coineal exchange. Blockium provides the crowd with the innovative possibility to execute financial trading against friends & strangers and make huge daily profits. The community (30K users existing) will get incentives back from the platform in air-drop trading competitions, as well as for sharing, liking, writing or streaming content.

Blockium is a platform that offers financial competitions to investors of any size and grade based on real-time prices of financial instruments such as Stocks, Crypto, Foreign Exchange (FX), Indices and Commodities.

The platform targets mainstream audiences and provides a haven for investors to find refuge from traditional financial instruments and participate in trading competitions with the purpose of making multiple returns, and leveraging their trading knowledge in almost any asset class.

Blockium has tied up with top global exchanges all around the world such as Nasdaq, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, Shanghai, Hitbtc (crypto) and, Okex (crypto) which allows live market data to be integrated on Blockium platform. Investors can then place their bets based on the real-time data and execute their positions to gain a return on their portfolios. In traditional markets, returns range between 5–15% while Blockium gives an opportunity to earn as high as 1000% returns.

Total supply: 650,000,000

Circulation supply: 10%

Blockum (BOK) Premium Token Offering:

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Blockswap — moving Blockium (BOK) from Ethereum to Binance Chain:

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Tel Aviv, Israel — Jun. 20th, 2019 — Blockium revealed today that it would integrate part of its tokenized privacy-preserving ecosystem with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance as well as the community.

Under this migration, Blockium will convert a portion of its uncirculated ERC-20 token to become BEP-2 token, which is native to the Binance Chain ecosystem. These converted ERC-20 token will be burned, and Blockium’s total token supply will stay at 650 Million.

Blockium recognizes the value that Binance has contributed to the cryptocurrency community at large, and are looking forward to becoming an active participant in their new decentralized ecosystem. As the fabric of the digital economy, we believe that together with Binance we will be able to empower our Ecosystem of Economies to grow towards a level of adoption not been seen before in the blockchain industry.

Binance DEX listing and the block swap schedule will be published in the next few days!

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