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Blockmason’s Link is a new blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that allows app, web and other software developers to use smart contracts and programmatic blockchains like TRON in their applications without requiring any blockchain experience. Using Link, a developer can create classic, conventional web-based APIs for any smart contract written on a programmatic blockchain. At the heart of Link is BLINK, the utility token which provides Link users with API transactions.

Blockmason Link creates classic, traditional web-based APIs for any smart contract written on a programmatic block chain. After giving information about Blockmason Link with a brief description in the introduction section, let’s try to understand Blockmason Link project better by explaining the concrete problems of the project in the development section.

With the rapid development of technology, changes occur in the world. These changes create differences in the habits of people. While the Internet technology in the past promised a different world for people, the crypto money sector now offers the same promises for people. Therefore, many projects and platforms are emerging in this area. Many of these are sloppy processes, damaging people’s trust. This distrust is reflected in the sector over time. In addition, it does its job well in some projects and wants to be able to take its place in the change mentioned above and to be the first to respond to people’s wishes. It is also necessary to distinguish these projects from others. The Blockmason Link project is a quality project that makes it good and trusting at this point.

Blockmason Link makes block chain development accessible to anyone with a traditional programming experience. There is also no server or web infrastructure to maintain or monitor. With Blockmason Link, developers and users can interact with smart contracts such as other web APIs. There are no password passwords to buy, no browser add-on to install, or other unnecessary obstacles. The Blockmason link enables developers to provide users with a familiar and orderly web-based user experience. Blockchain — and its complexities — are not visible to application users. This is one of the remarkable features.

Some of the benefits of the Blockmason Link project are;

Any software that can use a web API can use Blockmason Link without having to use special libraries, tools, or block chain information.

Blockmason Link has continuous, automatic security monitoring of all infrastructure and related applications. Link enables and simplifies the creation of uninhabited mobile applications that interact seamlessly with the block chain. With Blockmason Link, you don’t need to create or maintain any servers, nodes, or any other infrastructure for people to use your decentralized applications.

First of all, a project’s team is good for that project. The ability of the team to express themselves well and to make a good presentation affect the future of the project. Individuals in this team are full of technical knowledge in addition to their field expertise. This is remarkable. Therefore Blockmason Link team is extremely qualified and can handle the work. When the roadmap review of the Blockmason Link project is done, it is possible to see that they are progressing completely. That’s exactly what I’m paying attention on the road map. In the past, what the project is doing will tell us what it can do about the future.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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