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Blockmason project is a great project

Blockmason Link is a new application designed to generate simple web APIs from smart contracts written on programmatic blockchains.

While Link will initially launch on the Ethereum network — and we will use Ethereum as an example throughout the whitepaper — Link has the potential to support smart contracts on every major programmatic blockchain. The goal of Link is to remove the barriers developers and users face in interacting with blockchain-powered applications. It accomplishes this objective by abstracting away the many confusing, esoteric processes currently necessary for a developer to interact with a smart contract or a user to interact with a decentralized application, including:

● Learning Solidity or other programming languages

● Hosting an Ethereum node or related infrastructure

● Creating an Ethereum address

● Purchasing Ether (ETH)

● Running MetaMask or similar wallet software

The Problem:

For Developers:

Blockchain development has a high barrier to entry. Developers must learn and code in new languages, undergo complex processes to sign, send, write to and retrieve data from the blockchain, and clear countless integration hurdles to add blockchain tech to existing systems.

For Users:

For the casual user, interacting with blockchain-based apps is difficult, if not impossible. Before using an app, a user must first navigate cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, transfers, security challenges, browser plugins and much more.

BlockMason Link’s Benefits:

Convenience & Ease of Use

Any software capable of using a web API can use your Link app, with no special libraries, tools, or blockchain knowledge required.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Link features continuous, automated security monitoring of all infrastructure and associated apps.

Mobile Application Ready

Link enables and simplifies the creation of walletless mobile apps that seamlessly interact with the blockchain.

Managed, High-Availability Infrastructure

With Link, you don’t need to build or maintain any servers, nodes or other infrastructure in order for people to use your decentralized apps.

Automated Documentation & Sample Code

Link generates, syncs and updates usage documentation and sample code for all registered apps and smart contracts.

Monitoring, Analytics & Data Visualization

Link helps you to understand exactly how your app is being used with detailed visualizations, logs, and insights.

BlockMason Link’s Solution:

No Blockchain Experience Required

Link makes blockchain development accessible to anyone with traditional programming experience. There’s also no servers or web infrastructure to maintain or monitor.

Just Like Any Other Web API

With Link, developers and users alike can interact with smart contracts like any other web API. There are no cryptocurrencies to acquire, browser plugins to install or other unnecessary hurdles.

A Familiar, Easier App Experience

Link allows developers to offers users a familiar and streamlined web-based user experience. The blockchain — and its complexities — are invisible to app users.

How it functions:

Generally, Link deals with all the irritating strides between a client collaborating with an application and that application interfacing with the Ethereum organize. All things needed to execute a smart contract under ordinary conditions still happens — an exchange is made, marked, and sent — just now, each one of those cooperations are taken care of out of sight by Link, far from the client.

In case you’re an engineer hoping to enroll a keen contract with Link to make an application, the procedure is very basic. Register a smart contract by giving its location and ABI to Link. At that point, Link creates a lot of endpoints from the ABI. The Link application engineer would then be able to change these endpoints to their loving by renaming the way or parameters, and Link will deal with mapping those to the fitting contract capacity and parameters. Link additionally creates an API key for your utilization, and an Ethereum account that Link will use to perform demands for you.


Blockmason Link has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Michael Chin – CEO
  • Devin Canterberry – CTO
  • Erik MacKinnon – CMO
  • plus the Blockmason Link team and advisors


At the core of Link is BLINK, the Link utility token. So, BLINK is the required “fuel” that powers Link, giving access to the administration and API exchange limit. At the point when a designer utilizes Link to assemble an API for their smart contract, and that API is utilized, BLINK must be devoured.

  • Token: Blockmason Link
  • Abbreviation: BLINK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 5B BLINK
  • 100 BLINK = 1$

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