The fundamental idea of blockchain is very straightforward: a conveyed database that keeps up a constantly developing rundown of requested records. In any case, it is anything but difficult to get stirred up as common when we talk about blockchains we likewise talk about the issues we are attempting to illuminate with them. This is the situation in mainstream blockchain-based tasks, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The expression “blockchain” is typically unequivocally fixing to ideas like exchanges, shrewd contracts or digital currencies.

This makes understanding blockchains a fundamentally harder errand than it must be. Particularly source-code-carefully. Here I will experience a super-basic blockchain I executed in 200 lines of Javascript called NaiveChain.


Blockmason’s Link is a new blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that allows app, web and other software developers to use smart contracts and programmatic blockchains like TRON in their applications without requiring any blockchain experience. Using Link, a developer will produce classic, standard web-based arthropod genus for any sensible contract written on a programmatic blockchain. At the center of Link is BLINK, the utility token that provides Link users with API transactions.

BlockMason is not just working with a single developer but is working with a slew of developers in order to develop different applications which can make use of this protocol for commercial as well as personal purposes.

The Current Problem

For Developers
Blockchain development has a high barrier to entry. Developers should learn and code in new languages, undergo complex processes to sign, send, write to and retrieve data from the blockchain, and clear countless integration hurdles to add blockchain tech to existing systems.

For Users
For the casual user, interacting with blockchain-based apps is difficult, if not impossible. Before mistreatment associate degree app, a user must first navigate cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, transfers, security challenges, browser plugins and much more.

Why Link is the Solution
No Blockchain Experience Required
Link makes blockchain development accessible to anyone with ancient programming expertise. There’s additionally no servers or network infrastructure to take care of or monitor.

Just Like Any Other Web API With Link, developers and users alike will act with sensible contracts like all alternative net API. There aren’t any cryptocurrencies to accumulate, browser plugins to install or other unnecessary hurdles.

A Familiar, Easier App Experience
Link permits developers to offers users a well-known and efficient web-based user expertise. The blockchain — and its complexities — are invisible to app users.

The Benefits of Using Link

Convenience & Ease of Use
Any software system capable of employing a net API will use your Link app, with no special libraries, tools, or blockchain information needed.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Link options continuous, automatic security observance of all infrastructure and associated apps.

Mobile Application Ready
Link enables and simplifies the creation of wallet mobile apps that seamlessly interact with the blockchain.

Managed, High-Availability Infrastructure

With Link, you do not have to be compelled to build or maintain any servers, nodes or alternative infrastructure so as for individuals to use your redistributed apps.

Automated Documentation & Sample Code
Link generates, syncs and updates usage documentation and sample code for all registered apps and smart contracts.

Monitoring, Analytics & Data Visualization
Link helps you to know specifically however your app is being employed with elaborated visualizations, logs, and insights.

So, if you’re interested in peer to peer lending, whether it is lending money or whether it is securing a loan, BlockMason is yet another avenue for it. However, if the currency becomes as popular as some of the others, you can be sure that it would indeed be able to capture a large market in the peer to peer lending space which is already growing at 30% per annum.

  • Token: Blockmason Link
  • Abbreviation: BLINK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 5B BLINK
  • 100 BLINK = 1$

The Project Roadmap:


  • Link “Demo” Release — Fully-functional Product Demo
  • Link “Developers” Release
  • Programmable Blockchain Support Expansion
  • Link “SMB” Release — Ready for Small to Medium-Sized Business Clients


  • Link “Enterprise” Release — Ready for Enterprise-Scale Clients
  • Custom-Requested and Private Blockchain Support
  • Credential Vending Support
  • Smart Contracts Database + Link App Store
  • Professional Standards Compliance



Anthony DiIorio

Anthony DiIorio

Co-Founder, Ethereum + Founder, Jaxx, Kryptokit

A prominent figure in the blockchain technology space, Anthony is Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of Jaxx and Kryptokit. Previously, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Deutsche Bank, A.G. He attended Columbia University, completing a Master of Business Administration.

Richard Kastelein

Richard Kastelein

Founder, Blockchain News

An industry-renowned speaker, author, publisher and innovator, Richard is the Founder of Blockchain News. He’s also Partner at CryptoAsset Design Group, where he’s helped to raise more than $200M.

Timothy Galebach

Timothy Galebach

Technical Advisor

Originally from Boston, Tim is a co-founder of Blockmason, a world-class developer of foundational blockchain technologies. He speaks six languages, has lived in eight countries, and has traveled to more than 50 nations.

Stephen Galebach

Stephen Galebach

Securities Attorney, Former US Dept. of Justice

A decorated attorney, Stephen has more than three decades’ experience serving the legal needs of tech companies. His career includes time as Senior Special Assistant to the US Attorney in the United States Department of Justice and as a White House legal policy advisor. Stephen received his J.D., magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School, during which time he served as Note Editor of the Harvard Law Review. He also holds a B.A. in economics from Yale University.

Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong

Managing Partner, IDCM

A former trader at J.P. Morgan specializing in Asian equities, Andrew is the managing partner of IDCM, a global top-15 crypto exchange, where he focuses on developing its business and partnerships in the Blockchain community.


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