BlockSafe Technologies

BlockSafe Technologies

is the only US-based company that secures the blockchain ecosystem from all angles: wallets, exchanges and private blockchain. Using a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, BlockSafe Technologies ™ introduces stability to a volatile market by protecting the blockchain ecosystem at the most vulnerable points: authentication and user interaction. Likewise, BlockSafe Technologies ™ has developed ownership methods to maintain permissible blockchain through transaction authentication, policy enforcement, DDoS mitigation, load balancing, and content filtering.

BlockSafe Technologies ™ is a subsidiary of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), the leading provider of cyber security solutions for consumers, companies and government institutions. BlockSafe Technologies ™ has been granted license rights to implement and distribute the award-winning cybersecurity technology offered by StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.

Why choose the BlockSafe company   to protect their interests:
1 The company offers a complete range of protection and hacker attack problems using patented and proven technology.
2 The company already has two products that are ready for sale and use, this is Crypto Exchange Defender and Defender  . The third product is under development. In total the company’s products have 10 patents, 6 of which have been issued and 4 are waiting.
3 constant growth of the cryptocurrency market. Experts  believe this market growth from 24 million today to 200 million in 2025.
4 In your team, experienced veterans. Some of them have companies in the technology industry.
5 The company’s products are licensed from  StrikeForce  . Technology has traveled a long seventeen years in the cyber security industry.
6 company advisors present famous people.
One of them, the former Director of Internal Security IT and founder  of the Security University .
7 BSAFE  ™ Tokens  are standard ERC20 security tokens, which are in accordance with SEC rules   .
8 BSAFE  ™ Tokens  provide passive income of 10% of the usage revenue of their products.
9 The company has an agreement to include tokens on the famous cryptocurrency exchange.


CryptoDefender for desktops has the following features – Keystroke encryption, Clipboard copy protection, Anti-screen capture and Anti-Clickjacking. CryptoDefender ™ for mobile devices has the following features – Safe Keyboard, Safe Browser, Data / Vault Password and Password Maker.

Exchange Defender consists of two products to protect the internal crypto exchange system. These are – CryptoDefender ™ and ProtectID® ™ protect computers and mobile devices exchanging from key code attacks, screenshots, and click attacks. ProtectID® secures access to the internal system through two out-of-band authentication factors.

How should the BSAFE tokens increase in value? 

BlockSafe BSAFE tokens provide passive income, BlockSafe takes ten percent of top-line sales revenue and returns to token holders every quarter.

What is the value proposition of BlockSafe Technologies?

BlockSafe is the only cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting crypto wallets, exchanging and blockchains permissions. BlockSafe products are patented; BlockSafe has a first mover advantage. The cyber security market to protect the blockchain ecosystem will grow to more than $ 355 billion in the next three years. BlockSafe is a subsidiary of Strikeforce Technologies, which has been in cybersecurity for more than 18 years.

Token Details

1. Heart: BSAFE
2. Supply Tokens: 120,000,000
3. STO Distribution: 64%
4. Distribution Date: TBD

Sales Tokens

1. STO Start Date: Q4 2018
2. End Date STO: TBD
3. Raised: Looking for $ 27,000,000
4. STO price per Token: $ 0.25-0.50 USD
5. Currency Received: BTC, ETH, USD

Allocation of tokens.

1%: Seed Round (1.2 Million Tokens)
37%: Pre-STO (44.4 Million Tokens)
27%: STO (32.4 Million Tokens)
20%: Team / Advisor (24 Million Tokens)
15%: Reserve (18 Million Tokens)

Use of funds

37.00%: Expansion R & D
17%: company
15.00%: Operation
15%: Marketing
8.00%: Legal & Insurance
2,00%: Miscallaneous


September 2018
January 2019
CryptoDefenderTM ver 2.0
Q1 2019
ExchangeDefenderTM ver 2.0
Q2 2019
CryptoDefenderTM ver 3.0
Q3 2019
BlockchainDefenderTM ver 1.0
Q3 2019

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