What is BlockSafe Technology?

Is a company that specializes in blockchain-based cybersecurity. They were founded in 2018, by groups with more than 17 years of experience as a team. Their overall goal is to bring safety and security to consumers.


With any industry that increases growth, there will always be people who need wealth behind others. The cryptocurrency industry has seen repeated themes over the past two years – Theft. By 2018 we have seen million dollars stolen. This includes not including losses that are not supported. Even though we are looking for interoperability, it undoubtedly causes big problems. Achieving this, and freeing being brought, we continue to introduce new gateways to be sent and unwanted system entries. Between cellular, cloud services and desktops, our information is fragmented in a dangerous way. Safe solutions are needed to keep up with the development of this industry. Although this may be a difficult task, because technology is growing day by day, it needs to be done.


CryptoDefender for desktops has the following features – Keystroke encryption, Clipboard copy protection, Anti-screen capture and Anti-Clickjacking. CryptoDefender ™ for mobile devices has the following features – Safe Keyboard, Safe Browser, Data / Vault Password and Password Maker.

Exchange Defender consists of two products to protect the internal crypto exchange system. These are – CryptoDefender ™ and ProtectID® ™ protect computers and mobile devices exchanging from key code attacks, screenshots, and click attacks. ProtectID® secures access to the internal system through two out-of-band authentication factors.

How will they solve it?

BlockSafe Technologies plans to fix transportation problems in this industry. Even though theft will be carried out, the services issued by BlockSafe may require the amount of damage done.

To achieve their goals, the company has plans for 3 main products:

1. Crypto Defender

Secure your digital wallet with the appropriate competencies

  • Anti screen capture
  • Keystroke encryption
  • Anti-clickjacking

2. Exchange of Defenders

Contains CryptoDefender and ProtectID to provide transportation security.

3. Blockchain Defender

Protect private blockchains by activating as a gateway for data.

This is a brief example of some of the features offered by each product. Along with the development of the company, this product will become more expansive, and continue to grow with the industry.

Product combination for everyday safety. It’s much easier to be proactive, and avoid funds, data becomes reactive. More often than not, reactive actions prove fruitless. By offering a platform as shown by BlockSafe, users can be more calm, knowing they are proactive in looking for them for security.

BlockSafe is in the front line in the wallet and is moved crypto

More than one billion dollars in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018, a fourfold increase from 2017, and $ 9 million was stolen every day from individual wallets. Wallets and Crypto transfers themselves are safe, but access to them via the internet is provided as a weak connection, which is manipulated by attackers. In addition, most of all cellphones around the world have some malware where malicious players watch secretly users password compilation and other important information. This is an area approved by BlockSafe.

About BlockSafe

The company has patented advanced technology aimed at overcoming the challenges of large cyber security. Companies move wallets, move, and blockchains. Wallet is received through CryptoDefender; Exchange is secured through ExchangeDefender while Blockchains is secured through its BlockchainDefender.

Currently, BlockSafe approves as an updated spearhead and crypto wallet. In 2018, more than one billion dollars in cryptocurrency was received stolen. This is a four-fold increase from 2017. Also added to $ 9 million was stolen from people’s wallets every day. Exchange and Crypto wallets themselves are safe access to them via the internet needs to be a weaker connection so that attackers can easily manipulate. Most cellphones all over the world have a lot of malware on board where malicious players can secretly view users compiling passwords along with other important information.

  • MARK KAY: President
  • STEVE FERMAN: VP Business Dev
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