BlockSafe Technologies/ ICO overview of the company.

Wallets are cracked by malware that uses keyloggers to steal secret keys and capture the clipboard to change destination addresses. Estimates for unaccounted damages to wallet users amount to more than $ 350 million. If your wallet is hacked, you will not be able to return the money and sue anyone.

There are hot and cold wallets on crypto exchangers. The user’s secret keys are stored in the purses, as well as the exchange secret keys. Most keys are stored offline in the vaults (cold wallet). Some keys are stored on servers connected to the Internet (hot wallet), to facilitate transactions. These servers are subject to data hacking, like any other hacker attack.

Exchange Defender includes two products to protect internal crypto-exchange systems. CryptoDefender ™ and ProtectID® ™ protect computers and mobile devices from keylogging, screen grabbing and clickjack attacks. ProtectID® provides access to internal systems using two-factor out-of-band authentication.

Blockchain Defender acts as a gateway between the application and the private block chain. It scans every message, checks whether it is allowed according to the rules and policies of the enterprise, scans the contents of the data fields for malware, and verifies the authenticity of transactions through ProtectID®. It can also send blockchain messages to corporate systems or other blockchains through appropriate gateways.

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