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With the huge growth in Blockchain industry,it is very inevitable to see some caliber of people who will want to take advantage of others .Several cases of fraud , hacks and thefts has been reported in Cryptocurrency Space . in 2018, which was the last over 100 millions of dollars was reported stolen by some bad actors in the industry .This Statistic did not include the unreported losses. Blockchain Ecosystem has never stopped with their developments, new innovations never sized springing up .Security which has been one of the major problem is being worked on day and night because Secure solution is seriously needed in this growing industry .If problems of security is being solved in Crypto Space, the industry will attract more users Globally thus boosting the entire Market Capitalization.Today we are going to discuss on BlockSafe technology , what they have to offer in Crypto and Blockchain Space generally.
BlockcSafe Tech major goal is to fix the problems of security in the industry . They plan to offer a permanent and sustainable solution to the problem of insecurity in Crypto Space thereby allowing our data and funds to be safe and secured from the hackers or any class of intruders. Ideally, Cases of theft and intrusion will still be recurring but BlockcSafe with their technology will bring it to minimum level. BlockSafe in their efforts to achieve the Goal plan towards launching 3 major products .Namely : Crypto Defender, Exchange Defender and Blockchain defender.
The Combination of these products will offer a complete security solution in Crypto Space. Investors , traders and different types of users will be at ease .I will make a brief explanation on the aforementioned products offered which BlockSafe intends to offer ?
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(a) CRYPTODEFENDER : Below are the key features of CryptoDefender
(i) KEYSTROKE ENCRYPTION :It prevents malware spying on what is being typed on your Devices. KeyStrokes uses the military Grade Encryption . Your password is secured and safe.
(ii) CLIPBOARD COPY PROTECTION :It functions by preventing malware from monitoring Clipboard to spy on , pasting and copiing contents on Clipboard.Modification of transaction which your Crypto transaction is not effected.
(iii) ANTI SCREEN CAPTURE: It prevents malware from the action of taking screen caption of information .
(iv) ANTI CLICK JACKING : Functions by displaying the hidden frames emerging from any Malicious domain.This prevents one of the hackers actions of downloading malware on your system .
(v) SECURED KEYBOARD: Preventing malware from your Keystrokes. The Keystrokes are totally encrypted ,any password used to logon are secured .
(vi) SECURED BROWSER:The feature prevent cookies storage and some other malware’s ..It recreate secure browser every session on your system which will enable user accessing their wallet online safely .
(vii) STRONG PASSWORD GENERATOR: It creates password on the basis of the preference of user and keep them stores in the password vault for the usage in the future.
Most of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges have both hot and Cold wallets .Those wallets uses Secret Key in which majority of them are stores offlines in Cold wallets
(vaults). Part of these keys are kept on Online servers (hot wallet) in other to facilitate transactions.. All these datas stored online are mostly unsafe because they
are susceptible to hacks and data breach .The Exchange Defenders has 2 products which protects the Cryptocurrency Exchange internal system . They are (CRYPTODEFENDER)
and PROTECTID). These 2 products secured the exchange Mobile devices and Computers. PROTECTID Prevent and secure accessibility to the internal Exchange system .
BLOCKSAFE aims toward funding development of these great Products and making it available for Global users .In an attempts to achieve this, BlockSafe is hosting STO  to sell BSAFE token which is an ethereum based tokens . This token are sold as Security which will grant investors privilege of buying sates within the BlockSafe Ecosystem. The main fund raising goal is $27,000,000  .
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