Blockshipping – Blockchain Technology-based Global Container Transformation Platform

What is the Blockshipping Platform?

Blockshipping (GSCP) is a global platform to neutralize all shipments in the container, operator, port, terminal and transport company industries. GSCP Platform) is also called the world’s first plaform container container goods and the first global platform that allows all players in the shipping industry to perform various related transactions for container handling.

The objective of this GSCP platform is to enable the enormous potential to save the global container industry and also reduce global CO2 emissions annually.

Currently, the container shipping industry accounts for about 60 percent of all marine trade in the world. But this precious industry has been problematic for years by challenges such as overcapacity, low levels, security threats, and improved environmental regulations.

It is a well-known fact in the industry that global shipping requires increased efficiency, better processes and fundamental digital transformation to ensure future profitability and to comply with environmental regulations. Blockshipping is here to create the world’s first blockchain-based registry that will enable the industry to track in real-time from all available containers.

Why Blockshipping?

Because Blockshipping GSCP is an innovative technology and environmentally friendly services with high security, and enables various industry stakeholders such as Carriers, Benefcial Cargo Owners (BCOs), terminal operators, and transport companies) to achieve cost savings and reduce container inventories based on information exchange in realtime.


Today’s industry has been in trouble for many years by challenges such as overcapacity, low levels, security threats, and improved environmental regulations. It is a well-known fact in the industry that global delivery requires increased efficiency, process improvement and fundamental digital transformation to ensure future proftability.

Blockshipping Platform Solution

The Blockshipping (GSCP) platform is designed to make key processes in container handling globally significantly more efficient and thus resolve some of the most important issues in the container shipping industry today, with the GSCP platform now listing complete blockchain container assets (such as registration ships) where global container inventory, will be listed along with the real-time location of each container worldwide.

Blockshipping Platform Objectives.

  • Be the main platform for managing operational payments that are clearing between stakeholders related to physical handling (exchange), – transport and distribution of containers.
  • Become the primary IOT platform of the shipping industry for real-time tracking of containers that allows real-time container visibility to all stakeholders.
  • Monetize data insights based on the Machine Learning, IOT data, AI, and blockchain data.

How Blockshipping Platform Works


ICO Blockshipping

ICO aims at Blockshipping GSCP at the highest standards of security and coding quality, 100% in accordance with Danish law, promotes openness, transparency and honesty, and follows strict codes of ethics when it comes to communication and relationship building with ICO stakeholder groups. website:

BlockOfts Token Token Info

  • Total Supply: 50.000.000.
  • Tokens offered during ICO: 42,500,000.
  • The token for the founder and adviser: 7,500,000.
  • Tokens to be sold during Pre-Sale and ICO: 40,000,000.
  • Bonus Token: 2,500,000.
  • Per-Token Price During ICO: $ 0.62.
  • ICO Total Revenue: USD 24.8 million.

Token Distribution


Funding Breakdown




Team Blockshipping

Blockshipping has a professional and experienced ICO team, consisting of:

  • Peter Ludvigsen
  • Christian Gyntelberg
  • Jesper Vedelsby
  • Franck J. Kayser
  • David Green
  • Rasmus Dalboge
  • Jesper Præstensgaard
  • Bo Hembæk Svensson
  • Bridget Cosgrave
  • Tanja Lind Melskens
  • Henrik Kure
  • Michael Juul Rugaard
  • Kristian Thure Sorensen
  • Thomas Berg von Linde

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