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Blockshipping is making a decentralized global platform where every single key figure in the container shipping industry, for example, bearers, ports, terminals, and transport networks are on the whole singing from the same organized hymesheet. A blockchain empowered registry for 27 million units and the correct area for each and every thing, around the world. Permitting ongoing following and thing perceivability through IOT (Internet Of Things) innovation. The blockchain gives a truly necessary robotized payment structure for the shipping industry by empowering keen contracts to computerize procedures and payments between parties.

The GSCP platform will empower a savings potential for the global container industry. And furthermore it is the world first cargo container registry and the main global platform all players in the shipping industry to play out an extensive variety of exchanges identified with the treatment of containers.

key industry players has indicate gigantic enthusiasm for supporting the GSCP platform. it is as of now supported by private blessed messengers and the Danish Martime subsidize and the improvement of the platform has started.But to additionally quicken the advancement and diminish time to market,and have chosen to direct an ICO that will open for open deal soon.

The GSCP token model includes the issuance of two tokens:

The inward utility token,CONTAINER PLATFORM TOKEN (CPT)

The outer income share token,CONTAINER CRYPTO COIN (CCC)

CPT will be use for unmistakably and settlement of exchanges between the users of the platform. These exchanges will cover administrations identified with global container packaging. A level of the income from the exchanges goes to an income share pool and is passed on to the proprietors of the CCC tokens. The utilization of the Digitisation in light of blocked chain advances will expand productivity and diminish costs in the global container shipping enterprises worldwide

There are around 27 million shipping containers being used in the world at any one time; to monitor them is troublesome, and that is the thing that GSCP by blockshipping are battling to overcome and will offer a continuous following administration That will intrigue the individuals who as of now have products on such a shipping container as they will be ready to track its developments, likewise to the purchasers who are sitting tight for merchandise to arrive can likewise track them by means of the blockshipping administration as well. With the blockchain innovation it will be supply finished straightforwardness, and a common record of container inventories and financial settlements when work orders for multi-purpose transports are issued.

The blockchain-based GSCP platform will empower an extensive variety of industry partners (Carriers, Benecial Cargo Owners (BCOs), terminal administrators, and transportation organizations) to accomplish cost savings and lessened container inventories in light of ongoing data trade. it will empowers all gatherings to fundamentally decrease inner control/administrator capacities (costs)


Q1 (01-03-2018) Platform Design and Smart Contracts, Blockchain Platform Selection.

Q2 (01-06-2018) Ipaas Integration and Smart Contracts Development, Platform Implementation and Data Population.

Q3 (01-09-2018) Smart Contracts Development and Mapping of Customer EDI, Data Migration and delicate Launch.

Q1 (01-01-2019) Cut-Over and Hyper Care/Transition.

CCC token will be tradeable on both Centralized trade (CEX) and Decentralized trade (DEX). it depends on an ERC-20 consistent token on Ethereum blockchain.

The posting of CCC token on Exchange will be toward the finish of the ICON

The aggregate token supply of CCC is 50,000,000

Pre-sale=10% 5,000,000

Open sale=70% 35,000,000

Organizers and workers = 5% 2.500,000

Counselors and accomplices =10% 5,000,000

Reward utilized as a part of pre-deals and open sales=5% 2,500,000

The shipping industry has empowered global exchange and critical in the present economy accordingly it produces a gigantic measure of income consistently. On the off chance that GSCP can in fact spare them billions each year,adoption of their task will probably legitimately take after Also,the group is exceptionally experienced in the shipping, coordinations and IT businesses they may have the skill expected to make a venture that tends to the necessities of the global shipping industries,Increasing effectiveness, and subsequently producing popularity and profit.The documentation and utilize instances of the undertaking are strong. moreover, their offering of a purchase back for token holders who purchased amid the ICON should manufacture help with building a supportive group around the venture with every one of these reasons, I trust that blockshipping’s GSCP ICON will help in taking care of the considerable number of issues in the global containers industry.

By putting sensors on containers, the odds of bearers forgetting about their containers is chopped down to essentially zero subsequently killing most, if not all, of the issues influencing them today. Blockshipping likewise plans to digitize the CSC plate, a bit of metal that contains essential data on the container, for example, knowing whether it satisfies wellbeing prerequisites or its exceptional recognizable proof information.

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