Blockshipping is a blockchain based platform that improves global container registry and a greybox container ecosystem. Blockshipping will use the global registry to record ownership information and track location of containers worldwide. A greybox system is one where a shared pool of containers with no names is owned by many different groups. These containers are then managed by a single system, in this case, Blockshipping GSCP. The platform will utilize data collection, location data, and AI analytics to create a highly efficient container management system.

A greybox ecosystem reduces unnecessary trips, reduces pollution, and creates additional opportunities for saving via the use of smart contract automation. Greybox system offers shipping industry’s premier IOT platform for real-time container tracking, enabling real-time visibility of containers to all stakeholders. Monetize data based on automatic learning, IOT data, AI data and blockchain data.

Blockshipping platform provides services like managing the clearing of operational payments between stakeholders in relation to the physical handling or exchange, transport and exchange of containers.


– Ecological importance. Through the optimization of cargo transportation using containers, it will be possible to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 6 million tons per year. This will make container transportation more environmentally friendly and ensure their compliance with existing environmental standards.

– Transparency. The Blockshipping platform is built on the basis of blockchain, which provides secure and transparent storage and change of data on the state of containers within the system.

– Economic benefit. Due to the irrational use of the available resources of freight companies, the container logistics industry suffers huge losses. Thanks to Blockshipping, costs in this sector could be lowered by more than 5.5 billion per year.

– User-friendly interaction; The Blockshipping platform will allow to connect not only logistics companies, but also other participants of container transportation, making communication between them more accessible and efficient.

– Integration into the real world: special sensors will be used, which will record the state of the container and its location, transmitting data about the real object on the blockchain. More than 27 million containers are already connected to the system.

Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) is a neutral global platform for all players in the container shipping industry: operators, ports, terminals and transport companies. In today’s world, we have over 27 million metal containers and created the world’s first block-based record that will enable the industry to track all containers in real time. At the same time, the GSCP platform will allow industry players to efficiently manage all types of transactions related to container handling. Global Joint Container Platform is a very powerful idea with significant potential for the container shipping industry.


1.- Offers access to users to carry out transactions between various entities. Digital contract ensures that the system protects your interest by providing transparency of funds and accuracy of records that cannot be mitigated.

2.- It provides a real-time location.

3.- Ensure the use of empty containers. The function has a triple appeal. It ensures that you are not spending money on fuel that is not being used to transport goods and transportation by providing information on all states and container locations. By having detailed information about the containers, the market will benefit fully.

4.- Burns less fuel which helps to reduce CO2 emissions. There are approximately 27 million containers serving the industry worldwide. By economically utilizing GSCP resources, the industry will save $5.7 billion and also help the environment by reducing approximately 4.5 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.


Container Crypto Coin (CCC)  is  an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token with revenues from the project shared with token holders. Container Platform Token (CPT)  will be used internally on the platform to pay transaction fees and will have a fixed value in US Dollar terms.

ICO Details

The public sale begins on 14th May 2018, with the pre-sale already underway. The key information for the ICO is as follows:

· Start date:14 May 2018

· End date: 14th June 2018

· Token: Container Crypto Coin (CCC)

· Platform: Ethereum ERC-20

· Price: Fixed at $0.62 per CCC throughout token sale

· Soft cap: n/a

· Hard cap: 40m tokens, $24.8m

· Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC

· Minimum investment: $100 equivalent

Total number of CCC tokens issued: 50,000,000

Number of tokens offered during ICO: 42,500,000

The number of tokens owned by founders and advisors: 7,500,000

Tokens to be sold during pre-sales and ICO: 40,000,000

The number of tokens to be awarded as a bonus: 2,500,000

Price per token during ICO: USD 0.62

ICO’s total revenue: USD 24,800,000


Tokens will be allocated as follows:

· Pre-sale: 10%

· token sale: 70%

· Founders and employees: 5%

· Advisors and partners: 10%

· Bonus for pre- and public sales: 5%






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