BlocVehicle is an economy of sharing service, where anyone can buy, sell, or share their used cars directly with others.

This platform allows people to buy or sell their used cars without any interference from dealerships. It is based on reliable vehicle history data so that people can directly conduct transactions of their car based on P2P network, and create ecology of transparency and equality.

This platform enables generation of profits by leasing out individual cars. By sharing vehicle history data, anyone can rent a car easily at reasonable rates, which can become a foundation of an economy business model, based on vehicle sharing.

BlocVehicle is for everyone; providing quality P2P used-car transactions and convenient P2P car-sharing services.


  • One cannot own one’s vehicle history data, because the vehicle history data are saved in various third-party locations that are closed to the public
  • As a seller, one cannot place a determined price for one’s own car, because a buyer cannot trust the conditions of one’s car.
  • As a buyer, one can be at a loss in buying a used car, because any records of vehicle history can be manipulated.
  • One cannot lease out one’s car individually, because the conditions of the car are not guaranteed.
  • One cannot negotiate the insurance rate, because the vehicle’s history information is dispersed among various companies.



  • Using the Vehicle App, take a picture of washing your car, changing your motor oil, and replacing vehicle parts. VCL token will be awarded, and vehicle history data will be automatically saved in the blockchain. Car history data stored in the blockchain will be a guarantee of your car’s estimate value.


  • People dealing in used-car and rental services can also make use of the BlocVehicle Network. Users can search for used-cars and apply for rental of any registered vehicles in the BlocVehicle Network. We are confident that a better ecosystem can be created by cooperating with existing businesses.


  • Anyone can use the P2P used-card transactions service without the help of dealers. One does not need to pay dealership fee in the transaction and also won’t have to worry about scams.


  • Anyone can lease out their cars to other users. Owners can generate profit from it, while travelers can use safe and clean cars within reasonable rates.


The mission of the BlocVehicle Team is to build a decentralized blockchain-based network that will allow all users to store their car history data in a public ledger, and to make it accessible.

The data, produced under qualitative and quantitative methods, will be integrated and stored in a blockchain-distributed ledger. The qualitative data refers to the photos and video clips of a car’s lifestyle that can be produced by smartphone apps, while the quantitative data are more specialized and technical records produced by auto repair centers, insurance companies and third-party APIs.

Users will have full ownership of their automotive history data that they have created. Those who wish to obtain these data must acquire approval from the owner and provide reasonable reward to its owner. In addition, off-blockchain storage will be set up for data backups and other purposes that will present more opportunities for participation.

By issuing its own cryptocurrency vehicle (VCL) tokens, BlocVehicle will form an economic ecosystem in the network, and those who contribute to this will receive VCL tokens commensurate with their contribution in the system in methods such as data production. The tokens will be the only form of payment/reward for all services provided within the BlocVehicle’s ecosystem, and they will further be used as a 5 | 28 means of payment for car repairs, insurance and other related activities outside of the ecosystem.


Based on the Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum is a flexible, reliable and scalable infrastructure that fully implements all the possibilities of the blockchain technology and smart contracts. BlocVehicle network is a decentralized network system based on Ethereum blockchain technology.


Token Sales

Token Symbol : VCL (Vehicle Token)

Total Supply Amount : 1,000,000,000 VCL (no additional token)

Accepted Currency : ETH


Aug. 15, 2018 UTC – Sep. 14, 2018 UTC Soft 2000

Distribution amount : 100,000,000 VCL

Price : 1 ETH – 5,000 VCL + Bonus 3,500 VCL

Soft Cap : 2,000 ETH

Hard Cap : 11,765 ETH


Sep. 20, 2018 UTC – Oct. 31, 2018 UTC

Distribution amount : 300,000,000 VCL

Price : STEP1 1 ETH – 5,000 VCL + Bonus 2,500 VCL

STEP2 1 ETH – 5,000 VCL + Bonus 1,250 VCL

STEP3 1 ETH – 5,000 VCL

Hard Cap : 49,333 ETH


30% VCL Pool

40% ICO Members

15% Founding Team

15% Advisory, Early Investors, Airdrop, Country Partner


30% Resource for developing Blocvehicle network

25% Marketing budget

20% Security and user support

15% Outsourching of application, legal affairs, accounting audit

5% Office and indirect cost

5% Other reserve assets


Dec. 2017 

Started project

May. 2018 

Published white paper

Jun. 1, 2018  

Started pre-sale of tokens to early investors

Aug. 15 – Sep. 14, 2018  


Jul. 1 – Sep. 30, 2018 

Complete BlocVehicle’s logical system diagramComplete H/W and S/W logical diagram & development methodology

Sep. 20 – Oct. 31, 2018


Q4. 2018 – Q1. 2019 

Form promotional & regional partnership for Asian market

May. 2019  

Complete 1st vehicle systemLaunch BlocVehicle services (vehicle app, data, dealer & sharing services)

Jun. 2019  

Form promotional & regional partnerships for U.S. & European markets

Q1. 2020  

Complete 2nd vehicle systemLaunch vehicle link service for used car providers

Q3. 2020 

Complete 3rd vehicle systemLaunch vehicle link service for car-sharing service providers.


Changha Lee: BlocVehicle CEO and Co-founder

Ki Jeong Choi: BlocVehicle COO and Co-founder

Sungki Lim: BlocVehicle CMO and Co-founder

Byoungchang Han: BlocVehicle CIO

Youngkeun Moon: PMO

Jusung Kim: Full Stack Developer

Munseok Koh: Full Stack Developer

Dalsu Byun: Blockchain Developer

Changgyun Kim: Blockchain Lead Developer

Dongil Kim: System Manager

Yunho Cho: Project Leader

Eokgi Lee: Blockchain Developer

Seonho Kim: Blockchain Developer

Juncheol Sin: System Engineer

Jaehun Jung: Back-end Developer

Eunhee Lee: Front-end Developer

eehyun Pyun: UX/UI Developer

Geunhyung Lee: Front-end Develope

Euna Kim: UI Designer

Hyunhee Yoon: UI Designer

Sooyeon Choi: Chinese Comunicator

Seungchan Lee: Communicator

Kyounghoun Ryu: Communicator

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