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Every transaction done online or offline involves the transfer of data throughout the network. Data is very important as its the key ingredient needed for most if not all sectors to function effectively.


According to research and findings, the trend of bad quality data sold by data vendors is alarming. Aside from the quality of data, the industry also lacks transparency. Data is being stolen at every instances. Data theft has risen tremendously in the past 5 years. The owners of the information cannot utilize or control how their data is been used.

Imagine the possibility of a world where data owners can trade in their data for passive income on a platform that allows owners be in total control of how their information is used. Likewise making sure that bad data are seived out and data consumers are only privy to good data.

These possibilities should no longer be an issue considering how advanced technology has soared in recent years. By utilizing this technology, the Swipe Network plans to make data monetization an easy and trustworthy process for users and data owners.


The Reason behind SWIPE NETWORK

Swipe was created mainly because of the lack of transparency among data sellers, data users and app developers all of which is leading to distrust and inability of the mobile app developers to understand their users and get monetary rewards for their apps.


Swipe is a data platform that uses decentralized system to collect data from diverse mobile apps, analyses and process, then sell it to data buyers in an open way and this will help remove intermediaries who take a huge portion from the profit but cannot assure the quality and credibility of the data.

How does the SWIPE NETWORK works

Using the decentralized data market place, swipe network intends to support both the app developers and the app users through the sharing of high quality data.
With the use of smart contracts, it gives data manufacturers the control over the data to be shared, policies as regard getting money for data, and rewards gotten from data and secures dada with the use of End-to-End Encryption.

Transparency in the usage of data and monetization through tracking and auditability.
Rewarding the data producers for data sharing and advertisement attachment.

System Architecture and Design


✔️Swipe brain which is a data analytic platform is used to maintain the network since it uses smart contracts and this makes the trading of data obvious.
✔️The equipping of data producers with swipe SDK (software development kit) which will make it possible to retain users, improve application attachment and monetization through data gathering.
✔️The Swipe Push makes it possible for users to unlock their app and view contents present on the lock screen with the choice of either viewing it or not.
✔️The Swipe Ads gives control up to the app developers to choose the advertisement that can be shown on their apps and rewards users that watch these ads with the Swipe token.
✔️The Swipe Mission opens up opportunities for users to earn Swipe Tokens as reward for participating in easy tasks like installing an app, completing website information, taking a survey etc.

How the Swipe tokens will be used for Dara monetization


The Swipe Token is used to basically run the Swipe Network and will be used as a means of payment and rewarding participations that occur on the platform.

Ticker: SWC Token type: ERC20 Total Tokens: 100,000,000
Accepts: ETH

The Product

Currently, the SWIPE minimum viable unit available (MVU) is available on the SWIPE network. It supports some specific functionality pf the platform such as the SWIPE Push and SWIPE Mission functionality. If we are to judge by whats written in the roadmap, the SWIPE Network 1.0 will ultimately be launched in thr 4th quarter 2016.

In conclusion, Swipe Network with his varying features and technology will remove the lack trust in data sharing and the inability to monetize data.





Stay updated with the project here;
Website: http://www.swipecrypto.com
Telegram: https://t.me/swipecrypto
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swipecrypto
Whitepaper: https://swipecrypto.com/docs/SWIPE_whitepaper_rev1.0.pdf

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