BLOOMZED is intended to give comfort to its clients. Numerous highlights are installed in this stage. This is a stage that backings every single working framework; Android Smartphones, Windows Phone, iOS, and web stage adaptations.
As far as its value, this BLOOMZED stage not just capacities as an advanced wallet. In addition, this stage can be utilized to pay bills, get charges, shop online either in real money or portions, credit or get stores among clients, make installments for devotion projects, speculations, et cetera. Another fascinating thing from BLOOMZED, this stage is set up for all monetary standards the nation over on the planet even from computerized cash (digital currencies) however.
Regarding security, it is sure BLOOMZED designers have arranged a progression of cutting edge innovation today to keep up the solace and security for its clients. BLOOMZED has been working with a few understood and long-standing organizations in the field of security innovation improvement. Furthermore BLOOMZED is furnished with QR Code includes normally utilized as a part of the wallet all in all.
Bloomzed cryptocurrency wallet.
This product is new in the Bloomzed family. introduced is expected in II-III quarter 2018. This wallet will allow to store tokens and cryptocurrency of various types, make transfers between relevant wallets, make payments at every sales outlet (both physical and online) pay for services / goods with tokens and cryptocurrency with instant conversion into fiat currency and credit seller account with last.

In this technologically advanced era where more and more soft and hardwares of different varieties are continuously produced daily, it is only imperative that we have solutions to the problem of having to use different softwares or hardwares when we have to do a variety of things. There has to be some form of unification and integration of the different everyday components into one system to help us cope with the loads of technological systems we have to handle daily. Hardware-wise, we now have phones that have cameras, voice recorders, music players, FM radios etc all on one device making it an integration of several hardwares. How about in Fintech if we could have a unified software solution that has several components all stucked into one software system and sparing us the hustle aforementioned? Bloomzed comes in here.

What is Bloomzed?

Bloomzed is a high-tech software that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks that are integrated into a unified system. Thus, in this system, several technological solutions can be found within the same system making it an easy way to manage individual blocks and the whole system.

What technologies can be found in this unified system?

Within the Bloomzed system are several ready-made and ready-to-use technologies. These include:

· Bloomzed Mobile Payment Module

This is a mobile payment module that supports NFC transactions with digital emissions and can also interact with Point of Sale machines when paying and Wallet Management System/Universal Cloud Payment System which allows clients to manage cards. Worth noting is that this module can be integrated into any existing application that runs under Android.

· Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System

This component of the Bloomzed system is a cloud payment system that basically serves the purposes of active management and storage of user accounts data, card history data as well as timely replacement of keys on mobile gadgets. The technology is resistant to the hacking of the Wallet Management system.

· Bloomzed Wallet Management System

This software platform allows users to be able to use their smartphones as unified wallets.Like most wallet systems it allows users to be able to do all kinds of payments, make transfers and so on using their phones.

· Bloomzed Cloud Transaction Module

This module serves as the final authentication for the cloud payments that will be made across the system and it could function separately of as part of the Universal Cloud Payment system

· Bloomzed e-Money

This is purposely designed for the processing of e-money.

Bloomzed Gift

This comes in handy for marketers who want a way of rewarding their clients. They can do so through the Bloomzed Gift certificates in the mobile app or through SMS. There is a wide variety of certificates to choose from eg. electronics, pharmaceuticals etc and these can be exchanged for related services or goods in offline and online stores.

· Bloomzed Retail

This is a hardware and software system that allows retailers to accept payments of any
types: card, electronic, cryptocurrency, via NFC and QR code. With this solution, you can
process payments through POS machines, cash registers or using a table.

· Bloomzed E-Commerce
The solution allows to optimize the quality of customer service and is suitable for any
mobile device. This module is particularly convenient for electronic commerce.

The Bloomzed Token and TGE
The Bloomzed Token(BZT) is an ERC 20 standard token which serves as some form of ‘ticket’ into the Bloomzed Crypto Club. Purchasing or receiving it allows you to be a part of the club and thus can enjoy all the benefits members are entitled to
Things to note about the token;
1.the BZT is not a monetary or other nmaterial obligation of Bloomzed company,its partners and or structural divisions
2.The membership token cannot be cashed out for any cryptocurrency, electronic or fiat money
3.The bloomzed company will not engage in a buy-back of BZT

  1. 100 million BZTs are planned to be issued.
    Cost of BZT
    1BZT=0.002 eth and 1eth=500 BZT
    Minimum purchase of BZT is 250 tokens or 0.5Eth
    The Token Generation Event started on the 17th January and will end on 17th February 2018

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