What is Bloomzed?

Bloomzed is a cutting edge programming that has an open API and comprises of an extensive number of programming hinders that are incorporated into a brought together framework. Along these lines, in this framework, a few innovative arrangements can be found inside a similar framework making it a simple method to oversee singular pieces and the entire framework.

What advancements can be found in this bound together framework?

Inside the Bloomzed framework are a few instant and prepared to-utilize innovations. These include:

· Bloomzed Mobile Payment Module

This is a portable installment module that backings NFC exchanges with advanced emanations and can likewise interface with Point of Sale machines when paying and Wallet Management System/Universal Cloud Payment System which enables customers to oversee cards. Significant is that this module can be coordinated into any current application that keeps running under Android.

· Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System

This part of the Bloomzed framework is a cloud installment framework that fundamentally fills the needs of dynamic administration and capacity of client accounts information, card history information and in addition auspicious substitution of keys on portable devices. The innovation is impervious to the hacking of the Wallet Management framework.

· Bloomzed Wallet Management System

This product stage enables clients to have the capacity to utilize their cell phones as bound together wallets.Like most wallet frameworks it enables clients to have the capacity to do a wide range of installments, make exchanges et cetera utilizing their telephones.

· Bloomzed Cloud Transaction Module

This module fills in as the last confirmation for the cloud installments that will be made over the framework and it could work independently of as a feature of the Universal Cloud Payment framework

· Bloomzed e-Money

This is deliberately intended for the handling of e-cash.

Bloomzed Gift

This proves to be useful for advertisers who need a method for compensating their customers. They can do as such through the Bloomzed Gift endorsements in the versatile application or through SMS. There is a wide assortment of endorsements to browse eg. hardware, pharmaceuticals and so on and these can be traded for related administrations or merchandise in disconnected and online stores.

· Bloomzed Retail

This is an equipment and programming framework that enables retailers to acknowledge installments of any

types: card, electronic, digital money, by means of NFC and QR code. With this arrangement, you can

process installments through POS machines, money registers or utilizing a table.

· Bloomzed E-Commerce

The arrangement permits to streamline the nature of client benefit and is appropriate for any

cell phone. This module is especially advantageous for electronic business.

The Bloomzed Token and TGE

The Bloomzed Token(BZT) is an ERC 20 standard token which fills in as some type of ‘ticket’ into the Bloomzed Crypto Club. Buying or accepting it enables you to be a piece of the club and along these lines can appreciate every one of the advantages individuals are qualified for.

Things to note about the token;

1.the BZT isn’t a fiscal or other nmaterial commitment of Bloomzed company,its accomplices as well as auxiliary divisions

2.The enrollment token can’t be gotten the money for out for any cryptographic money, electronic or fiat cash

3.The bloomzed organization won’t take part in a purchase back of BZT

  1. 100 million BZTs are wanted to be issued.

Cost of BZT

1BZT=0.002 eth and 1eth=500 BZT

Least buy of BZT is 250 tokens or 0.5Eth


The Token Generation Event began on the seventeenth January and will end on seventeenth February 2018

From the website of Bloomzed :

This is the name of the event for the primary sale of BZT membership tokens, required to participate in Bloomzed Crypto Club. It consists of the two rounds:

the first round will start on 19 December 2017 at 12:00 UTC+3, and continue until 26 December 2017, or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 5 mln BZT, whichever is earlier;

the second round will start on 17 January 2018 at 12:00 UTC+3, and continue until 17 February 2018, or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 mln BZT, whichever is earlier.

BZT token works as medium or unit with the indication to gains access to the membership as members to gains with privilege as obtaining relevant opportunity as displacing the customs of fee obligation as joining the Bloomzed Crypto Club.

Bloomzed Crypto Club member gains of access to the offer of service related to the crypto currency business, blockchain and token distribution as discussing the process of analisys, development, testing and marketing of goods with the supports of system and application to helps with the manage as distributing the wider on sphere to build of the better membership with the network of community with the blockchain system of BZT.

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