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A decentralized project that has profitable value to potential investors or investors is one of the projects that will increase rapidly given the fluctuation of digital asset exchange experienced a very significant increase earlier this year. The definition of this network uses a quite unique theme from other blockchain platforms around the world, has a balance value and an investment process that has a profita value greater than the capital required in modern digital asset trading. BLOOMZED is the first blockchain platform to introduce a unique creative idea in the token trade economy market that you can start to trade personally and in a digital asset exchange platform.

BLOOMZED is one of the results of the development of the blockchain industry that is experiencing good performance and great ideas based on a system that directly opens opportunities for investors to be more open with token investment. Being one of the first generated blockchain platforms this company wants to realize and help investors to care more about the economic weakness suffered by many people around the world in the concept of mutual help as an investment that can be traded by users registered on this blockchain platform. Some important points of the BLOOMZED platform will be the points that will be owned by most registered investors or potential investors who will start their business on this platform in excess.

Bloomzed works with all current financial instruments: payment cards, bank accounts, electronic purses, international money transfer systems, crypto-currencies, currencies of currencies, etc. This is one system that:

  • Uniting all your possibilities, increasing the convenience and efficiency of their management.
  • Reliably protected by advanced technologies, which increases financial security.
  • Easy to use, which allows you to quickly use it.
  • Bloomzed is so easy to use that even a child can easily cope with it.

What technologies can be found in this unified system ?

In the Bloomzed system, there are several ready-made and ready-to-use technologies. These include :

Mobile payment module Bloomzed

This is a mobile payment module that supports payment cards and the Universal Cloud Payment System, which allows customers to manage cards. It should be noted that this module can be integrated into any existing application running under Android.

Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System

This component of the Bloomzed system is a cloud-based payment system that mainly serves the purpose of managing and storing user accounts. This technology is resistant to breaking the management system of the wallet.

Bloomzed Wallet Management System

This software platform allows users to use their smartphones as unified wallets. Like most wallets systems, they allow users to make all kinds of payments, make transfers, etc. Using their phones.

Block Bloomzed Cloud of publishing Transaction the Module

This module serves as the ultimate Cloud Computing system

Provides users with the greatest opportunity among the mobile wallets in the world. The project of stimulation combines all the basic actions of competitors described in the previous section, and combines functions in one place. In fact, Bloomed is a payment tool that includes payments and payments in cryptographic and electronic media, working with online and offline payment cards.

The relevance of technology from the platform. Bloomzed Wallet uses all modern technologies in the field of mobile payments. This is NFC, USSD, QR, Bluetooth Smart, HCE.

Continue to improve the security of current transactions. The information security of the Bloomzed project is in the form of the following: all financial transactions can be cashed from partner agents (in banks, exchange offices, ATMs). You can also leave money on the account that has a deposit function (ie, Accumulated interest for accumulation); all operations related to the removal or authorization are confirmed by a dynamic SMS password (up to the telephone number that the user specifies when registering) and biometric data (voice, fingerprint, facial biometry, retina);

Token Distribusi ( BZT )

The future of the BLOOMZED platform as a first generation platform that offers solutions to investor problems that can not be timely and every time sees a change in the exchange crypto market or the usual ups and downs in the crypto make this platform sought by potential users who are ready for automatic notification into their mobile devices around the world without abandoning any of the activities they do. Aims to build an ecosystem conceptualizing mutual benefit between merchants and users as well as a platform that can continuously help earnings stability. To solve the problems commonly found by most investors, BLOOMZED is here to resolve it while providing smart solutions with platforms that help the performance and ease of access to their accounts.

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